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Celebrities, artists, designers and friends in middle of doodling frenzy for neurofibromatosis!!!


g-reggie-bibbs.jpgLou and I are in the middle of what I thought would be a very difficult task: asking celebrities, artists and friends to draw a doodle for National Doodle Day benefiting NF!

Well, I’m happy to say it was very easy thanks to some very special friends! With the help of some special people who want a cure for NF as much as I do, friends from all over the country whipped out their writing instruments and doodled for NF. Some of them you may know like Sugar Ray Leonard. (SEE DOODLE ABOVE LEFT)

Somee-lou-congelio-_1.jpg are friends of my friend, Lou. A big thank you to Lou and all of you who played anf.jpg big part in this effort to Knock Out NF Once and for all. Take time to see all the doodles on my photo page and go the National NF Doodle Day website!

All doodles will be posted shortly onto ebay where you will be able to bid on your favorite NF doodle!!!

Bid high, soon and often and do your part to help raise money for NF.

Doodlers include Sugar Ray Leonard; designer Andy Dearwater; artist/gallery owner Dan Allison, stamp art artist Kim White; printmaking professor Peter Massing, illustrator Matt Loftiss; America’s Greatest Artists, The Art Guys; writers Lou Congelio and Matt Walsh; Lou’s daughter, Elena Congelio; yours truly, Reggie Bibbs; STANANDLOU’s Kate Wiggins and Rhea Diaz; and my nephew, Jordan Walker.


I spoke with Mari Garcia administrator of Gillian Anderson’s Official Web Site. I was asked sometime ago to help out and to contribute a doodle for NF, Inc’s Second National Doodle Day Auction. I was happy to post a blog and do what I can to be of help.

Please check out the attached doodles that my friends have done so far and also the doodles of your favorite actors and actress and others who have support the fight against NF at Doodle Day USA.

The auction will start on May 8 on eBay. So far there are two pages and more doodles will be added as they come in. Be sure and blog your favorite doodle.

NF, Inc. is raising money for neurofibromatosis through their annual National Doodle Day! As part of NF Awareness month, celebrity doodles will be available for auction on eBay.

These doodles have a very important aim: the funds they raise will benefit NF, Inc., an organization dedicated to providing support to individuals and families affected by neurofibromatosis (NF).

152 thoughts on “Celebrities, artists, designers and friends in middle of doodling frenzy for neurofibromatosis!!!

  1. There’s some very cool stuff here. More to come! If anyone would like to do a doodle for NF, here’s all you do. Get a thick white 8 1/2″ x 11″ piece of paper. If you have an art store nearby , go there and ask for a card stock…something thick that you can’t see through. Cut it in half to make two 8 1/2″ x 5 1/2″ pieces. Draw something. That’s it!

    Send with your name and website url or blog, if you have one, to me at:

    Lou Congelio
    STANANDLOU Advertising
    1001 W Loop S, #600
    Houston, TX 77027

    Deadline: April 15, 2008

  2. That is a good idea Lou. It would be nice to get more that have NF to submit doodles.

  3. I just sent an email to all my artist friends asking them to participate. Would love to invite everyone reading this blog to do the same. It was a lot of fun!!! And I’m no artist!!!

  4. Should the doodle be about anything in particular? Or is it just whatever you want?

  5. Anything at all! A lot of people are doing self-portraits which are really cool.

  6. Yea it can be anything. We will be send some great doodles. I was surprise to see my nephew doodles. I think he is doing more.

  7. An illustrator friend of mine is mailing some cards today. Can’t wait to see them.

  8. I really want to see them. Make sure you let me know.

  9. realmere1, are you going to draw something for us?

  10. It would be great if Emily could have her two sons draw something!

  11. I think everyone needs to know you don’t have to draw a pretty picture. What ever you draw or mark will be ok. Is that right Lou.?

  12. Yeah, case in point, go look at Reggie’s card above!!!!

    : > )

  13. I know you Didn’t! Well Even I can’t do everything. I have so much going for me not being able to draw is not going to set me back.

  14. A message from Mari at

    Hi Lou and Reggie,

    Thank you SO much! Those are really cool and highly creative doodles!!! πŸ™‚

    You guys ROCK!!!


  15. Well, I thinking about it but I’m a horrible artist.
    Might be fun just to try!

  16. It’s actually quite fun! Did you ever practice writing your signature and getting real fancy with it? You could even do something like that.

  17. I can bring some spare cards with me on Thursday.

  18. Don’t worry about how well you draw. I don’t like what I drew.
    And Lou said something nice about it. I’m sure you will do better then I did. And Realmere1 I need to email you. I have some phone questions. I could ask you here but I don’t want to get of track. You might see the question on the previous blog.

  19. Thank you Mari. I was so happy to be of help.

  20. This is just a idea, at the next NF Family Camp, maybe have the kids and adults doodle, may get some creative doodles, and this be done by families with NF. Something I just came up with.

  21. Excellent idea, John! Great source of fun for the families that also have a great benefit to the foundation.

  22. I wonder if we would be able to do that?

  23. Reggie, you can do anything they can’t stop you from doing!

  24. That would be fun. John make sure you mention it to Cindy when you see her, and I will do the same.

  25. Hi Everybody whats up Im here to harrass Lou lol

  26. too late. reggie beat you too it.

  27. You already told Cindy

  28. I was talking to Shelley. Sorry, should have been more clear.

  29. Did somebody die? Where is everybody?

  30. Ok, hey, I can take a hint, I’ll leave. Jeez!!! All you have to do is ask. It’s not like I don’t have better things to do…I could be getting my gums scraped right now or volunteering for that hemorrhoid study.

  31. I haven’t put red hot pokers in my eyeballs yet today. I guess I could be doing that too.

  32. Yep, there’s lots of things I could be doing instead of sitting here writing in this blog.

  33. I was on facebook and I was sending messages to my friends Brian and Jerry. You didn’t get one did you. πŸ˜‰

  34. Yes sir, a lot of things…probably.

  35. I was busy adding photos to the Friends of Neurofibromatosis group.

  36. I sent a message to Kim White. I know he is on FRIENDS OF NEUROFIBROMATOSIS. I requested to be added as a friend. I think I can write on his wall then.

  37. Yeah, wants he adds you as a friend then you cam communicate.

  38. Ok it’s about midnight. I’ve had enough fun for the day! See ya tomorrow!

  39. Weak up and go to sleep.

  40. Ok it’s 10:00 am where is everybody? Nothing smart comments from you, Skip to the Lou. And I’m not going to call you Darling.

  41. LOL thats funny Reggie

  42. # 32, and would that be playing with what kind of dolls?!! … “Voodoo” Dolls, sorry I just could help myself.
    Hey where is Emily? Lou must be getting lonely. Noone can harrass Lou like Emily!!! She is really good.

  43. I had a doc. appointment this morning, looks like this doc is going to want to see me every 6 months, I guess that is good, maybe he will actually care.

  44. Hi Patricia good to see you here. It’s good to go see the doctor, but when he or she want to see you often, just hope that it’s because they just to say hello and nothing else. I have another MRI set up for tomorrow and I don’t know when I will see the doctor. I just hope It’s good and not anything bad. Now how can I bug Lou? Oh I will just give him a call.


  46. WOW! When did that one come in? GREAT! I have been on facebook all morning. I will be back here too.

  47. Hey Patricia I thought I could keep Lou in line

  48. What an incredible doodle of Barack Obama!!!! WOW!!! WOW!!! WOW!!! This was done by an extremely gifted and talented illustrator by the name of Matt Loftiss. He and his lovely wife, Heather, have a design studio in The Woodlands called “Water Design Studio.” The url is if you want to go check it out and see some of his work. Thanks, Matt, if you’re reading this. AWESOME WORK, DUDE!

  49. Lou are you behaving

  50. Lou That is a wonderful doodle. I will have to pay a visit to his studio. Thank you Matt. This is a wonderful doodle.

  51. Matt is so damn talented!!! Of course, I taught him everything he knows.

  52. I am SO blown away by the Barack picture!

  53. I’m going to bid on it when it goes to ebay. Meredyth, DON’T EVEN THINK ABOUT BIDDING AGAINST ME!!!!

  54. I clicked on the website Lou but did NOT see the doodle yall are talking about

  55. never mind I see it on the blog that is pretty good

  56. HI THERE

  57. Brian, Shelley, Patricia, Emily, Meredyth and everybody else…there’s still time to do a doodle. As you can see, it can be as rough or as finished as you’d like. How about a stick figure? That would be really cool!

  58. Or it could be three circles on top of one another. Try something different. It will be your idea. The is no wrong way to do it. Correct Lou. You might not like what you doodle, but someone else may like it.

  59. I would like to do a doodle but have NO idea on what I would like to doodle when is it supposed to end I may do one but not sure

  60. Brian, I will mail you some cards, some pens or markers and some ideas if you’d like. Why don’t you look in the mirror and draw what you see. Or, I can send you a water soluble marker so you can trace your face in the mirror then copy it to a piece of paper.

  61. It’s fun, Brian! You should try it. I just had an idea, Sunday is Easter. Draw an Easter egg! Decorate it with stickers if you want. It doesn’t have to be a drawing!!! Use Easter egg decorations you but at Walmart. What could be easier than that?!!

  62. Don’t feel like it’s home work like when we went to School Brian. If you feel like it it would be great. Do something easy. your idea. You might want to draw what your truck look like. NF Patrol Seek and destroy.

  63. Where is the coward Lou

  64. Don’t get me started!

  65. Just added the doodles to Facebook and wrote on the wall of Friends of neurofibromatosis. Looks pretty good. Where’s Patricia and Emily? I won’t say I miss them but their absence is noticeable!

  66. I just left face book. I saw the things you added. really cool. I smell something? Do you? It’s success! Everyone on the blog is a part. Just by there visits. It’s a boost for all of us. Right Shelley? Some of us just need each other to talk to and we are doing that here.

  67. Lou I just visit The Art Guy’s website. I saw a drawing that was cool. You know about my fear of heights. I told you I fear about falling. Well it’s a drawing the guys are falling. It really look like they are walling fast. Now that’s a cool feeling.

  68. Y’all are going have to do better then this. I haven’t seen any comment after mine. Let’s get the show on the road. I’m going for my MRI and I will be back to join you all. check with you soon.

  69. Things at work have been strange, home life have been busy busy busy,
    My husband has a fear of heights too. Before, I met him he fell off a roof. He was hanging christmas lights up. Crushed his hip. At one time he was in a wheelchair, and was told he may never walk again, but he can, I met him aboout 3 years or so after his accident. I got the Eddie with no patiance, He has told me that before his accident he had pleantly of patiance now he has none.
    We just accept each other for who we are now, and what ever the future will bring we will be there for each other.

  70. Hey Everybodyyyyyyyyy Im here to bug Lou Is everybody behaving

  71. No!!!!!!!!!! Never Never Never I would not have fun, I don’t understand behave!!!!!! πŸ˜€

  72. Welcome back, Patricia. Not that I missed you or anything…

  73. I missed you too, Lou

  74. Yall know my daughter is 6 months pregnant, well today is one of her friends 21st b-day, so she bought her a bottle of coconut rum, she told me ppl really look at you funny when she bought the rum, I told her, “Well, you should of bought a pack of cigs, too!” LOL She said that would be to expensive just for a joke.

  75. Hell, might as well get a couple Hell’s Angels tattoos while she’s at it.

  76. Welcome back Patricia and Shelley you know I am behaving I am an angel remember

  77. The bottle is not for her! It is for her friend who is turning 21. LOL.
    Brian, Thank God for you, we do need nice ppl, to make up for some of us unrulely ones.

  78. This one is for you

    A dog is truly a man’s best friend.
    If you don’t believe it, just try this experiment.

    Put your dog and your wife in the trunk of the car for an hour.
    When you open the trunk, who is really happy to see you ?

  79. Everybody loves me. I’m the bad example. Next to me, even Reggie and Brian look good.

  80. #80 I’ll have to try that with my ex.

  81. Lou try putting your ex in the trunk! She’ll bite you!
    now who’s the dog?

  82. hey my avatar is gone

  83. yea, I got that from my BIL, if my husband tried to put me in the trunk, well lets not have anything in writting, I don’t know where he gets these things. But if you knew his wife I would love to her in the trunk and leave her there.

  84. OOPs I forget to mention, leaving the dog with the wife would be cruel to animals. And I would never be cruel to any animal.

  85. me either Patricia I can not be cruel to animals

  86. doesn’t today feel like Friday? it does to me. Maybe it’s because it’s a Holiday tomrrow.

  87. #83 It would take five guys to get my ex in the trunk. Believe me, I’ve tried.

    #84 You need to stop drinking at lunch, Meredyth

    #85 Don’t forget to plug up the airholes

    #86 : )

    #88 In 10 minutes, it will be Friday for me!!!!!!!

  88. Oh good more people to talk to on here a holiday weekend

  89. Heck I will harrass Lou for Emily and Reggie

  90. hey Reggie how did your MRI go

  91. comment 94. I’m already visualizing the duct tape over your mouth.

  92. Well it went Great. I haven’t seen the doctor but I know it will be just fine. The radiologist was really nice and he will
    visit my site. Be nice you know who you are.

  93. I would never leave a dog in a trunk. Wife ? Maybe thats why I am still single.

  94. I’m going for a damn martini. See you guys later tonight!

  95. Thanks for the warning Lou. I will remember not to drive tonight.

  96. Reggie that is so funny! I think I’ll stay home too!

  97. I agree with you Reggie I think I will stay home my self too

  98. Meredyth Brian we are talking about a man who likes to drive real fast close his eyes let go of the wheal then open his eyes. He tells me it gives him a rush. πŸ˜‰

  99. I like to drive really fast, but I keep my eyes open, and both hands on the steering wheel.
    Driving really fast is a rush, I would drive faster if I could but ppl usally get in my way!!!!!!!

  100. Get a big truck with the loud horn. Make sure you have a good front bumper. They will get out of your way when they see you coming.

  101. Is everyone off tomorrow?

  102. I have to work a half a day, my husband has dodge ram with a hemi, but we have parked it, and are driving the hydai sonota, not quite getting the gas milage we were hoping for but betting then what the hemi gave us.
    I drive a Mazda Miata, ppl do NOT get out of my way at all, they run my ass over, no respect, but I sure as hell zoom around them, It would not be a good thing thing to put me in a big truck cause I would RULE the road. My foot is comfortable in a downward position!!!! πŸ˜€

  103. I used to work for a construction company and I ran tools to different jobs I was called a runner well the company truck I was driving one day I saw the speedometer go all the around and came back up the other side I was doing probably 100 thank god I slowed down and I never got stopped I would have probably went to jail I was lucky there were no police around I will never do that again

  104. Sometimes I look down at the speedometer and like oh shit, am I really going that fast!!!!! I better slow down, Sometimes it just does not seem like I am going that fast.

  105. People say I drive fast. I don’t think so. I just go with the flow of traffic.

  106. I agree Patricia it does seem that way dont it

  107. It is getting late, I still got to get up and go to work, later.

  108. Reggie I wouldnt know about your driving I never rode with you Brian or everybody from here lol

  109. Hello everyone, I made it home! Went to some place called Sherlocks Pub on West Gray and had a blast. Had a couple martinis, a couple of beers, some foosball and a live band and I don’t remember paying for anything!!!! I hope I didn’t walk the check.

  110. Reggie likes to wear women’s clothing.

  111. #100 Meredyth, who’s side are you on?!!!

  112. Well Lou look at what Reggie says in #102!
    I’ve got to trust him on this.

    Happy Good Friday everyone! I think I’m the only person in the world working. Do I get sympathy? Ok don’t answer that.

  113. Happy Good Friday and Easter. I may be the only person in this room working on Easter Sunday Evening.

  114. Im not working!!!! Just had a couple cups of coffee, watched a hilarious video (thanks realmere) and am now contemplating the day. Its beautiful outside.

  115. Happy Easter everyone. I will be here on the blog. I hope to have the regular bloggers and new ones too to blog with.

  116. Well, I done my 4 hours I am now at home. It is beautiful outside!!!!!!!

  117. That is good to here. Now you can enjoy the nice weather and when you are tired of that, you can join us on the blog. If you are not going out that will be good too. We can blog now.

  118. Hey everyone!! Just have a minute to pop in and say hello, I miss talking to everyone. I have been so so busy with the new baby, having 3 kids is hard! lol
    I hope everyone has a great Easter and I hope things settle down here soon so I can come back to harass Lou on a daily basis… ahhh the good ole days!

  119. hey Reggie and Emily hope you have a good easter as well

  120. Everything is good here Brian. Emily I’m sure it is busy there. I understand. I will be here waiting.

  121. thats good Reggie everything here is good went to the hand Dr with my mom this morning for a check up on my moms hand and the Dr said its all good so cant complain here

  122. We miss you Emily, Hope you get more spare miunutes, but I remember those days. Hope all is well with you and your family.
    Hope everyone is having a good weekend and a Happy Easter.


  124. Happy Easter everybody

  125. Hey Brian,

    I just made a cup of espresso. The best cup so far. I will be wired for the rest of the night. LOL

  126. sounds good Reggie

  127. Hi Reggie, Lou and crew!
    Happy almost Easter. Sure wish I was back in California today. I have the biggest craving to drive down Pacific Coast Hwy to the beach and have a drink on a patio looking at the sunset.
    I guess it’s the great weather we are having here in Houston. Boy I feel sorry for the Easterners still getting snow. today is wonderful

  128. hey does anyone know why my avatar is gone now? I went to my profile and it still sees it loaded. guess I’m loaded! Or need to be…………….

    Coffee Reggie?

  129. Meredyth,

    your photo is back. Of yes coffee too. I made a perfect espresso today. and yesterday. So good. I have been busy working on photos. tagging them. Then I have to start cooking.
    Yumm lots of food.

    yea need to be. Now Lou is probably loaded.

  130. Thanks Reggie! Did you do that? Get my picture back?
    Magic Thank you!!!!!
    What are you cooking? I love to cook. I hate to clean up after though. I need a maid. Wishful thinking.

  131. No I didn’t get your picture back. I think you can take the credit for that. Corn bread stuffing ham turkey green bean casserole potato salad, and a strawberry cake.

  132. Oh well you’re good luck then Reggie!

    And WOW what a wonderful feast! I’m very impressed.
    It sounds wonderful. Have a great Easter Sunday!

  133. I’m sure I will have a good Easter Sunday. I hope you will have a good one too. I’m still here for tonight. I will be out of Church around 11:00 am. I will hope to blog between cooking.

  134. MIchelle and her friend just left after a couple bottles of wine. Boy, it went down too easy. Had Thai food for dinner. Lot’s left over. I guess I’ll have a Thai breakfast tomorrow. It’s kind of traditional around here to have Thai for Easter morning. Call me a sentimentalist! Miss you, Meredyth, where you been?

  135. I have to turn away from the food channel. Too much cake and I can’t have any. I saw this chocolate cake with chocolate frosting. Help me not to have a cake fit.

  136. hey Reggie and Lou and everybody else Happy Easter

  137. Happy Easter Brian and everyone else. I have been to Church and now I’m home cooking a big meal. The turkey is in the oven, no not that turkey Lou.

  138. Hi all!

    I miss you too blogger formerly known as Lou! But I was here yesterday talking with Reggie. It was you that was out having fun, lighting up the night!

    I’m making traditional home made mac n cheese for dinner. I know! Isn’t that terrible. My son LOVES home made mac n cheese and he begged. I make a darn good one though.

    Hope you are all haveing a great day with friends and family. I am thinking about you!

  139. Oh I love mac n cheese. Home made? oh me oh my. I will be back
    after I eat. Oh I’m baking a strawberry cake. πŸ™‚

  140. Meredyth
    Are you signed on thru WordPress, I don’t see your avitor! How was everyone Easter, mine was quiet. In about 2 years I will be hidding eggs for the grandkid that will be fun!!!! πŸ˜€ Did anyone hide or find eggs??? πŸ˜›

  141. I make my mac and the cheese the easy way, velveta and noodles. LOL but it does taste good sometimes I put a can of cream of mushroom.

  142. Hello, everybody, Happy Easter! Just got home (9pm) from visiting relatives and friends in Katy, TX. Man that’s a long drive.

    #146 Meredyth, you need to log into wordpress for your avatar to show up.

    #143 Reggie, you’re the only turkey I know.

    #142 Brian, back at ya!

    #147 Patricia, I use the KRAFT technique for mac and cheese. Empty box in boiling water, strain, add powder from enclosed pouch, add gobs of butter and milk. Serve. Feeds one hungry kid.

  143. Am I the only one here?!! Hel-l-o-o-o-o-o-o-o–o-o-oooooo…..

  144. hello Lou how are you today

  145. HI everybody

  146. Hi Shelley Check out the new blog.

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