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May is Neurofibromatosis Awareness Month


Neurofibromatosis, or NF, is a common, yet under- recognized genetic disorder that can cause tumors to grow on nerves throughout the body.

• NF is more prevalent than cystic fibrosis, Duchenne muscular dystrophy, and Huntington’s disease combined.

• NF occurs in one in every 3,000 people and affects millions worldwide.

• NF can lead to blindness, bone abnormalities, cancer, deafness, disfigurement, learning disabilities, and excruciating and disabling pain.

• NF can arise in any family regardless of race or ethnic origin. Roughly half of all cases arise in families with no history of the disorder.

• NF has three distinct forms, NF1, NF2, and schwannomatosis.

• NF research is shedding new light on several forms of cancer, brain tumors, bone abnormalities and learning disabilities, ultimately benefiting the broader community in addition to those with NF.

• Progress toward ending NF is being made every day. Because of Children’s Tumor Foundation funding, there are over 40 on-going NF-specific clinical trials in existence, and 44 NF Clinics nationwide.

* Above information was provided by the Children’s Tumor Foundation (


2 thoughts on “May is Neurofibromatosis Awareness Month

  1. I am 57 and my NF first became apparent when I was 3. Many years and many many operations on my left hand and arm, I am about to undergo surgery to amputate my left hand which is now almost useless. NF is is more common than people think and can affect people in many different ways. Good to see awareness being promoted.

  2. Good work guy

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