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2069138483_2b7247dfc8.jpgJust a reminder to you all that are supporting the blog. Don’t forget to do your Christmas Shopping or any other holiday shopping here on my site. I have a new shipment of Just Ask t-shirts that you can order for friends and family.

Imagine how cool you and your entire family would look sitting in front of a blazing fireplace, drinking a hot, steaming cup of Starbucks coffee or Hot Chocolate, wearing a comfy, cozy Just Ask! T-Shirt

Heck, you’d look just like Sugar Ray Leonard, Greg Gorman, and Arthur Meyerson and other really cool people!!!. Oh, and of course, ME ME ME! Order your holiday Just Ask! T-shirts today and I guarantee delivery before Christmas!!! I’ll make Lou deliver them! : > )



  1. You forgot to mention Martinis and olives for Lou, we don’t want to leave Lou out.

  2. Well that goes with out saying. Lou is not doing anything with out the two. LOL.

  3. You got that right.

  4. I thought Lou was a cool guy

  5. Hey Reggie,
    12:00 noon here, 3:00 AM there. Just dropped you an e-mail.
    Hi to everyone back in the States. Brian, Hope you are doing well. To Everyone who drinks Starbucks, I’m jealous and please drink one for me.

  6. Good to see you here again Jerry. Drinking Coffee now, but not starbucks. Talk to you later Jerry

  7. hey Jerry I am doing great hope you are doing fine also thanks for asking

  8. Hey Jerry I will drink a lot more of starbucks then just one for you take care and be careful

  9. Jerry, is it true that Iraqi women are actually former intelligence officers from the Saddam Hussein regime and that’s why they wear the long veils and never show their face because they’re ashamed they were never able to grow a beard or get a real date?

  10. omg Lou is on the sauce again.

  11. Hey Jerry I would drink a pot of Starbucks for ya

  12. It was just an observation, Reggie. Why must everything with you be centered around alcohol?

  13. Hey Everybody whats a date

  14. Date – those dried fruit you can find in a grocery store.

  15. Google saids the following:

    Dates are the fruit of the date palm. They are dark reddish brown, oval, and about 1 1/2 inches long. Date skin is wrinkled and coated with a sticky, waxy film.

    If you ask me the picture look kind of like a raisin.

  16. Hey Reggie! I tried to email but it wouldn’t work…. just came across your website and I have to thank you for inspiring me like crazy!!! You are an inspiration and a powerful human being. I believe that you were given your situation in life so that you could help and inspire millions of people….something most of us will never get to do. I will be buying a shirt and spreading the word about your amazing story. Keep up the great work and i know that you will reach your goals!!!

  17. Hi Conrad,

    Thank you for your encouragement. Talk about powerful, your comment is powerful. I would look forward to hearing from you. Feel free to write me anytime direct. [email protected] Tell me how you found my website. Thanks again and visit often.

  18. Anybody drinking coffee ?

  19. Just as sure as the earth revolves around the sun. I have my cup. Did you view the new video?

  20. The link is there. all you have to do is click on it.

  21. Hey Brian You drinking coffee?

  22. No Shelley but now that you mention it that sounds pretty good I like Starbucks now that I have tried it but its hard to not drink it everyday its really expensive man just the smallest one is like 3.22 I can get a 44 oz coke from sonic for 1.06

  23. The earth revolves around the sun?

  24. Brian I buy the beans from Starbucks I grind it at home alot cheaper that way

  25. Where is Patricia

  26. Shelley I thought you said your dad buys the Starbucks for you lol

  27. He does lol

  28. I get some too lol

  29. Hows the dog Brian

  30. the dog is doing great she is kept inside she is NOT a outside dog she is doing great Shelley this will be her first Christmas here thanks for asking

  31. (____)? (_______)? (______)? (_____)? Fresh Starbucks

  32. Hi, I am back, I was laying low, Thanksgiving is a very hard time of the year for me, so I just stay under rador, I did make it thru another Thanksgiving so that is good, then This pass friday I went to the doc. just to get a simple blood work and ended up staying over night, they think I might of had a little stroke, but there is no permanant damage so all is well thanks for asking. Hope every one is doing well and what is this about the earth revolve around the sun. did i miss something

  33. dang Patricia I hate it you stayed overnight I am begining to hate hospitals myself they are not fun at all

  34. oh and Patricia I am glad you are ok

  35. Hi Patricia,

    I’m happy you are back. I just logged on and I just read about you. I pray that you are ok now. Try not to over due. All of us here will make sure and remind you to take it easy. (____) from all of us. 🙂

  36. Thanks to all of yall, My daughter pointed out to me, that I should be grateful that I had a warning so many stroke victems dont have a warning, not I just got to learn how and what to eat and exercise, good think I had already quite smoking, God works in mystreas ways,
    I do wonder if this stroke buisnness could be related to nf, there is still so much we don’t know about nf, but one day we will yall take care

  37. hey Patricia I had a small stroke during one of my surgeries I am so glad I quit smoking to

  38. Hey there Everybody I went to Walmart I got 4 bags of coffee

  39. hey Shelley I am drinking Starbucks right now

  40. Kool Brian

  41. Everybody ready for Christmas ?

  42. ok Reggie, stop bragging, I have not got one thing yet, for what ever reasn we end up shopping at the last minute, my husband says it is because I peak, but peaking without getting caught is part of the fun of Christmas
    Hey Shelley did you get any flavored cream to go with the 4 bags of coffee, I now get the fat free, it is not that bad, really not at all.

  43. No not yet Patricia

  44. man here yall go talking about coffee again now I think I might head to Starbucks a little later

  45. I have an afghan allmost finished yall

  46. AW Brian

  47. cool, I started crocheting a camo king size, I have a long way to go, if it were a twin size I would almost be finished.

  48. I just sat down at the computer with a fresh cup of coffee. I just made a 1/2 pot. I think we need to start a support group for coffee lovers. lol.

  49. that would be cool Reggie I agree

  50. Do we get to drink coffee and gossip? lol

  51. Yes We can Reggie

  52. Hey there I have a question for Everybody Why is it so much fun to harrass Lou ?

  53. You can’t tell? Go out side and look up. Its written in the stars. harass Lou. I see it all the time.

  54. I’m back so you all better watch yourselves, especially you, Reggie.

  55. WB Lou

  56. Lou I didn’t expect you back until Wednesday. Did you like the snow?Did you see my Beret? XL for my big head.

  57. welcome back Lou

  58. Reggie I thought Lou had a big head lol

  59. You are right. He has a big head.

  60. (___)? (___)? (____)? (____)? Starbucks

  61. Reggie would you really make Lou delver those shirts ?

  62. I’m drinking coffee, but its not starbucks. I’m enjoying it though. What’s up my friend Brian? Hey Lou did you forget anything in New York? I have been there one time. I did the subway taxi Radio City Music Hall Rockerfeller center and saw the phantom of the opera. I’m not sure if I have the guts to do it again.

  63. hey Reggie I am doing ok but have a appt with a orthropedic surgeon tomorrow to look at my knee it has been bothering me pretty bad I hope its nothing to bad but if I have to have a surgery to get it better I guess I will just have to do it but dont really want to

  64. Brian I hope your knee is ok. Maybe you sprang it or something like that. You know you are a hard worker. Let me know what happens.

  65. I will keep you posted Reggie I hope its nothing bad either but man it really kills me at night thats when it hurts the worst

  66. Brian I will pray for you

  67. I will pray for you too.

  68. thank you Reggie,Patricia, and Shelley I saw the Dr. today I have to get a mri on my Knee the Dr thinks I might have a torn muscle in my knee

  69. Ouch! I’m sorry to hear that. It’s eay for me to say, but I feel better about hearing that rather then something else. I will pray for you tonight. Take care of yourself. Write me tomorrow.

  70. Ouch, I will be keeping you in my prayes, take it easy Brian. I agree with Reggie, it could be worse, I know that is really not good, but it is a whole easier to fix, then if it were some sort of tumor. take care

  71. Hey there Everybody I hate going to the dr as much as yall do

  72. Hey yall went to Walmart got me more Folgers

  73. Hey I hate going to Wallmart too. Going to wallmart can be just as painful as going to dr. So how are you Shelly

  74. Im good here thanx

  75. hey yall I have to get a MRI on my knee I hope it all comes out well

  76. Brian I will keep praying for you.

  77. Thanks Reggie all prayers help and are appreciated

  78. Hows the knee Brian ?

  79. hurts really bad Shelley I go Tuesday for a MRI on it and go from there I just want it to stop hurting thanks for asking

  80. {{{{{{{{{{{BRIAN}}}}}}}}}}}} A HUG

  81. thanks Shelley that means a lot right back at you

  82. Lou had been really busy and not on the blog very much today. I have a strong feeling he is Christmas shopping for me. Maybe at Micro Center Or Macey’s You some place like that. He only has one friend to buy for, beside his family. Oh hi Lou.

  83. I thought we were all his friends

  84. We are. it was just a cheep shoot at Lou. Joking of course. I was implying that Lou has no friends. He knows I kid with him a lot. that’s all. 🙂

  85. LOL okkkkk

  86. I received a order for one of my JUST ASK T-SHIRTS. NEW YORK. That was really cool.

  87. Santa Lou and Elena Just left our house. Really surprised me.
    I have a starbuck baske with goodies. COFFEE!!! and Starbuck cups. What a surprise.

  88. Respect brother, read your story, your a soldier!

    My blessings for all!

  89. Psy Commando, Thank you for reading my story and your kind comment.


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