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Just Ask! Joins Neurofibromatosis Coalition 2010 in Washington, D.C.

The Group made it to Washington, DC last week which was a task in itself with  the winter storm hitting the east cost.  The storm was gone, but there was still a lot of snow.  Living in Houston, all my life. I have never seen that amount of snow in one place. Most of it was cleared away. It was enjoyable though.

The Neurofibromatosis Coalition team made all of the meetings. I believe all of the meetings went well. The amount requested  is $25 million. The same amount requested last year.  We were shaved down to 13 million.  The Department of Defense (DOD) could have easily awarded more funding for studies, if the funding was awarded.   The good news is there are studies that are waiting in line that could help.  Write your local and State Representatives and let them know how important funding is…it will save lives for millions of Americans by finding a cure for all types of cancer.


24 thoughts on “Just Ask! Joins Neurofibromatosis Coalition 2010 in Washington, D.C.

  1. Hey, that’s Steve Bass in the upper left of the photo!!! Hey, Steve, didn’t know you were going too. What a great surprise!

  2. You are correct. That’s Steve. After the first day or so, with all the walking. I was dead tired. Steve was helpful in getting a wheel chair for the tour of the city. And at the airport as well. Steve is going to bring a disk with all the photos over to the house this week.

  3. Steve is one helluva guy! I take back all those bad things I’ve said about him!

  4. Bought me a Irish coffee. Never heard of such. Went well with dinner.

  5. Welcome back Mr. Bibbs. Glad it went well. You are a real trooper but I’m sure it was tiring.
    Did you get a window seat and were you able to see any of the DC landmarks from the air?

    For irish coffee I prefer to skip the coffee and double up on the Irish!

  6. Yes I got a window seat. We saw landmarks, lots of snow too. I’ll post photos hopefully this week. My friend Steve took quit a lot of photos.

  7. Reggie wrote: ‘it will save lives for millions of Americans by finding a cure for all types of cancer.”

    You are absolutely right. NF research will benefit not only those with NF, whom we all dearly care about, but also many types of cancer. Understanding what makes NF tumors grow-and more important, SHRINK- will tell researchers a lot about cancers as well. Double the bang for th buck!

  8. Thank you Bart, Sounds a lot better coming from you.


  10. Good Morning to all. I have new photos for Washington DC posted. Labeling them now.

  11. Great photos. I like seeing the Capitol in the snow.

  12. I rather see it in the snow, its pretty with the white snow and the white buildings.

  13. Spent the whole day at md anderson. No bad news to report.

  14. I spent hours at the Department of Public Safety just to renewed my license. I would have done that online, but since I did that the last time, you have to go in.

  15. No bad news is actualy good news Reggie!

    Arrrggggghhh what am I doing up at 5:30 AM.
    I’ll tell you what–dogs spend the whole day sleeping but wake up anytime they please. And when THEY wake up, guess who has to let them out.
    Now they’re barking just for the heck of it. How’s Shiner by the way?

  16. I was wondering about Shiner myself, have not heard anything about him.

  17. Bart, Yes I know what you mean. Shiner is doing well. When I take Shiner out he takes for ever. He walks around and around and around. Sniff sniff. When time for bed, he ok. Just lays by the bed, were I can’t get out. Ok ok, you did ask.

    Yes, that is good news. Reporting no bad news.

  18. We have been stuck on comment 17. Lets see if we can get this moving alone. I’ll start. Went out this morning. Can’t believe how nice the weather is. Maybe I’ll go for a walk with Shiner today.

  19. Ok, The RA,s at my church was having a pancake breakfast and a pinebox derby. Later this after noon, meeting with the FLICKR group of photographers. Also signup with the RnR NF Endurance run (not running, just take pictures) coming up on March 14. I believe our own Cindy, Susan from the Texas Foundation will be running.

  20. Watching or list, listening closely about the news this morning of the earth quake in Chile. My mom, sister live in Hawaii, on Oahu. They are expecting waves to hit the Islands. In 1960, Chile had a earthquake and Hilo, on the Big Island was hit by the wave which cause lots of damages and deaths. Since then, Hawaii have taken precautions when there is a earth quake somewhere. Where my mom lives on Oahu, she is pretty well safe and live where should be no high waves, and live 10-12 feet above sea level. On Waikiki, that could be a different story since most everything is just at sea level. In couple hours from now, we will know. I been trying to log on to the live cam on Waikiki Beach, it is either shut off or too many people logging on that crash the server.

  21. I will be watching John. I hope your family will be ok. Let up know what you find out.

  22. John, have you heard from your family? I hope you. And I hope everyone’s safe.

  23. All safe. Not much happen. but better safe than sorry. Big waves or thought of big waves brings out the people to watch and see the action. Me– I would like to see the big waves—like on the North Shore…but I would not want to be in one of those tidal waves.

  24. Like you said, bwtter safe then sorry. Great that everyone’s safe.

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