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Meet “JUST ASK” Live Chat-Person, wee_lou_c from Scotland

hey fellow nf’ers its louise here aka wee_lou_c i’m 20 i’m an aquarius as my date of birth is 4th february 1988, i come from the U.K a quaint little town in the bonnie land of scotland it is called glenrothes which i’m guessing is called a state to you guys but its a county here but that is in fife so i’m a fifer. at the age of six i had a biopsy which verified i had nf but i never found this out till i had vision problems at the age of 12 so i was then officially diagnosed with nf2. iv had a little trouble within the years but nothing i couldn’t fight my way through as i believe to get on you have to forget what you have lost and remember who and what you still have. i like to chat as its great speaking about all the different cultures and food and things happening around the world plus i’ve made many new cool friends. i am a complimentary therapist so i like the calm side of life but i’ll never say no to a party. i absolutely love watching lovey dovey films aka chick flicks, i also love scottish stovies they are really braw oh i am sorry i mean good.
take care all and have some fun.

22 thoughts on “Meet “JUST ASK” Live Chat-Person, wee_lou_c from Scotland

  1. Welcome to the blog, Louise! I love the way Scottish people talk! I’ll see you on the chat tonight!

  2. By the way, what’s a “stovie?”

  3. Nice to meet you Louise.

  4. Hi Louise. It’s nice to hear from you and to read your story. I went to Scotland once and it is a very lovely country; went as far north as Aboyne.

    You’ve got a great attitude about NF, much as Reggie does; just get on with life. Stay in touch !

  5. Thank you Bart for your comment. I agree.

  6. Welcome to our NF Family. Enjoy chatting with you, and glad to see this has expanded outside of Texas, and USA. My great ancestors came from Scotland, I been all over Europe, but never made it to the UK, but would like to visit Scotland. Again, welcome to out family.

  7. Reggie, would it be possible to have an edit feature so I can fix my mispell words…….lol

  8. Great idea JP. No needs spell check as much as myself.

  9. Hi Louise!
    I’m Ruth, my daughter has NF1 which is how I came across Reggie and his wonderful band of friends. I am from the UK too … Hyde in Cheshire, south of Hadrian’s wall 🙂 but hopefully you won’t hold that against me.

    I haven’t stopped by for a while, as live has been hectic. Victoria was put on ADHD meds to help control the impulsively caused by the tumor in her basal ganglia, and it’s been very intense here … ‘specially when they accidentally doubled her dose! EEK!
    Well, must be off, it’s my son’s birthday today and he wants to watch movies with us!

  10. Hi Ruth,

    Glad to see you back. Say happy Birth to your son for me. Enjoy the movies. I will be back Later this weekend.

  11. hello Ruth its great to meet some one in the uk also, i really hold my heart out for you to hold to grab some strength as i know you may need it please feel free to contact me anytime day or night i will be glad to speak to you.

  12. hello there Dr Bart it is great to meet one of the medical marvels from the us.

    i dnt think i am any different from anyone else really i feel im doing what they would do.

    Thank for your kind words

  13. ha ha u scallywag lou stovies is probably the best dinner in scotland speak soon

  14. Thank you very much Jp i am glad i am here

  15. hey my dear friend Reggie thatk you for the welcome

  16. wee_lou,

    I checked wikipedia just to make sure. Sounds, uh…real interesting.

    Stovies is a traditional Scottish dish. Recipes and ingredients vary widely between regions, and even families, but the dish usually consists of tatties (potatoes) and onions and some form of cold meat (especially sausages or leftover roast; mince or corned beef in the east). The potatoes are cooked by stewing with fat stove being the old Scots word for an oven – i.e “Yer dinner’s oan the stove”. A regional variation is to serve the stovies with oatcakes.



    50g (2 oz.)beef dripping or butter
    3 medium onions, roughly chopped
    1 kg (2 pounds)potatoes
    125-250g (4-8 ounces) cooked beef or lamb (leftovers from a roast dinner)
    2 -3 tablespoons finely chopped parsley, chives, or spring onions
    Seasoning salt, freshly ground black pepper, allspice, or grated nutmeg

    [edit] Method

    Heat fat in a large heavy-base pot (one with a tight-fitting lid) and add the onions. Cook until lightly brown. Peel potatoes if they are “main crop”, but leave the skins on new potatoes. Slice about 5mm (1/4-inch) thick. Or slice roughly in different thickness so that the thin go into a mush, while the others stay whole. Add them to the pot with the onions and stir well. coating all sides with the fat. Put the lid on and cook over a very low heat, shaking the pot once or twice to prevent sticking, until the potatoes are cooked. Add the meat, mix through, and turn up the heat to brown a little.

    The same recipe can be adapted to use steak, beef or pork sausages instead of leftover meat. If making stovies this way, brown the sausages with the onions at the start.


  17. so are you having that for dinner?

  18. No, it’s “Steak Night” at PJ’s Sports Bar!!!! That’s where I’ll be tonight.

  19. Thank you Louise! I really appreciate that offer .. nice to see a fellow Brit too 🙂 – I am in CT, USA now, so it’s nice to see someone from :home:
    Thanks for the welcome back Reggie.. we watched the Spiderwick Chronicles … cool movie! He has a laser-tag party on Saturday .. .can’t wait :))

  20. are you in the states often Ruth or is it your holiday? your very welcome but you always know i will be here thanx Ruth.

  21. I live here Louise. I married a “Yank” :)))) Been here for 17 years now!

  22. wow thats great Ruth a long time i would love to move there don’t think i fit in with americans though.

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