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Today was my second Astros game. Before the game, my friend Lee told me, “You have to have a Astros shirt.” So went to one of the local stores and Lee said pick the one you want. This is a cool shirt. That was the first thing we did. The high before the game was the food. I had the best Chile cheese hot bog ever, and a nice cold Coke to wash it down. mmmmm! By the way this is my first Astros shirt. I send thanks to my friend Lee, who invited me to join him with his daughter Rebecca and her friend Blake. Both are very nice and they treated me very well. We enjoyed the game, even though our team did not win, we still support the Astros and I will be happy to see them anytime. Go ASTROS! You are winners in my eyes. Please view the pictures from the game and lets blog about it.

7 thoughts on “MY SECOND ASTROS GAME.

  1. Reggie thats so cool that you went to your second astros game I am glad you had fun and got your very first astros shirt take care good buddy

  2. Thanks Brian, The game was something that just happen fast. I didn’t know it would be that soon. Good timing. Don’t forget to go to my photos on flickr.

  3. Oh no, not the Astros! lol Sorry Reggie, I’m a Cincinnatti Reds fan.. well, by marraige anyway! lol Hubby is from Ohio so I’ve just kinda taken up his interests in the Reds and Ohio State. We went to a Reds game last summer, I was disappointed that Ken Griffey Jr didnt play that game, but it was still alot of fun! I took alot of pictures and made a scrapbook page out of it, I’ll have to upload them and show you sometime.

  4. Well! I never! lol. It’s not like they won the game. Of course I wish they would have. My friend Lee took meto the game and I had a TERRIFIC! time. Yes I still have fun even though my other friend whome will remain name less. All I can say is that not everyone takes vacations.

  5. I have never been to a ASTROS game

  6. You Look like a $1,000,000.00’s with you’re new Astros Shirt. You look alot better in you’re Just Ask? T-shirts
    have a good one I’ll be here at work messing around with Byron!!!! LOL

  7. Heyyyyyyyyyy, I like my ASTROS Shirt too. Come on now. I know what you where really looking for. You wanted to see birthday pictures, didn’t you? lol. Yea I know. Don’t ask me to share with the group.

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