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My favorite photos from tonight!

Me and Desi Cration, Shana, Carmen Geddit, Jeckyll & Heidi, Frorocious and Dementia!!!

24 thoughts on “My favorite photos from tonight!

  1. It was fun although the good guys lost! We’ll get em next time!

  2. man why wasnt i invited to roller derby last night oh well glad you guys had fun

  3. The Roller Derby was fun as always. Thank you Carmen and Denentia for the photo opt

  4. Hi there

  5. Hey stranger! Where you been? Don’t tell me…Walmart!

  6. Hey Reggie! It was nice meeting you last night. I wish I could have visited longer, but I couldn’t hear very well in there. I was excited to go to the derby because I figured I would finally get to meet you. {I have seen all your derby pics.} I can’t wait to tell Jerry!

  7. Hi Shana,

    It was really great seeing you as well. Thank you for coming over to meet me. Those Roller Derby girls are really nice to me and all of the other fans. I hope you go again. The games are really fun when you start learning the game. I hope to see you again.

  8. I will go again only if I end up on your favorite photos from the night. 🙂

  9. Yea I can promise you that you will. 🙂

  10. Looks like I gotta start saving up 17 bucks for next month! By the way, do all request get fulfilled that quickly? If so there are a few more things I have been wanting. 🙂

  11. Shana, Of course. Your request is the blogger’s command. 😉
    Did you see Jerry’s photos in my photo streams.

  12. it was great to meet you on sunday, reggie. i think your awareness campaign is amazing. keep up the great work!

    desi cration
    #222 texacutioners

  13. Desi Cration,

    Thank you so much for talking to me. I was surprised when you came over to tell me you read my story. That was great! I hope you visit the blog chat and photos often. Hava a great day


  14. Desi, that was very cool of you to come up to Reggie after the bout on Sunday! It is very rewarding to know that the effort Reggie is putting out is being noticed and acted upon. You put a smile on both of our faces. I thank you.

    (the guy with the camera)

  15. Shana, what a surprise it was to finally get to meet you after hearing Jerry brag about you so much!!! That was very nice of you to come up to us and introduce yourself. Jerry didn’t tell us you were a derby fan which elevates you a few notches above Jerry in our book!!! : > ) Hope to see you next month. Best regards, Lou

  16. Well, that was my first derby so I wouldn’t say I am a derby fan yet, but if that makes me cooler I am willing to look into it! I did have a great time though so perhaps my status will continue to move on up. Let me know next time you guys are hanging out, with enough notice Jeff and I can get a sitter and meet up.

  17. I will find out about the next bout and will let you know. Most likely we will go if nothing comes up. You will find that is is really a cool game after you watch a few.

  18. Shana. the next derby is August 10 and Reggie’s “Just Ask Foundation” will be the featured not-for-profit organization. I believe it’s also the last regular roller derby event of the season before the playoffs or whatever they call those things. By all means get a baby-sitter and also, BRING ALL YOUR FRIENDS!!! I am!

  19. I was tired of seeing the blog stuck on 19.

  20. It’s 8:00am and I haven’t had my coffee. I will comment again after I’m have a cup or two.

  21. Hey Everybody I will get to a Roller Derby one day !!!

  22. Hi Shelley, Yes I hope you will go one day.

  23. I will get to a NF party one day

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