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Last Night at PJ’s!

My New Friends, Tony and Jenny!
My friend Carmen Geddit of the Houston Roller Derby.

At left are new friends I met last night, Tony and Jenny.

The other couple I have known for years, Carmen and James.

My new friends just came over and sat next to Lou and me. Never bringing up the subject of what happened to me.  Lots of times it is no longer a subject.  Lou and I brought up the fact that I have Neurofibromatosis. They were so understanding and kind.

I feel great that I no longer stay home in fear of what someone will say to me.  It I felt that way,  I would have missed out on meeting the great people I have met last night and in the last few years.  My life has finally begun. I didn’t give people a chance before. This is why I started Just Ask, to encourage others that have NF to live life to the fullest. I’m doing it and I encourage them as well.  We can support one another in everything we do.

19 thoughts on “Last Night at PJ’s!

  1. That was a very fun night! Met some new friends, Tony and Jenny, plus an old friend, Carmen Geddit of the Houston Roller Derby, William Hughes and Geo! A great night was had by all!

  2. Last night was fun. Cokes and steaks.

  3. And plenty of Shiners!

  4. Lou, my dog Shiner was at home. Just ask Geo and William. They saw him when they gave me a ride home.

  5. That was really bad, Reggie, even for you.

  6. You just need to loosen up dude.

  7. If I was any looser, my parts would fall off.

  8. If you can remember to put them on.

  9. Reggie,
    You are just amazing!

  10. Reggie,
    It was (as usual) a great time. Except for the creepy guy. You know. Loo. But I kid, I kid. Seriously, it’s nice to hang out with a rock star the caliber of The Fabulous Mister Bibbs, and his majordomo Lou “Has Anyone Seen My Pants” Congelio.

  11. Dear Reggie
    You are a so wonderful and interesting guy that is not surprising you have fantastic friends. You will be never without pen because you have a very great gold heart

  12. Hi Everybody Im here Im gonna get me a cup of Starbucks

  13. Sorry everyone for not being here over the weekend. Miss you all. William Terrific seeing you a well. I will send you a email I don’t want to sound like a softy here. You are a good man. Thank you for everything you do. Thursday was fun. We really need for plan for this week as well. We need to have a jam night Thursday. Special guess will be here.

  14. Fancis, Thank you. My friends make me a interesting guy.

  15. Still in Hawaii, this morning. In Hawaii standards, got cold this a low of 62. Will head home on Tuesday evening.

  16. Good to hear from you JP. Have a safe trip home.

  17. That is not surprising you have new friends, you are so fantastic. Let me say you you have a life very rich. Many many people can not say same thing!

  18. Back in Texas. Best part being back, groceries prices are much lower (than Hawaii). Example prices for bananas at $.99 / pound vs $. 55 here. More BBQ places here, and great Mexican resturants. They have them but prices are $5.00 or more on dishes than what I can get here.

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