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Lou interviews Reggie about the LA trip

p1040773-11. Why did you go to Hollywood? My picture was in Greg Gorman’s book. A friend of Greg’s saw my photo.

Did somebody invite you? The Annenberg Space For Photography invited me out to a private party the evening before the opening.

What did they want to do? It was actually The Inaugural Exhibit. 8 LA Photographers John Baldessari, Carolyn Cole, Greg Gorman. Lauren Greenfield, Douglas Kirkland, Catherine Opie, Tim Street-Porter, Julius Schulman, Lawrence Ho, Kirk McKoy, Genaro Molina. Greg wanted me there to meet some of the photographers.  PHOTOS

2. How did you get to Hollywood? Greg Gorman bought my tickets.

How was your flight? I had a wonderful flight, on Continental Airlines. My last three trips since November have been on Continental Airline and it was a good reason I wanted them. All of my experiences have been terrific.

3. What happened when you arrived in LA? Who picked you up? Where did you go? When I arrived in LA, There was a driver waiting for me. His name is Jerry. Very nice man, who I have met before. Walking through the airport was great. Nothing different for anyone else. I felt like I was at the airport in Houston. From the airport Greg called and told the driver stop and get Reggie something to eat. Later we will have dinner. We went to get food. Bar-b- que at JR’S. I had a bar -b-que pork sandwich. When I arrived at Greg’s home Greg and I talked most of the evening.

4. What did you do once you got to Greg’s house? Jerry took me to Greg’s house

5. What did you do that night? (private party?) Was it fun? Did you meet anyone? At the private party, walked around and met some of the photographers, took pictures with some famous people. I met one of the guys from Crosby Stills and Nash, Graham Nash.

6. What did you do the next day? The next day Scott Dickson came to get me to visit with him.

How was the book signing? It was great. The second night we didn’t have to attend.

Did you meet anyone? Were you comfortable? Oh for sure I felt comfortable. I love this kind of stuff. Although Greg Gorman was protective and watched out for me. I had no worries though. People were very nice.

What did they say? People were very nice. No one made a big deal out of it. Yes, some had questions and I was very happy to share my story.

7. What did you do after the signing? Did Scott have a good time? Scott had a great time. It was good to have someone there like Scott. Because I sometimes have a problem walking, Scott was nice by helping me.

8. What did you do at Scott’s house? Why do you like staying with Scott? Why do you think Scott likes hanging out with you? The reason Scott likes hanging out with me? Because I’m such a wonderful guy. When I went to Scott’s house we watched movies, played on the play station, went a few places to eat. We talked all night. Scott and his family are the nicest people you can ask for in a friend.

9. What else did you do while in Los Angeles? Did you do stuff with Scott? Did you go back to Greg’s? Yes I was back and forth to Greg’ and Scott. It is never enough time to do everything.

10. Why do you like going to LA? People are so accepting in CALIFORNIA.

11. Do you think it is helpful to raising awareness of NF? Oh yes I do. Very helpful. Everyone I met in California have never heard of NF.

12. If you could do anything you wanted in LA, what would it be as it pertains to NF awareness? I would like to do in California what I do here in Houston for awareness. I would also like to meet everyone of my friends from facebook and myspace to live in California.

13. Why do you think Greg likes you so much? Greg has a big heart. He is that kind of person, to except a person for who they are.

14. Why do you think Scott likes you so much? The same reason. Not because of me, but because of who Scott is. Scott and I really connect. Scott listens to what I have to say, I like to hear what he has to say.

15. Anything you’d like to say that wasn’t mentioned before? When ever I get invited someplace. Someone else learns about NF. When I post my trips is to let everyone know that may or may not have nf, that people are more excepting then ever before. If we don’t get out and let people see use, they will never know we are there. You will never experience some of the great things I have experience. I cheated myself. I didn’t give people a chance and I too missed out on meet some wonderful people. I’m talking about wonderful people that you run into everyday. I’m thank for every friend I have here in my everyday like. They don’t have to be famous. Just people in my life that give me so much to be grateful for.. That is how I make it. People that take the time to say hello and just being a friend.

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  1. I had a lot of fun in LA but, more importantly, I was able to spread the word about neurofibromatosis to people who have never heard of it before. I think if everyone connected with NF reached out and tried to get the word out, it would be easier to get government funding for research while also helping people be more compassionate about our cause.

  2. I think what you are doing is amazing, Reggie. I have to thank God every day for people like Greg Gorman, Scott Dickson, Texas NF Foundation, Bart Moore, the Houston Roller Derby, the Houston Astros, and people at your church who continue to support you and help you get the word out about NF.

  3. You bring up a great point Lou. As I have told Scott Dickson in my email him this morning. It is people in my everyday life that really make a difference in my life. That is what keep me going. The people you mention are blessings in my life. I think God that I know them.

  4. I hope to see Bart’s comment here soon. Did you see the photos Dr.Moore?

  5. Our friendship is a blessing too

  6. Yes it is. That is what I’m talking about. You are a part of that. Thank you Shelley.

  7. Hi Reggie,
    Welcome back; it looks like you had a great trip and met some wonderful people. Love the photos and the fact that you got to schmooze around LaLa land. I really like the picture of you at the beach. You are getting so adventurous, you ought to try surfing!
    Keep up the good work!

  8. Thanks Bart. You know the photo you are talking about is the one I like best as well. There is a glow about it. As for surfing, I would had love to do that, but that would mean I would have to wear those little swimming trunks and no shirt. If I did that, then I would be labeled a show off because of my washboard abs, and perfect tan. You know I didn’t want to make all the other guys look bad. And beside it was only one of me, and lots of pretty woman. I wouldn’t have had a chance. Now that I think about it maybe I should have dressed for surfing.

  9. “Malibu Reggie”

  10. Hum, sound good to me.

  11. Hey there Everybody whats up I was wondering if yall was Starbucksing or bloqqing

  12. Hey Shelley we can do both right? It works best that way. Wouldn’t you agree?

  13. You bet Reggie

  14. You know something Reggie I didnt know anything about NF till we worked at Goodwill I didnt know what to expect till Matthew told me

  15. Well the good thing is that you are learning a lot about nf, and you have always proven to be a good person.

  16. Hey REGGIE!!!!!
    You don’t even have to ask, of course I will accompany you to your next LA trip and would love to meet Leslie Nielsen! 🙂

    I hope you are doing well. I will get back on your site again. I got distracted because I became a facebook addict! It is my outlet during the day if the kids are driving me nuts! Jerry comes home in May, I haven’t seen him in a year. When he comes down we should all get together!

  17. Hi Shana,

    Good to hear from you. I enjoy facebook as well. That one comment on your profile was very funny. You know is Roller Derby time. You should try to go sometime. It is every 3rd Saturday. We should try to get together. All is well with me. Californis was wonderful. How is Jerry? I never hear from him anymore. I hope he is well. Say hello to hime for me.

  18. He works CRAZY hours. I never hear from him either, so don’t worry, it is not just you! I don’t even remember the last time I talked to him and he just emailed us quickly to tell us he is coming in. I am so excited. The kids are going to have a blast. We all miss him so much.

    I am kind of a status update freak if you haven’t noticed. I update it way too often. I can’t help it. My humor must be heard!!!! (often rude and crude humor, but funny to me nonetheless.)

  19. Oh yes very funny to me and others as well. Expect Lou to chime in with his what you can call crude humor. Check back later you will see.

  20. Will Jerry get to stay longer this time. I can’t remember how long he was here the last time?

    Did you check out all the new photos on flickr

  21. last time he was here it was a strange trip. i only saw him for about 30 min. This time I think we will get to see him for about a week so i will def be in touch with you!!! lou needs to friend me on facebook. you have way to many friends for me to go through!!!

  22. Yea Jerry needs to slow down, and take a break. Enough hard work for now. I don’t think Lou is on facebook very often. I bet if you request friends he will accept really fast. He does that with the ladies that ask to be his friend.

  23. That’ll be nice to see Jerry again. Man, it seems like forever since the last time we saw him.


  25. yeah lou, we feel the same way. my two year old doesn’t even know who he is. it is hard to get to know someone who lives in iraq! We miss him and will be so happy to see him. There is no one in the world that surprises me as much as that man! What a weirdo! 🙂 By the way I see you have over 1000 friends on facebook. I am sure you just randomly pick people so you can feel popular. Reggie says your just down with the ladies. . .

  26. Shana,
    No, I just find certain people interesting. Celebrities, ad people, friends through the years, and just weird stuff.

  27. I dig the weird stuff and for the record I am a huge smart ass so never take me seriously, unless I ask you to then assume you have done something wrong.

  28. Shana,

    I think Lou found his match. You are just the person that can come right back at Lo when he hits us with his one liners.

  29. I dig chicks who dig the weird stuff! And I never do anything wrong…sir! I mean, Mam!

  30. So Lou finally found his match. Lucky guy, I guess I am still looking for mine. . .

  31. I found my lighter too, it was under the cushions in my couch.

  32. Oh Lou that was bad. Really bad, Even for you.

  33. Thank you. Thank you very much.

  34. We all do Lou. In some small way we do. 🙂

  35. Hey Reggie, Lou is busy packing up to come to my house to babysit Sat night so I can go get crawfish with you! And he said I could eat and drink all I want because it is on him! What a guy.

  36. Hey yall am I popular too ?

  37. Yes you are Shelley.

  38. Cool Reggie cool

  39. Shana is a cute lair which I am pretty sure it makes it all ok.

    But my parents are taking the kids Sat night so I get to go!!!!! What time should I show up?

  40. It’s from 2 to 8 at the Alabama Ice House.I have a funeral to go to at 2pm. Maybe 5pm? The Houston Roller Derby Crawfish Boil is at the West Alabama Ice House at 1919 West Alabama.

  41. Lou, Sorry to hear that you have to go a funeral.

  42. sorry about the funeral too. i hope the crawfish boil will cheer you up a bit. reggie, are you going? We should be there at 6ish.

  43. Yes I plan to be there. Maybe around 5 or 6ish.

  44. whoo hooo!!!!! I am so excited about introducing you to my man. He has a name, it is Jeff, but we prefer to go by woman, man, kid #1, kid #2, and kid #3 at my house. We believe in protecting our anonymity.

  45. I like shrimp and fish

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