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Just Ask! in Uniontown, PA.

Just Ask!Reggie,

there I was, back in my home town for the PA HOG Rally.  Nothing to do with farm animals, HOG stands for Harley Owner’s Group.  The rally was a bit of a let down, compared to some we have attended over the years, but being back home was great.

Thought you might want to see my small effort to get the word out in Western PA.

Your friend,
Ed Olsavicky

47 thoughts on “Just Ask! in Uniontown, PA.

  1. Way to go, Ed! Let’s see, first you were your shirt in Houston, then Chile, now Uniontown, PA. What’s left, Smock? Thanks for helping spread the word. You rock!

  2. Thank you ed, That is so cool. I have some friends that ride. Saw then this pass weekend. You may see them sometime. I’ll tell them to look you up.

  3. kind of quite here on the blog.

  4. Ooo nifty.
    Never been much of a Harley girl personally.
    I grew up around Kawasaki and Hondas mostly.
    But Harley Davidson hosts a lot of great rides for charity around here.
    I think my dad still does the “Rumble Through the Tunnel” every time it rolls around.
    And recently they did a ride for Autism if I’m not mistaken.

  5. When my brothers and I was really young. Two of my brothers had mine bikes. I can’t believe I use to ride that thing. Back then they only had the speed controls on the handle bars. The little ridding I did was only on our street and at the school just down the street.

  6. Way to live on the edge Reggie

  7. Oh yeah, nothing boring about living on the edge. Keeps you on your toes.

  8. Closest thing I had was with a close-pin and a playing card attach to the rear wheel of my bike. Does Harley comes with training wheels?

  9. I remember those days. We also to tie balloons the spooks and you would get the same affects until the balloons pop.

  10. Good Morning to all. I’m counting on it to be a terrific day. Hope everyone visit the blog today.

  11. Checking the blogs, then will get ready to go to a job-fair. Begin to keep an eye on the weather, and hope it will be on the cool side at camp. Well, you know what I mean. In Texas, it can be hot, hotter or very hot and hope for nothing more than hot or less. Looking back at camp history, at Camp For All, it only rain one year. Started late Friday night to mid day on Saturday, that was in 2002. This will be our 10th year at Camp For All. Hard to believe since the camp is very well kept and does not look beaten at all.

  12. Have you heard something about bad weather? Good luck at the job-fair.

  13. i just worked out and cannot move my arms. in case you wanted to know. . .

  14. Yes that was the information I have been waiting for all week. Anyway, why would a good looking lady like you need to work out? Everything looks good to me. I’m sure others here will agree with me.

  15. Reggie, you’re such a suck-up!

  16. and boy does bigassmamma love suck ups! you keep up the good work Reggie.

  17. I know what side my bread is buttered on.

  18. Shana and Lei, you want to go see a movie. I was thinking we could see the movie Note Book. 🙂

  19. I’ll see a movie with you, but I don’t do chick flicks.
    How about a horror movie? Hehe if you get scared I’ll keep you safe in my arms.

  20. I’m a very scary person when it come to horror movies. 😉 wink. And I won’t do popcorn jokes.

  21. yeah, but i wouldn’t put it pass you to try the whole yawning, put my arm around you thing.

  22. I know that what I’d do! Yawwwwnn “Oh my, how did my hand end up there?”

  23. Yeah, I do tend to Yawn and lose control where my arm ends up.

  24. Reggie, I know you are a big fan of food. How about the movie “Julie and Julia”. It is about French cooking and Julia Child. You’ll leave hungry and inspired.

  25. Yeah, I heard about that movie. I do want to see it. I remember watching Julia Child when I was younger. It would always make me hungry.

    Oh and I may take Shiner where you take your little ones. I have an email from them. Mom talk to them, but I haven’t had a chance to call. They seem really nice. They provide food and will even give them a bath. I’m going to hate leaving Shiner when we go to camp.

  26. He’ll have a good time. They will even tuck him in and read him a story at night ($eriously). It’s like a camp for dogs.

    Speaking of Julia Child, did you ever see the Saturday Night live act with Dan Ackroyd playing her and she accidentally cut her hand. It is really funny but a little gross

  27. No they wont, Really? that really surprised me. when they said they provide food. I think I will go over and talk to them shortly. What’s the name . Its will be on my right?

    LOL Yes I remember that. Don’t know how they got away with it at that day and time.

  28. Reggie why dont you just leave shiner with big mario or either benard i mean bernice?

  29. Think about what you are saying. One is not any better then the other. Really Mario or Bernard?

  30. i think thats a great idea.

  31. Roncetta you know they are not always around, and you can’t count on them.

  32. Bart like the icon. the one earlier and the one you have now.

  33. benard is always around you always saying he always over there. i was just kidding anyway tho. my grandma is watching scruffy for me i just hope she dont forget to feed her.

  34. you guys are killing me. i don’t want to talk about your dogs. how bout we talk shit about lou again. that’s always fun.
    ps how come reggie and lou never follow through with baby sitting my kids so i can go out? i never said i wanted to grow up! i just had 3 accidents now i am stuck at home all the time!!!!!!!!! 😉

  35. I’m sure Lou would be happy to baby sit for you. Well just the other day he told me he wish Shana would ask him to baby sit.

  36. Roncetta did you get the attachment from yesterday?

  37. Two weeks to go for camp. Last count 180 campers coming.

  38. How many last year?

  39. yeah i saw that, the black chick kinda looked like West. That reminded me of Monday, went to get financial aide and they had some many black people in there it was lookin like the welfare office in SunnySide!!! People had they kids up in there too running around it was horrible

  40. I think it is around 160 something. 180 will make the most we ever had. This year will be the 10th year at Camp For All. Does not seem like it, they really keep the camp vary well, well maintain. Hope they will order extra Blue Bell ice cream

  41. Yeah I hope so too. It wouldn’t be pretty to anger 180 people in one night.

  42. Especially if they paid $140 to go!!!!!

  43. I am very cheap, sorry!!!!

  44. Otherwise Cindy will have to run out to a store, but then all the surrounding towns roll up their side walks at sunset.

  45. $140 for two days right?
    Shiii yall better have icecream
    Or you’ll start to see the “ignorant” side of people

  46. Yeah, people sure can get that way. I’m glad I don’t act that way. I know some people can’t say that, right Lei?

  47. ……..whatchu talkin bout Reggie?

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