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Just Ask! Tshirts Available Here!










If you’d like to order your very own, “official” JUST ASK! t-shirt, you’re in the right place!! T-shirts are available in kids small, kids medium, kids large, adult small, medium, large, X-large, 2X-large and 3X-large. Cost is just $15 plus shipping and handling per shirt with all proceeds going toward increasing awareness of neurofibromatosis.

Colors available:

Women: Pink, Blue, Plum, Purple.

Girls: Pink, Blue, Plum.

Men: Dark Gray, Gold

Boys: Light Gray, Gold

7 thoughts on “Just Ask! Tshirts Available Here!

  1. Hey Reggie!
    My name is Francine Lebar, I live in Brazil and I’m 18.
    I watched a television show in which you took part and did not know this disease today.
    I think maybe, here in Brazil is largely unheralded, and would be very interesting if I could divulge here this campaign and your site!

    I do not know if you will see this message, but I do not speak English and I am translating by google translator! haha sorry errors, but they are so.
    I would like to acquire and one of their shirts, and I’m willing to pay both the shirt and shipping. Just need to know if this is really possible!

    Please answer me .. I’m really interested.

    Hugs and kisses, probably a Brazilian friend.

    1. Hi Francine, Thank you for your visit. I’m happy you watch the progrm. Write anytime.

  2. Congratulations for your courage and stronger! I saw you at this moment on the brazilian TV and I never seen nothing like this(happy, all family together helping that way ..). You’re very very very brave! Be yourself always (: there isn’t any reason to you feel bad in ANY MOMENT!
    I leave the TV on and came just to say you that I admire you so much. Your story touch me! I need one’s T-shirt “just ask”! You send to Brazil? Kiss !

    1. Hi Isis, Thank you for watching the program. I’m happy to see your visit here.

  3. hi…i am sumit in indian form india. I watch your life in discovery show.
    Enjoy in your life happy hollidays.

    1. Hi Sumit,

      I just saw your message. Thank you for taking time to write. It’s always a good feeling when I hear from someone new. Please write anytime. Reggie

    2. Thank you for watching the program Sumit.

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