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My friend Scott Dickson and me on Manhattan Beach!

3039660218_02ac401e8f_bThank you Scott for allowing me to be your guest at your home. Lisa, Maeve, and of Course my friend Clive. There is no way I can explain how happy I feel about the way things went for me. 3038818031_8d892c3a34_b

It’s good to be home, but sad to leave the company of my great new friends. Thank you all for your kindness.

10 thoughts on “My friend Scott Dickson and me on Manhattan Beach!

  1. Welcome back, Reggie! We missed you. What a beautiful photo and a beautiful family! Scott Dickson is, without a doubt, the most decent, giving, caring person in the universe. What he has done for me personally will never be forgotten. What he has done for Reggie will be remembered forever.

  2. Yes it would be easy to make a joke about my getting a big head from such generous comments. But I must say that Reggie’s departure today was unexpectedly sad… usually I feel like I’ve run a marathon at the end of entertaining guests, but with Reggie I just felt saddened at the prospect of not being able to be in his presence. We’ll all miss you, Regggie!

  3. Welcome home Reggie! Loved your pictures and I can’t wait to hear all about your trip.

  4. Thank you Connie. Good to be back. You can rest a sure I will be back there in a heart beat just as soon as get the chance.

  5. Hi Connie all is well. Talk to you soon.

  6. Haven’t seen anyone on the blog today. Hope it starts getting busy here. I will check back later.

  7. what a beautiful picture! I am glad you had a great trip and have returned safely home.

  8. Thank you Cindy. On flickr there are more. I had a terrific trip. I’msure it won’t be the last.

  9. Sorry I haven’t been on your blog, its been crazy busy.
    I was in San Antonio last weekend for a support group and to cheer on the NF Endurance Team in the marathon on Sunday. It was great to see the team running for NF and raising money for research.
    I hope you have a wonderful Thanksgiving with your family.
    Keep up the great work you are doing!!!! You are wonderful!!!!!!

  10. Thanks Cindy. Sorry I missed San Antonio. Sound like it was fun. Yes I will keep up with helping NF as much as I can. We are going to have a wonderful Thanksgiving.

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