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Lou’s back.


8 thoughts on “Lou’s back.

  1. He’s ba……………………………….ck

  2. Wonderful! Just hasn’t been the same without ya. Way too quiet.

  3. Elena and I had a great time. It was nice just getting away from Shana!!!

  4. Oh I forgot. Did you get the memo……about the name change? Maybe you will see it out front Monday. I think it is called M.R. and something. Can’t really recall.

  5. Was it Reggie & Co. ?

  6. WB Mr Lou

  7. Hello, everybody! It’s great to be back. Had an awesome vacation with my daughter, Elena, for two weeks. Saw more cities and states than I can count. And just so you know, there is a city named Jackson and a county named Fayette in every state we visited. What’s up with that? They ran out of names?!!

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