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2357623769_f10072ed37_b.jpgMay is National Neurofibromatosis Awareness Month!newsmaglogos.gif2334669090_750680bb56_b2.jpg

Thanks to Laurie Selzer and my friends at MNI (Media Networks Inc – a division of TIME, Inc.), we will have a full page ad in the May Houston home edition of Time, Newsweek and US News & World Report magazines to help promote National Neurofibromatosis Month!

STANANDLOU Advertising was nice enough to prepare the attached ad that you see here inviting people to “JUST ASK!” about neurofibromatosis.



  1. wow I will have to get me a copy that is really cool Reggie keep it up

  2. Looks cool, Reggie! Nice blog and ad!

  3. YO Everybody

  4. whats up Shelley

  5. I wonder if we could get radio and tv stations that May is National NF month!!!!!!!!

  6. Thanks team. It would be great to get TV and radio ads going for that month.

  7. that is a wonderful Ad! Reggie you are doing so much good! Thank you for your bravery and kindness.
    Lou really great work of course!

  8. Lou and Reggie yall both are doing a great job keep it up

  9. You are welcome. I’m very proud of you guys!

  10. Lou I’m here. Just doing a thousand things at one time.I’m sure you know the story.

  11. How did MD Anderson go? That was nice of them to buy so many tshirts. Do you have any left?

  12. Oh yes I still have some shirts left if anyone wants to buy. I sold three just waiting for my prescriptions. Plus one online. Everything was ok. Bart Moore and Dr. Slopis said to say “Hi!”

  13. Meredyth how are you? I was the gift on Fackbook. I’m not sure if I replied to it right. You will have to let me know. Jun 4th will be here soon.

  14. Hey Lou Meredyth and everybody else that go to Starbucks. Talk about your great service. I have been going to the the starbucks on south Main and 610. I love that place. All of the workers are terrific! We got an espresso machine. I’m not good with it. They have been just great with helping me to make the perfect espresso. I was told if I need help they will
    show me how to use the machine. Now you tell me if that is a great deal. I will still go by there to get espresso even though I have a espresso maker. Just because it’s a place that makes me feel good.

  15. What a fabulous ad campaign Reggie! Congrats! Hope to see you at the next Roller Derby bout! 🙂 Dana AKA DeMentia

  16. Hey, Dementia, what a great surprise!!!! Welcome to the blog!

    To all of you on the blog who aren’t plugged into Houston Roller Derby, Dementia (Dana) is one of the premiere players in the league. She’s a jammer and captain for the Psych Ward Sirens and she is as pretty as she is dangerous on skates!!!!

    Here’s her profile at

    Dementia and Mistilla the Killa will always be our two favorite Derby people for being so nice to us when we first started going to the matches. It was because of their kindness that we kept going back!

    To all of you who have never experienced Houston Roller Derby, the next match is April 13 at Verizon Wireless downtown! Game time: 5pm!

  17. Thank you Dana, Of course I will be there. Love you all and enjoy the derby. When is the next bout?

  18. Hey there Yall Im here Lou needs his harrassment

  19. Dementia I can’t wait to see you again. I think it’s time to get another photo with you at one of the bouts. You all treat your fans like they are the stars, when you are. Thanks.

  20. Oops I made a typo again. I had 3 orders when I went to MD Anderson. I actually sold a lot more then I expected. It’s a good thing I as many AS I DID. Wish I could set up shop there. It’s a good feeling that someone would wear one of my shirts.

  21. congrats Reggie on selling shirts the more you sell and the more people buy and want them the more the word gets out about NF keep it up Reggie

  22. Brian you are so cool.Keel good to have y’all here. This blog has brought all of us together. Everyone of us. I can’t go a day with out hearing from y’all.

  23. Reggie you might talk to MD Anderson about selling your shirts there on the weekends the more the people see them the more people may want them to help spread the word about NF I think its a good idea

  24. Brian that is a king idea. I wish we could make that happen. I will have to see if we can talk to someone about that.

  25. When are you going to be on Oprah ?

  26. Oprah? Someone said Opera? Well I don’t know when or if that will ever happen. If would be a nice thing. Remember it’s not all about me. We are all in this thing together. It’s about all of us that have NF and our friends that support us. On the blog and your personal friends that that you yourself know.

  27. Hey Reggie how many bowls of olives did Lou eat over the weekend ?

  28. Reggie , Not only is May , National NF Awareness Month, but it is also CELIAC DISEASE AWARENESS MONTH, , the disease that I have.

  29. Things are going great in “ReggieLand!”

  30. No that’s a thought! What about a them park. Reggie Land. Boy do I have some ideas about that.

  31. I have heard the dates for the 17th Annual Family Camp will be Sept 5 -7, 2008 at Camp For All, Burton Texas. So start planning now for a wonderful weekend.

  32. That is a fantastic ad. Is it a national ad? If I can’t get a copy here you’ll have to bring one when we meet up in June.
    We’re in the middle of a sandstorm right now (really bad)
    wind gusts at about 60mph. I had to get out of it because I didn’t have a mask in my truck.
    I’ll let you know if the copy I get here has the ad.

  33. hey Tim I also Have the celiac disease NO wheat that stinks

  34. Hey Jerry,

    I will make sure you get a copy. I’m not sure if it will be there. If not you WILL GET A COPY. I’m excited about it. You think we will need body guards on our European vacation?

  35. hey Reggie I want a copy also I will have to find a copy somewhere I want one thats for sure

  36. Good Morning crew! How is everyone today? I’m feeling good.
    Love this weather. Having a coffee with Lou today. That should be nice. Past that just working and enjoying the moments. I woke up today and thought it was Weds. That’s always weird. But Tuesday it is. Hope everyone is happy and healthy today.

  37. Meredyth, I forgot to warn you, watch out when you mention coffee on this blog. These guys are STARBUCKS FANATICS!!!! So whatever you do, don’t mention that we’ll be meeting at Starbucks later. It’ll be our secret!!!

  38. Brian I’m sure they will have it in your area. Let me know if you can’t find one. I will send you one if you can’t find it.

  39. Good late morning,

    Meredyth Speaking of starbucks. since Lou brought it up. I’m will be having my daily espresso shortly. It helps me stay up and watch the old shows on TVLAND. Oh and send mean messages to Lou. 🙂

  40. man Starbucks sounds really good today but I am going to go get lunch and get a Iced Tea today instead of a coke or I may go ahead and get a coke

  41. I always like to get Ice Tea. You get refills.

  42. true Reggie but at the Sonic by my house wheather its coke or iced tea Sonic dont give refills

  43. Just get a venti whatever and you should be good for at least an hour!

  44. Lou I’m going to double shot venti what ever.

  45. If a place do not give free refills, I will not go there. At one time Chilis was like that. I could get free refills on ice tea, but on cokes was another issue. My sunday school class would go out to a place to eat after evening services (this was 29-30 years ago), the waitress come around and ask refill on drinks, sure, but did not say about a charge on cokes. When the bill came, we argue, and had the charges taken off. Do not kow if this was global (everywhere) or just at this location or just a one time incident.

  46. there is a place in Pearland that is a hamburger joint they are real good well I was eating my hamburger and our ticket was on the table the waitress asked me if I wanted more coke I said yes and she took my glass and the ticket and charged me for a refill I think that is rediculous to charge for refills

  47. Hey Reggie I love the old shows on TVland! I was a Bewitched freak and of Little House on the Prairie!

    Oh and too late on the Starbucks info Lou. I’m tons energized now!

  48. Oh it’s never too late for starbucks. If you ever get to wired just watch TVLAND or talk to Lou. He will put you to sleep. I know I know. I just couldn’t let that one go. Sorry Lou. 😉

  49. Me, too! Reggie, what’s your phone number again for when I can’t sleep tonight because of all this caffeine!!!!!!!!!!!

  50. I’m drinking a double shot. I know I will pay for it later.

  51. Hey Reggie I would call Lou on the phone I would be loud too lol

  52. I am watching dancing with the stars, I wished I could danch like them, I would take lessons, but my husband would not like me dancing with another man.

  53. That damn aviator just goes away sometimes.

  54. I just ate 6 pounds of crawfish and too many beers! (Urp)

  55. Reggie , Make sure when you and Lou go to Starbucks , that lou get Decaf Coffe , he already hyped up enough without more Caffeine.

  56. Yea Lou I want to see hoe you will feel at 7:00am. I still have a buzz from the espresso. Look like TXLAND tonight.

  57. I will call you at 6:00am

  58. Good Morning to all y’all.

  59. Not so loud…

  60. did you wake Lou up yet?

  61. I wrote him, but he is kind of a crump in the mornings. LOL


  63. Morning yall,
    The new question is: “Who’s your Cousin?” LOL Obama and Pitt are cousins, and Clinton and Jolin are cousins, now that is scary!!!!!! 😛 Politic’s getting a little scarry and off to a new level. Just think we could all be related once remove way back when.

  64. Isn’t that bordering on incest…cousins procreating?

  65. What’s up Brian? Coffee Tea or Coke? I’m sure I will have at least two of the three if not all.

  66. comment 66 You are kidding right? Who’s your cousin? are they really cousins? The next question is WHO’S YOUR DADDY? LOL

  67. It was it was in the news!!!!! They gave a little story non how they were related, they tried McCain but had a hard time with him. Obama is related to about 6 different presisents.

  68. Wow thats awesome about the ad! Is that only going to be in the magazines in Houston or can I find it here also? I want a copy!

  69. Hey there Everybody Im on my 3rd cup of coffee HI sweet Lou

  70. Patricia I will check out the link. Emily I not sure if it will be just Houston or other parts if Texas as well.

  71. whats up Shelley how are you today

  72. Im good here Brian how about you

  73. test

  74. I am doing great Shelley thanks for asking what is up realmere1

  75. realmere’s avatar is working again

  76. hey Lou how are you today

  77. Tired. Burnt out. Sore. Frustrated. Otherwise, dandy. You?

  78. pretty good here Lou cant complain

  79. Hey I just have to tell all of you something. I hope you can get Blue Bell Ice Cream. OMG! You just have to try this Flavor Blue Bell makes. Cake Batter. WOW! It’s so good. I will do a cammercial for them if they ask me. FREE! As long as I can get free ice cream

  80. Is that a new flavor? I like to make cookies and cakes so I can taste the dough and batter. LOL 😀

  81. Yes that is a new one. The cookie dough is good.

  82. No it s not a new one it comes around every spring Reggie hate to burst your Big Bubble.Mint Chocolate Chip rocks as does Ben& Jery’s Bananas on the Rum.

  83. Reggie, have you talked to our friends at lately? I’m sure they would be interested in the Doodle Fundraiser.

  84. Thank you for reminding me. We talk about that at our last meeting, and all this other stuff came up. It’s a good thing to stay busy though. I will do that before I leave for the doctor tomorrow. I have a busy day. Mailing t-shirts to Italy tomorrow. Just got the order tonight.

  85. Reggie that is cool sending shirts to Italy that is cool

  86. I’m back from seeing the doctor. Great report. The doctor told me that area on my leg was not a tumor, but a sis. He said it is not a tumor and it is not cancer. He also told me later he will do another MRI to see how much the swelling has decreased. So I had a great with good news.

  87. congrats Reggie that is wonderful news

  88. Hi YALL

  89. I know Brian is being good if Reggie and Lou was being

  90. good

  91. Or not lol

  92. whats up Shelley I just had me some starbucks

  93. Not too much here Brian

  94. Im happy that I got yall to talk to

  95. Wondering if Lou is eating 500 bowls of olives

  96. I am glad I have everybody here to talk to to Shelley I have made some good friends here

  97. That is good news, Reggie, glad to hear that

  98. Reggie Sounds great that you’re doing ok

  99. Checking in to see whats going on. Reggie, are you coming up to Dallas for the Dining Out? If so, should be seeing you.

  100. We have a couple new features on the blog! If you scroll down and look on the right side, you’ll see 3 new things: 1. Blog Stats
    2. Videos 3. Photos from Flickr.

    Obviously, we have some kinks to work out but hopefully we’ll have it all figured out in a few days. Stats are over 87,000 which is incredible.

  101. also, categories of the links to other sites.

  102. John, I don’t think I will be in Dallas. We are working in the Houston Highlight Event here. Wish I could go to Dallas.

  103. Hey Everybody Im here just ate lunch on my 2nd cup of coffee Lou you being good ?

  104. On my second cup of espresso.

  105. Lou or Reggie: Only suggestion I have, if there is anyway, you can put or have a indication if a blog have any updates added to them. For example on my flickr on certain groups, it will let me know if there been any updates added. Just a thought.

  106. Reggie, your blog is ROCKING now!!!!

  107. Love the video and photo feeds. And seeing the stats!

  108. I like that too Lou I think its awesome

  109. Back to the magazine ads. Reggie, that is AWESOME. Can I have you autograph a copy for me? I’m serious!!!!! This is so cool.

  110. hey everybody I am having surgery next Thursday it will only take about 15 minutes I am having a small tumor removed from my leg I will be ok though its nothing new to me

  111. Bart, That goes with out saying. I will personally autograph one for you and bring it to you. I missed you when I was at Anderson the other day.

  112. Brian I will be praying for you. I know you will be ok.

  113. hey Reggie thanks for your prayers also would you autograph me a copy as well

  114. HI THERE

  115. hey Shelley whats up

  116. Astros vs Tigers today! Looking forward to the new baseball season! Photos later!

  117. Not too much here Brian Just waiting to give Lou a hard time

  118. I will be at the game as well. Hope to get some good photos. I will be sure to get back on the blog later.

  119. well I cant do that Shelley as I have to be good

  120. I’m back and here for the blog. Drinking espresso. Where y’all at?

  121. I am here Reggie I think everybody is sleeping I dont know why they aint talking right now

  122. Hi there Im here I went to Walmart and the dollar store got stuff for my place

  123. I’m here. I just went to get a coke and surfed a little, and when I got back I see that we have bloggers here.

  124. hey Shelley I love wal mart and I also took my mom to the dollar store that place is good as well whats up Reggie

  125. Cool Brian Cool

  126. Hi Reggie,

    Great ad and Web site.

  127. Sara I’m happy to payed us a visit. I hope to see you visit often. Lots if great stories here and lots of funny things going on. Please join us.

  128. Emily Patricia Meredyth hope to see you here soon. Miss you.

  129. Hello! Great job, keep it up! I have a step-daughter with NF type 1. She also seems to have a few risk factors for Celiac disease (I’m also a nurse). I wanted her tested, but the doctors didn’t order it. Does anyone know if there is an affiliation with NF Type 1 and Celiac? Celiac often goes in conjunction with other inherited disorders such as Diabetes Type 1, autoimmune disorders, autism, seizures in certain parts of the brain, dyslexia, and a few others… I’m trying to raise awareness with doctors and the public. Newer statistics say it may be as high as every one in 80 people. If it is a secondary diagnosis, a gluten free diet often helps control their primary illness. Reggie is an inspiration!

  130. Hi Julie,

    thank to for your visit, and kind words. I will pass on your questions to someone who can answer your questions better then I can. Thank you and my best to your step-daughter.


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