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I hope you are enjoying the blogs and the fun we are having here, as we learn about Neurofibromatosis. We are here for everyone who has NF or has a family member with the disorder. I support you as well as my friends on my blog. Let’s continue to share our stories and information with each other about NF. With all that being said, I would like to share a photo with you. My friend ADGIANT or better known as Mr. Smart Mouth. This was a dream come true shoot. The only bad thing about this, is the photographer didn’t let me finish.

105 thoughts on “REGGIE VERSUS ADGIANT

  1. I did my best to squeeze as hard as I could.

  2. Poor Lou

  3. It didn’t hurt.

  4. My hand prints showed up on his neck better then his hand prints on mine. lol

  5. Oh he tried to scratch me and pull my hair. Good thing I just got a hair cut.

  6. I was willing to let him off easy until he touched my hat.

  7. thats a great picture I like that but I am not taking anysides on that LOL

  8. Alright now, there will be no fighting amongst the boys! BEHAVE!! I already have to keep my 2 year old and 4 year old in line and I can put up a mean fight myself! lol Great picture!
    PS – Reggie I think you can take him easy 😉

  9. It is soo nice to see the two of you waltzing like that….1..2..3…..1…2..3…and twirl…

  10. (____)? (____)? (____)? fresh starbucks

  11. I DON’T DO TWIRL!!!

  12. AW why not Lou

  13. whats up Shelley

  14. hey Lou how are you today I like the picture of you and Reggie its a master piece its great

  15. wondering what yall are doing Brian about make me a cup of starbucks you?

  16. Brian im wondering if Lou is playing with Reggie voodoo doll

  17. probably I would not doubt it

  18. I don’t drink starbucks I drink Foldgers its a lot cheaper starbucks is to expensive

  19. I agree with on that Brian My dad buys me the starbucks

  20. man I have never tried it but people say its really good didd you see the picture of the Reggie voodoo doll on the blog page I think that is mean

  21. yes i did got a laugh out of it

  22. Reggie called and said his electricity is off and he can’t access the website. Boo-hoo!!!

  23. poor Reggie I wonder why its off is the weather bad over there

  24. No, just crappy service!

  25. Shelley next time you drink some starbucks drink some for me

  26. Ok I’m back. Oh Its on now. lol.

  27. WB Reggie

  28. You know Iwill Brian

  29. Let me explain the photo. I ask Lou if I could use the photo. We was just playing around taking photos for the company, He said do something and that was the only thing I could think of. Thankl goodness he didn’t hit me. It was all in fun. You see Lou thinks I’m just a teddy bear. The one Elvis sings

  30. Just getting caught up. You will what?

  31. I will drink some for you too.

  32. Brian its fix now

  33. Lou is playing.

  34. Yall being good ?

  35. welcome back Reggie you said you will drink some too it was me and Shelley talking about coffee she drinks starbucks and I told her to drink some for me next time because its to expensive for me

  36. I drank the whole pot Brian

  37. What are the plans for the weekend yall No Lou I dont want to hear about voodoo dolls

  38. I’m going to make Lou buy me lunch or something. Maybe some coffee. Yea that’s it. Starbucks double shot layta

  39. Go for it Reggie drink one for me

  40. Then that mean Lou will have to buy two. One for me and the one I will drink for you. I smell Coffee . I think mom is making coffee right now. For real.

  41. Tell Mom hi for me

  42. You got it.

  43. Drink one for me Reggie

  44. You guys remind me of my father and this guy he knew….dad had a voodoo doll that he made of the man and used to beat on it with a wrench whenever he would come into the shop (dad’s a mechanic and the guy was a service writer….can’t remember his name). It was classic.

  45. Its just a joke. Lou of funny and he is 2 can short of a six pack. He will even tell you that. lol Tammy did you know about the nf camp? It’s suppose to be next weekend.

  46. Let’s not loose focus. I have a question for everyone. Dose anyone know if diet has anything to do with how nf affects us. Has any studies been done,to see if certain vitamins might help in some way.

  47. Ask your DR Reggie Im sure if everybody ate right took vitamins we all feel better

  48. One thing I want to make sure that everyone knows, That I am NOT! a doctor. One I do not give medical advice. I was asking if any one knew if studies have been don on NF patients to see what or if any affects diets of vitamins has on NF. Just wondering. I haven’t heard anything.

  49. My son’s neurologist has never mentioned anything to us about vitamins affecting his NF or anything. Its something worth researching though.

  50. Yea I was just wondering if that would play a role helping in some way. I have never heard anything about it.

  51. Reggie my Opinion is I dont think vitamins well affect the NF I drink like sometimes 5 ensures a day they are good for you and healthy for you I also take one a day vitamins and it makes me fell better so my opinion is I dont think it would affect the NF although I dont know for sure though I would ask a doctor

  52. I know I do need to have a better diet. I was just wondering about the benefits of nutrition and vitamins toward NF.

  53. Reggie I agree but like i said i dont no for sure if they affect the NF I would ask a doctor though

  54. I meant that i agree about them affecting the NF

  55. Yep I got you. I don’t know why I never thought about asking my doctor about that before now.

  56. Vitamin D deficiency associated with number of neurofibromas in neurofibromatosis 1

    Published Online First: 29 March 2006. doi:10.1136/jmg.2006.041095
    Journal of Medical Genetics 2006;43:810-813
    Copyright © 2006 by the BMJ Publishing Group Ltd.

    M Lammert1, J M Friedman2, H J Roth3, R E Friedrich1, L Kluwe1, D Atkins4, T Schooler5 and V-F Mautner1

    1 Department of Maxillofacial Surgery, University Hospital Eppendorf, Hamburg, Germany
    2 Department of Medical Genetics, University of British Columbia, Vancouver, Canada
    3 Limbach Laboratory, Department of Endocrinology/Oncology, Heidelberg, Germany
    4 Institute of Pathology, University of Witten/Herdecke, Wuppertal, Germany
    5 Department of Paediatrics, University of British Columbia, and Child and Family Research Institute, Vancouver, Canada

    Neurofibromatosis 1 (NF1) is a tumour suppressor gene syndrome characterized by multiple cutaneous and plexiform neurofibromas. Focal osseous abnormalities, short stature, and decreased bone mineral density are also frequent in people with NF1. We measured serum 25-hydroxyvitamin D concentrations in 55 patients with NF1 and 58 healthy controls, and correlated the findings in the patients with NF1 with their estimated number of dermal neurofibromas. Geometric mean (SD) serum 25-hydroxyvitamin D concentration was 14.0 (1.6) ng/mL among the patients with NF1 compared with 31.4 (1.7) ng/mL among healthy controls (p<<0.0001). The serum vitamin D concentration and number of dermal neurofibromas reported by patients with NF1 were inversely correlated (Spearman’s {rho} = –0.572, p<0.00001). The occurrence of low serum vitamin D concentrations in people with NF1, especially those with many dermal neurofibromas, may provide new pathogenic insights and have important therapeutic implications.

  57. I dont know much about NF but I know this we all need a diet of lean protein veggies good fats and watch carbs we would all feel better

  58. And don’t talk with your mouth open.

  59. Sounds good to me.

  60. Hey everybody guess what im drinking

  61. martini ? 🙂

  62. nope Reggie starbucks

  63. Say what Lou DO you eat with your mouth open ?

  64. Shelley I am drinking a smoothie from smoothie king and a little later on I will be drinking me a ensure dont forget to drink some starbucks for me

  65. I’m drinking a vintage 1997 Ozarka natural spring water that I found in the back of a closet that I was cleaning out. It still has its zestful bouquet.

  66. Lou that water is outdated that is kind of nasty

  67. Lou was the water yellow that water is considered antique

  68. Two good one in a row Brian. Thank you.

  69. Reggie, who asked you?!! Go play in traffic or something.

  70. Go drink your warter

  71. OK I cant even go sit outside I have to babysit Lou and Reggie

  72. Anybody gonna BBQ this weekend

  73. BBQ sounds really good Shelley you are making me hungry

  74. Wow! You won’t believe this. We are having BBQ Link sandwiches tonight.

  75. Reggie Lou is gonna learn how to crochet

  76. Yes, a tourniquet around Reggie’s neck.

  77. Brian I think its time to give him! I feel like bugging some body.

  78. someone said barb be que, the best bar b que sandwich i ever had was at McKenzies in Huntsville, “Poor Boy”, they chop up beef and links togather like chop beef, I am thinking that is were I just might have lunch tomorrow.

  79. That was me Patricia. I love good Bar-b-que

  80. then if you ever make it to Huntsville go to McKenzies, his brother has a place in conroe, also called McKenzies, it is not a chain, one brother has one in Conroe, and other has one in Huntsville, I live in Montgomery and work in Huntsville. They both have a good bar b que

  81. I had ribs Monday

  82. Hello friends,

    Most of you know that I will be attending the NF camp this weekend. I would like to give you a few things to think about while I’m gone. I know Lou would be more then happy to be a part of my idea. The reason I have post on this topic it works for this topic. My question is What picture would you like to see of Adgint. My hitting him a pie dunking booth. Dumped with lots of water. Lets get lots of comments and see what we can get Lou to agree to.

  83. Reggie I would love to see you get Lou good lol

  84. I was hopping that I could hit him with a whip cream pie.

  85. Why do that You could have thown him in the pool

  86. You should have brought a voodoo doll of Lou lol

  87. answer to comment 91. We needed the water in the pool.

  88. !!!PIE!!! pie is good, there is a lot of mention of food on this blog, first ribs and now pie, lol

  89. Put ALL of the pictures of ADGIANT

  90. hey lou drink a martini for me, i would have some crown, but alcohol, dilantin and siezures dont make a good mix, I dont have cancer

  91. Don’t worry Lou will be happy to have not one martini but a few. That is one problem Lou doesn’t have is drinking. He does that very well.

  92. Shelley lets get the crowd to back us up. Lou needs to get pit with a cream pie. We need pictures for the blog.

  93. hey lou what flavor do you like best

  94. lol that’s funny. Can’t wait to see his reply.

  95. Me either Reggie

  96. have we been to mean to lou, he won’t play with us anymore

  97. Patricia watch this. Lou I’m sending you a big hug. 🙂

  98. How rude he did not send you a hug back, lol I guess Lou is pounting, lol

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