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My NF T-SHIRT from France!

3177673282_0f49b214a6_bMy friend Francis was nice enough to send me a t-shirt all the way from France. I’m  proudly wearing the NF FRANCE t-shirt. Francis also is a bloger here and he has is own blog page as well. He wrote about me in two of his blogs. We recently spoke on the phone and he, like all of us here, is spreading the word about nf and hope there will be a cure some day. There is always hope. The link to the site on the shirt is If you would you can visit Francis blog.

You can use google translate if you don’t know French. It works really well. Some day I will visit France wearing my nf France t-shirt.

See all the photos HERE!

11 thoughts on “My NF T-SHIRT from France!

  1. Nice shirt, Reggie. What are those critters on the shirt?

  2. Thank you Lou. They are love bugs.

  3. Hi Reggie
    I’m very glad to see that the tee-shirt fits you very well.
    The picture represnts a ladybug, ladybird. Do you guess why we hanve chosen this insect to represent the French association?
    It because this nice insect has some spots on the skin and
    (I don’t know the word in Engish, I have not a dictionary with me it’s our “mascotte” our bring happiness.)
    That’s is different that a naughty little toad (vilain petit crapaud)Please write me something in my blog. In my last text you have your photo. Kind regards Francis

  4. Thank you Francis for your comment. I also left a comment on your blog.

  5. HI Everybody ITS Starbucks time

  6. Hi Shelley Did you see the nf France t-shirt?

  7. YO Reggie I see da shirt cool one too

  8. Yes I like the shirt.

  9. Reggie did Lou get a pink shirt from France too ?

  10. Anybody bloqqing

  11. Hi Shelley Seems find of slow on the blog.

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