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oreos.jpegWell, I said I would post how the fired oreo’s. It was my first time to fry oreo cookies. It taste like chicken. <g>

I was surprised. It didn’t look very pretty, but is sure did taste good. It was like fresh baked cookies out of the oven. If you like sweets as much as I do, you will enjoy fired oreo. I used the double stuff. A plate of the oreos mile and the remote control, then you go your self a content dude. Now that you know how I feel about it. Let me hear from you. I wonder how a deep fried sneakers bar would taste ?


  1. They look disgusting!

  2. They only look that way if you over cook them. Don’t you try. You better buy your cookies.

  3. Do girlscouts sell these?lol
    I’ve already put away atleast 5 boxes since they started selling them. I think they drug those things to make you crave them. I have dreams of girlscout cookies at night. I hope they have support groups for people like me. It’s hard to say no to those girls when I go to the grocery store. What was I talking about again? Oh yeah, oreos……Yum!

  4. Maybe its a hidden message in the word Oreo cookies. Like enjoy enjoy enjoy. So I do. fired, out of the pacage, or what ever. Maybe diped in choclate cake batter and then fry them. YUM YUM! Good for the tum tum. My name is Reggie and I love Oreo cookies.

  5. Hey there those would look good with a pot of hot tea

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