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Man’s Best Friend

I thought, I would write about man’s best friend.  His dog.  I’ve had Shiner for three years now. Never knew how much a pet can really help you when you are in a down mood.  Shiner is my rock. My best friend.

Shiner is a white Lab that follows me around everywhere. From room to room. Never complains. And best of all, he likes me.  And even though he knows how to open my drawer and steal my snacks, he’s still my best friend. Hope he doesn’t learn how to open the freezer, and get my ice cream.

I’m so thankful to my friends, Connie and Jaen Lawrence, for making it possible for me to have Shiner. There is also another dog in my life (don’t tell Shiner!) that shows me the love always!  His name is Stanley. He’s not my pet but when I visit my friends, Rie and Elena, I get to see Stanley and he spends the whole visit loving on me. Great dogs and best friends, both of them!

Lets talk about our pets here. Who has a pet, and what is his or her name?

18 thoughts on “Man’s Best Friend

  1. Good morning to a. I hope to see a of my friends who are pet lovers to post comments.

  2. I would thought by now Shiner would be getting your beer out from the refrig. Shiner may know about that other dog in your life, when you get home from visiting the other dog.

  3. Oh, yeah, I should have thought about that. I never know Shiner would find out. Who told him?

  4. Kinda like girl friends, one can tell if you been out with another girl, maybe the scent of her perfume is on you or lip stick on her collar. This is what I have heard, not actually done………..

  5. We need to get Stanley and Shiner together.

  6. Yes, Connie wants all of us to go to the dog park. Sometime after Father’s Day. I think we need to start planing that. Would be great.

  7. I have 2 dogs, Skruffy, of course Reggie is familiar with, and Bandit one of her puppies.

  8. Did I see the other dog Roncetta?

  9. Dogs can have a very positive effect on people. I have two Westies, Tony & Roxie. They are good buddies and they love squirrels and the UPS man.

  10. LOL, Shiner loves birds and squirrels, and knocks at the door.

  11. To the Dr. Pepper fans, the ones that like Dr. Pepper made with pure sugar cane, this weekend in Dublin, Texas will be 119 years of Dr. Pepper from Dublin Birthday Party. I am planning on going so I can get my yearly fix. There will be a chocolate cake made with Dr. Pepper and other food.

  12. no, i dont think so reggie but i have pictures on my facebook you can check out. Shinner is awesome tho, when i see him he just goes crazy, licking all over my face and what not. but he never jumps on anyone, and thats good because of his size.

  13. Yeah, he know how to show some love. He really like you.

  14. More Shiner pictures, please!

  15. Bart, I will get some photos post here or on flickr.

  16. Personally, I think he just likes me because i sneak him treats lol.

  17. Reggie,

    This is such a nice post! Yes. Animals/pets are extremely important to people who are sick, disabled, lonely, elderly and without children. I am glad you shared this.
    I have NF2 and was diagnosed insummer 1999. For my 30th birthday, my husband gave me our 2 adorable “canine” kids Katie and Jake. They will be 9 in August and it is so hard to imagine the day I will be without them. They are everything to me and have carried me through so many ups and downs. I have been through quite a few discouraging times over the past 6 years (side effects of brain tumors, radiosurgery, and 2 brain surgeries). They are always there for me and most expecially to comfort me when sad adding some cheer. They get very distraught when I leave for a surgery and do not like it when mommy cries or is stuck inside recovering and can’t take them for a walk.
    I have to laugh about the treats! LOL Mine are so funny! They are outside dogs but still manage to steal treats if I forget and leave the door open while carrying groceries into the house. Often I have seen some wrapper in the yard or container and discover it is the missing bag or container of treats! Katie is a “ccokie monster:. One time I had a big box of dog biscuits from Costco sitting in the garage. It was summer and I was working in the yard and left the garage door open. When I went into the garage I found her in the box of biscuits and that she had eaten the entire top row!!!! – about 15 or 20 biscuits
    Lately Jake has learned to open the front door. If we do not shut it well enough, he has learned to use his head to push the door open! Sometimes when I am putting on my shoes to take them for a walk or run, he will open the door and pop his head inside as if to say “Are you coming or what???”
    Our dogs have played a very key role in my recovery. I cannot imagine where I would be without them!

  18. On the TMC channel, showing Old Yeller, kinda looked like Shiner or visa versa. I would have let Shiner watch it.

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