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Leaving on a jet plane to Vancouver, British Columbia

Today, Steve Bass (PHOTO ON LEFT) and I will be traveling to British Columbia, for the NF Canada and BCNF symposium. Steve Bass is the owner of srbservices. and  someone who has been a very good friend, is taking time from is business to help me with my travels. This a tremendous help to me when Steve can juggle things around to make things easy for me.   All of this at his own expense, to help a friend, and the Just Ask Campaign.

The Symposium promises to be exciting. Looking forward to seeing my good friend Dr. Riccardi!  Yes, he will be there, and I will have a tough act to follow. I have to speak after Dr.Riccardi (PHOTO TO THE RIGHT).  Not too worried about it. He refers to me as the secret weapon for nf.  Wow, that means a lot coming from someone like Dr. Riccardi.  Stay tuned as we hope to send photos as we get them.

I need to bring Dr. Riccardi a new gold Just Ask! shirt. It would look great with his tan! I mean just look how good it looks on me!!!

6 thoughts on “Leaving on a jet plane to Vancouver, British Columbia

  1. nice headband reggie. are you part of the “bring back the 80’s” campaign?

  2. Where the hell you been, Shana? It’s Roller Derby Season!!!

  3. There should be some great sea-food there in BC. Like Salmon and Cod. Have a great time in the Northwest.
    I said sea food, not see food….lol

  4. Hello from Vancouver. I’m on a break so I thought I would drop in. All is going well. Steve is taking pictures. Dr. Riccardi, and Roasmasry are sharing a table with us.

    Maybe we will get some sea food. Can you beleive it is nice and sunny now. Maybe it’s cold out, but from what I see from the window, bright skyies.

  5. Come on Reggie, give us an update!!!

  6. I talked to Reggie last night and he was on cloud 9! He said the entire experience was “amazing” and yesterday was one of the most incredible days ever. He got to spend a lot of time talking with Dr. Riccardi, the “Father of NF Research and Treatment” and Reggie’s first NF doctor. He was extremely happy about that and also sitting at the same table as Dr, Riccardi and Rosemary Anderson at the event. Rosemary is President of Western Michigan NF and also mother to actress Gillian Anderson. I can’t wait to hear the full scoop. Reggie said he sold a lot of tshirts, made a lot of new friends and is determined more than ever to get the word out! Yea, Reggie!

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