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Just one little dollar.

mBH2OJLUhdL65HvaVLqGZG_lAs3K6oTNDUddN8GPr1gTo all of Reggie’s thousands of Facebook friends, I would like to propose a simple, little idea that will produce incredible results if everyone participates. By my estimates,Reggie W. Bibbs and Reggie Bibbsnf and Just Ask Foundation Facebook pages have nearly 15,000 friends and followers. 15,000! If each of you could see it in your heart to donate just $1 to the Just Ask Mobile GoFundMe account, we could be on the road in a matter of weeks. Just $1 each! It’s time that we all take personal responsibility for the noble task that Reggie has volunteered to take on on behalf of everyone challenged with NF. It’s not enough to merely “Like” what Reggie is doing…it’s time to put your money where your heart is! I believe a $1 donation is not too much to ask. Please help us get this bus on the road! We should be on the road right now spreading the word about NF instead of wondering where we’re going to find $77 to fix a fuel pump. If you are a true friend of Reggie’s, please help him take on this huge undertaking by donating a dollar. Just one little dollar!

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