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They call me “Four-Eyes!”


27 thoughts on “They call me “Four-Eyes!”

  1. Wow, I bet all the girls say you look dreamy!

  2. Someone told me I look good in my Buddy Holly glasses. I wish I could sing as well.

  3. With longer hair you could be Stevie Wonder’s twin.

  4. Yea, but I can’t sing

  5. Dear Reggie
    Wonderful, these eyeglasses fit you very well! If you wear a sunglasses people will beleive you’re an artist. Anyhow for all your friends, you are our star.
    Now let us be serious! How do you feel with it? I hope your rigt eye sees better! Kind regards Francis

  6. Thank you Francis. Well I’m happy that everyone like the new look. Yes I can see a lot better. It makes it easy to drive and to see the the signs in the stores.

  7. hey reggie, lou, everybody. its been a while since iv been on here hope u are all well

  8. Wee_lou Miss you. All is well here. I hope you are doing well. We need to get back into chat. I miss everyone.

  9. Hi there Im working on a cup of coffee and wondering if yall was behaving

  10. Hi wee lou! We have someone from France and someone from Scotland on the same blog. That’s pretty cool. How are you doing wee lou? The weather here has been beautiful although today is a little overcast. My company moved into a new space over the weekend. I will post photos once we’re settled. It’s a smaller space but very cool. Wish you could come see it sometime.

  11. Wee_lou hope to see you in the chat area soon. I will stop by there today to see if anyone it there.

  12. They call me MR. Tibbs, Oh I mean Mr. Bibbs

  13. How is the weather in Houston? Cold, little wet turning to freezing glaze on the roads. Say in the morning to be in the mid 20s, then to warn up to mid 40s in the afternoon. Typical Texas winter cold for a day or two, then warm up, back to cold again, then nearly summer, then back to cold. Hope it is warmer in Houston area.

  14. John,

    The cold weather has not made it here yet.

  15. Cool front coming through now, 6pm. A/C one minute, heat the next.
    Wee lou, how are you? Really wish we could have come to Edinburgh as planned, but complications came up.
    Is there an NF organization in Scotland?
    Take care!!!!!!!

  16. Hi there Everybody Im here anybody bloqqing

  17. Hi Bart good to see you here. You are right. We have the A/C on right now. It was really warm a little while ago. I think we will need to go back to heat soon.

  18. 41 degrees at 11am, Wednesday morning. Supposed to be in 70’s later today. Crazy Texas weather!

  19. Warm out side now. Don’t know about tomorrow.

  20. (_)? (_)? (_)? (_)? (_)? fresh Starbucks

  21. Reggie, it must be hotter there than you’re letting on. Looks like you have the beginnings of a major sunburn going on there.

  22. It’s your camera man! Fix that photo.

  23. Good Afternoon Everybody Im here and on my 2nd cup of Starbucks I was wondering if anybody was bloqqing or not

  24. Heck with this cold weather, I am tired of it. What am I going to do ? Tuesday – I will go to Hawaii…but I hear it is cold there to, for Hawaii thats below 65.

  25. We may hope for theSE days in August. MAYBE!

  26. Hey Reggie,
    I bet Shiner would look good wearing those shades and a Just Ask baseball cap.

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