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Matt and William at Music Nite

3611639864_e03a2a5def_bWe had a great Music Nite last Thursday Nite! We decided we needed to work on our music more, especially now that we have a new member to the group, writer/composer/musician, Mark Sansoucy.

Mark premiered the song he wrote, “Just Ask!” last Thursday and it was killer. With just a little more practice, this could be the Neurofibromatosis National Anthem!



25 thoughts on “Matt and William at Music Nite

  1. Who is that bald-headed freak?

  2. I agree. The song is going to be a hit. My friend in France loves the song.

    I didn’t see your picture in this photo Lou.

  3. based solely on the head I would say this intruder is related to Lou in some way.
    but what do i know, i am just a girl.

  4. Something to think about. Then again maybe I don’t want to think about it.

  5. roller derby on the 18th right? i already got a sitter so don’t let me down!

  6. Shana,

    I think Roller Derby is on the 3rd Saturday. I’ll check on that.

  7. Dear reggie
    What do you mean when you said killer: (I don’t think Mark killed someone!) Thanks for your explanation Kind regards Francis

  8. He means sounds GREAT! I think. 🙂

  9. #5 Yes I checked, and the Roller Derby is on the third Saturday, June 20

  10. i have my calender on july. which explains why i thought it was the 18th. see you on the 20th then!!!!!!! WHOO HOOO!!!
    Oh crap. Will Lou be there? Lets say 50/50 on whether or not I can make it. I am starting to get a headache.

  11. Just do just like everyone else. Act like he isn’t there.

  12. #1, I don’t know, but man he looks good. #3, you and me is now a-feuding, as I in no way, shape, or form resemble a sawed-off guinea.

  13. #12 – bald top of head, hairy sides of head, no lack of facial hair, and Caucasian. I am going to go with – Lou is your big brother.
    #11. your smartassness impresses me daily.

  14. Wow, Shana, thank you for visiting the evil of reverse racism on me. All us bald white guys look the same, huh?
    Nonetheless, I reiterate my stance of righteous indignation at being grouped in with the ultimate Mediterranean
    mud people, AKA Italians. Your specious rationalization does nothing but fuel our feud. And Reggie, get your damn hawgs out of my yard.

  15. wow phil,
    that is a lot of big words for a bald white guy related to lou. he must have a hard time keeping up with you. there must be a lot of sibling rivalry between the two of you.

  16. comment 14, How do you expect them to cross the road with all those people hanging around blocking the road. I want to talk the the President of y’all town.

  17. Hey Phil,

    What is that in your hand?

  18. Its the jawbone of an ass, Reggie. I use it to slay Phillistines.

  19. And snarky people.

  20. snarky people overly critical for the sake of attention – and how it can come back to bite you if you’re using it online.

    Can you be specific, I don’t who you are talking about, that could be any one of us.

    What are we doing tonight? Oh, William you remember that movie? You know the one with that guy played in that movie.

  21. A.H.

  22. You didn’t finish your comment.

  23. Oh, yeah, you’re a D.B. too!

  24. I know you are , but what am I? I know you are , but what am I? I know you are , but what am I? I know you are , but what am I?

  25. Great day at Sam Houston Race Park with Reggie, Tracey Shappro of VT2 Studios, and a whole bunch of friends from the Houston advertising scene. Thank you, Tracey!!!

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