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Click on Photo Below to Watch “My Brand New Face” Video!

7 thoughts on “Click on Photo Below to Watch “My Brand New Face” Video!

  1. I’m happy that we have it online for our friends that missed it. Hope all enjoy it.

  2. Thanks Reggie and Lou for doing this. I did not realize it was the video until I moused over and saw that your picture is clickable. It was a moving show and I hope many people who missed it will be able to see it now.

  3. Hi Reggie, I really admire you’re an example to follow. I have a son now is 13 and has so far only NF1 has stains and a small tumor in his left hand, but he is a child with a slight delay and you really tell you that I am very concerned that not at what time he can put bad, they control every year but in my country (Lima-Peru) no special hospital for the disease and the state does not support.

    You really are a very special person and do not worry about what other people say is your future with the same force that the important thing is the inside of a person’s physical and you do not say you have a friend who pray everyday for you, from experience I say that prayer is very powerful and I will tell you later.

  4. Great…I watch most of it. WIll finished later. I be sure to patron at Arby’s more. They are on my places to eat since I do not do MD, BK, JB, and other fast food hamburger joints.

  5. We are very happy for the results of Maurices’ surgery. The fact that he has accepted his new face is fabulous. We are very glad that Maurice & Reggie met.
    The video is breath taking. By the way we seem to recognize the beret. It fits you very well Reggie. Lou is right when he says that you look like a ‘ Frenchy ‘

    Kind regards to you both & all the family. Lulu & Francis

  6. Reggie, this is the first time I write or blog on someone’s website and I am very glad that it is on your website. I saw the special My Brand New Face. You are really an incredible person and with a great soul. To put yourself out there to make awareness of NF is so brave. I hope more people continue to join you in your cause. God Bless You and Your Family.

  7. Hi Jackie, Thank you for the visit to my blog. I’m happy that you watch the program last night, and took the time to write. Your encouragement will help me to keep on keeping on, that and with God’s strength I can help others as well as myself.

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