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Need a caption! Win a t-shirt!!!


25 thoughts on “Need a caption! Win a t-shirt!!!

  1. I’ll start it off.

    “No thanks, I’m driving!”

  2. Who stole my cheese?!?!

  3. It’s under the beret.

  4. Ok I have one “Could I get you a cup of Starbucks”?

  5. “Anybody see my frisbee?”

  6. So what are you trying to say?

  7. Not trying to say anything, well, except that maybe you should take a look at yourself in the mirror and look at what is on your head.

  8. Good one, shelley!

  9. I see a beret. You just wish you had one as nice as mine.

  10. I’ve seen nicer looking road kill.

  11. We are suppose to ask for captions,not talk about your meal for the day.

  12. I know a good one “Wanna go out and have coffee”?

  13. here is one. Vous aimez mon accent fran├žais Oui?

  14. hey reggie i love your hat. have a great day man, oh and i think the new shirts are so great

  15. Hi Elena, Thanks for the complement. I got hat from Francis, who happens to live in France.

  16. I have THE ONE ” Sir Starbucks”

  17. Wow, that’s awesome! A new hands free CD case! And it looks so good wi the new of my fav colors.

  18. Don’t give me any ideas. Thin again, not a bad idea. A CD case. yea that’s it. A CD case.

  19. Cheryl, love your caption!

  20. “Who IS Lou FLIRTing with”

  21. Chapeau Reggie!!!
    (In French chapeau wants to say hat. If you add Chapeau with a name that wants to say congratulation. In fact Chapeau + name is a French idiom)
    In this case that is also a pun.
    Now I dream your friends in the world send you a hat from their countries
    Imagine now you receive sombrero, panama, derby, etc, You’ll have a wonderful collecting who remenber in may country peoples admire you.
    What is the next hat you will receive?
    Kind regards Francis

  22. Hey, who’s up for pizza?”

  23. Hey Everybody whats going on wanted to check up on everybody

  24. “It’s not the Neurofibromatosis, I’m just happy to see you.”

  25. Hi Eagles Marcus, Thank you for your post. Hope to see you again.

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