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“Just Ask!” t-shirts at Harold’s in the Heights!

harolds.jpg My friends, Michael & Harold Wiesenthal, of Harold’s men’s store in the Heights, are helping me spread awareness of neurofibromatosis and my website by giving a free “Just Ask!” t-shirt to their customers.

Hopefully, people who receive my shirt will go to my website,, to find out more about neurofibromatosis and what they can do to help.


I’ve known Harold and Michael for many years now and I can’t think of two nicer people in the world! They help me by altering my pants for free so that I can fit my leg through the opening. One year, they even staged a fashion show with Carolyn Farb in their store with proceeds benefiting research to help find the cure for NF.

Thank you, Harold and Michael, for helping me get the word out about neurofibromatosis. You both are very, very good friends!

135 thoughts on ““Just Ask!” t-shirts at Harold’s in the Heights!

  1. It is nice to know that there are still nice people in this world. Just think Reggie this could be a beginning for you, maybe you should think about making some of theese t-shirts more girly, maybe in a pink in lady sizes.

  2. Well what do you say Lou? Would you wear a pink shirt Lou? We do have small sizes.

  3. That’s great, Reggie! You are doing an incredible job!!!

  4. Thank you Lou. I’m happy I pick today to visit Harold’s.

  5. I like pink too Patricia

  6. Pink is definitely NOT my color!

  7. Really? You don’t like pink?

  8. AW Lou thought you said pink was your fave color lol

  9. No Lou knows it’s not. He is saying it’s not his color which means he won’t wear a pink JUST ASK SHIRT. Maybe it will be a good idea to have the coffee mugs in different colors

  10. you know I have NF also and I really truely hope they do eventually find a cure just like you said before Reggie you have pain all the time well buddy so do I and I really hope by you getting the word out and all that we do on the blog and the more people that go to your website we should eventually find a cure but like they say it dont happen over night boy I wish it did

  11. Brian, I believe that’s the most I’ve ever heard you say at one time! Very nice and very well stated. Good job, Brian!

  12. Brian most people that know us know that we have NF. They love us and they want to support us. But I don’t think most people understand until they hear from us what we have to go through everyday. We have to let others know what we go through. Like for me its a struggle. I have to try one two or three pairs a pants everyday. I have to see what pants will fit over my leg. Sometime I can ware a pair with out the added seem and other times I can. I have to dress two areas before I struggle with the special sock I wear. It’s a job. We need a cure and we need funding for research. There are other persons with NF that may be more advance then my case. I think about them as well.

  13. I have a doc’s appointment tomorrow, I am afraid they are going to do a fine need asperation in my neck, I am not sure if this nf related, but I do know I have SOME growths on my thyroid, I do know if it were not for my nf, I would not have epilepsy and I would not have had major complications from the dilantin, but I am getting taken off the dilantin and put on topamax, I know I am lucky and don’t have nf as bad as a lot of other people, but I still get discourged, it seems like everytime I turn around nf is slapping me in the face with something else. All I can do is hope and pray is that some day there will be a cure, or at least slow it down and maybe help with the complications better.

  14. Everybody is in my prayers

  15. I worry when I have to go to the doc or have test. Maybe its not just a NF thing. at any event I will be thinking about you and of course I will say a prayer for you. Its looks busy tonight. I think Shelley is here too. I have to see her comment. Man I wish I had something sweet right about now. I’m going to the ice box and I will be back.

  16. Thanks Lou well Reggie you know you have my support and you are in my prayers as well

  17. I will also be praying for you Patricia

  18. Brian you area good man. Thanks. It great how we support one another here. We should try to get more friends to join in the blog.

  19. I agree Reggie maybe with you friends in the Heights giving away those free Just Ask T-shirts maybe we will have some more people join the blog

  20. That would be a great thing. Lets keep our hopes up.

  21. Hey there Im enjoying this blog

  22. well guess what we are glad to have you shelley you are a great person

  23. It’s amazing what can be accomplished when you have a great group of passionate people doing what they can to spread awareness. This blog alone has generated close to 50,000 visits. That’s huge! The Flickr account has close to 46,000 views. And we must have sold at least 200 t-shirts so far! I think we’re getting through.

  24. That’s good news. I hope t-shirts sales increase so that we can do more to spreed awareness. With Lou’s help maybe we can come up with some ideas to do more. I’m all ears if any of you have ideas that could help.

  25. Reggie that is good that you all have sold at least 200 T-shirts I am mostly sure that more will sell I think that people are really starting to wonder about NF and what we go through I guess in a way we are like a school Reggie we have NF and your website JUST ASK hell we know if not maybe more than the Drs do because we have it and they dont so they dont go through what we do and JUST ASK and we will tell you what we know and go through THANKS FOR THE WEBSITE AND BLOG I am PROUD to be a part of it and also PROUD to know Reggie and be his friend

  26. WOW! You are a terrific! speaker Brian. Couldn’t have said it better then you just did. It take great people like we have here to make things work. Even those of you that are not affected with NF play a big part of the great things that happen here.

  27. Amen Brian and Reggie

  28. hey Shelley whats up I hope your doing ok and drinking Starbucks for me as well dont forget about me and thank you Shelley I have never been a real speaker in my life but I think real hard sometimes about what I have to say and try to make it make sense but I guess I am doing a great job so far

  29. Brian your doing a great job

  30. I had no idea I was a big part of this all I know I have a good time talking to yall

  31. Yes you are. Don’t forget it. We enjoy having you here.

  32. thank you Shelley that really means alot to me I have a lot of fun on this blog myself and have met many great people you know also all the great people on this blog that I have met I cherish deeply because they are my friends and you dont find people like that anymore or at least not that often and you know something being able to have met Reggie and become his friend really means alot to me he is for sure a insperation to a lot of people and I enjoy talking to all these great people on this blog

  33. Yall are making me blush

  34. Shelley, Brian was talking about ME!!! ME, ME, ME!!!! Right Brian? Brian?!!! You were referring to me, weren’t you…?

  35. No! he wasn’t. We all know he is talking about me. By the way. new keyboard and my 3 is working on this keyboard.

  36. All 3 of yall are making me blush

  37. Hey Brian and Reggie Im on Starbucks

  38. I used to work with Reggie Brian

  39. Shelley. Tell us a little about yourself. How you knew Reggie, has he always been a jerk, how you found the website, what are your hobbies, stuff like that.

  40. I would love to have worked with Reggie but we all know if I had worked with Reggie me and him would probably get nothing done we would be goofing off

  41. Yea your right about that Brian.

  42. Used to work at Goodwill off of Jensen drive {before they moved} Yall seen my pic Linda {a friend of my and Reggies} forwarded a email from Reggie My hobbies are shopping crafting a good cup of tea or coffee love to read listen to music No Lou Reggie wasnt a jerk believe me I used work in hanging area

  43. What’s the story behind your email address, teacups64? Inquiring minds want to know!

  44. I learned to drink hot tea in The Netherlands Love victorian stuff was born in 64 Louis

  45. Lou I have a question for you Why are you so mean to Reggie?

  46. Oh I forgot to tell yall I love listening to old radio shows on XM radio

  47. Why am I so mean to Reggie?!! Why is he so mean to ME?!!! You have no idea how much crap I have to take from this guy. He constantly calls the office to harass me then sends me emails throughout the day with cryptic messages that I don’t understand but I think he is questioning the authenticity of my birth. I’ve been thinking of getting a court order to make him stay at least a 100 yards away from me!!! But that’s useless because he’d probably find a 101 yard pole just to irritate me. The only reason I put up with him is because his mother pays me to be nice to him. If it wasn’t for that, I’d be outta here!

  48. I know you didn’t. You didn’t go there! Bla Bla Bla. I’m not the only one who never listen to you.

  49. Lou why dont you tell me about yourself

  50. Lou I thought YOU paid Reggie to be nice to you

  51. Yes he does. The price goes up in January. You know with the cost of living you know we have to keep up with the living I have become a custom to.

  52. Well, Shelley, I was born a poor black child in Uniontown, Pennsylvania,in 1955. As you probably already know, Uniontown is just a few miles from where the French & Indian War started although my parents claim we had nothing to do with it, especially the cream pie incident!

    I was extraordinarily handsome as a child but had poor grades in school as the girls in my town would keep me awake as they tried to break into my house to do God knows what to me while I slept.

    In the 70’s, I saved a busload of nuns from going over a cliff and was awarded the Congressional Medal of Honor. Being the humble person I am, I refused the award and took the $100,000 consolation prize as a small token of my effort.

    Later, in life, bored with succeeding in virtually everything I do, I opened an advertising agency.

    That’s when my life went into a tailspin as that was when I met Reggie Bibbs.

    Today, I am a broken man. No money. No friends. No future. No, I’m not blaming it on Reggie. No, I couldn’t do that….well, maybe I could but…ok, it was all Reggie’s fault and I hate him, I tell you, I HATE HIM WITH A CAPITAL “H” and that rhymes with hate and…uh, excuse me, where was I again…never mind.

  53. OMG!Did Lou think of all of this him self? I thought it was a writers strike. That mean he has been stock piling scripts. We all know he didn;t think of this.

  54. I agree Reggie but then again I like Lou to so therefore I can not say mean things about him but when I think of something I am sure I will probably pick on him though

  55. Sounds like Im gonna have to meet Lou and Brian in person

  56. Lord have mercy on us what did I get myself in too

  57. lol, to both comment 55 and 56. Yall are too funny

  58. lol, to both comment 55 and 56. Yall are too funny

  59. Ihave a feeling that I found my calling God wants me here

  60. This is so awesome Reggie!! Now your grinning mug is being sold as high fashion. What a supah-star 🙂

  61. Hey Reggie – thanks for emailing me and reminding me to check back in here!
    Thats awesome that they are doing so much to help you with NF awareness. The more people know about NF the better off we will all be!

  62. Hey, Happy Katie, so good to see you on the blog! Where are the other Schipulites? We miss you, man!!!

  63. I had a doctor’s appointment today. Just got back and now answering a few comments. Katie. Thanks for your visit. I happt to have my shirt at harolds. It would be nice if we could get Macy’s or others that do the same.

    Thank you to Emily. I happy you are here. Hope you are doing ok. I will be in touch. Oh hi adgiant.

  64. Hey there Im having Starbucks

  65. I had Starbucks this morning Shelley I have my MRI on my knee today at 5 or 5:30 then I see my orthopedic surgeon on Monday

  66. What the dr say Brian ?

  67. Hello out there

  68. Hey there Patricia

  69. Hi Shelley,

  70. Wonder where the boys are

  71. Hello Patricia Shelley What up! I forgot to tell you all everything went pretty good. I have to take better care of my leg. We have a few problems with it. It will get better soon.

  72. to comment 70 lol. that was a good one.

  73. Like I have said before Reggie Lou and Brian need a Babysitter

  74. I glad everything went well for you Reggie, and yea it seams like everytime we turn around we got to “take better care of something”, I want to go back to “live free and fancy free”, Shelly you do a very good job at baby sitting theese boys and that includes you too, Lou!!!!

  75. Thanks Patricia I love the job

  76. Hi, Reggie. I set a google alert that lets me know when something is published about NF. Today, I received an e-mail that alerted me about the interview you had a few days ago. Love ya. Peggy

    It said this:

    Interview with Reggie Bibbs on his life with neurofibromatosis
    Wikinews Reports – USA
    Mr Bibbs was born with a genetic disease called neurofibromatosis (NF), which causes him to develop tumours on his body. NF can be a subtle disease, …

  77. Hi Peggy,

    I’m happy you saw the article and video with wikinews. I was excited when I was asked to do the interview. Maybe more will learn more about NF. Thank you Peggy for your visit to the blog. I miss you and I pray the best for you and your family.

    Love ya

  78. Yo Everybody

  79. Yo Shelley where you been? I hope Brian is ok.

  80. Sure has been quiet today. Is everybody on Prozac or something?

  81. Been here Reggie I have been looking at your pictures

  82. Comment 80 Maybe everyone is out eating olives. Comment 81. Shelley thanks for viewing my photos.

  83. How many bowls of olives can Lou eat

  84. Oh Reggie I was gonna show my mom Lou’s web site

  85. You got to go to Lou’s website. You have to listen to the video of some of Lou’s employees. He had a very funny Christmas card on the site last year.

  86. LOL OK

  87. I like sweets better than olives

  88. well Shelley I had my MRI on my knee yesterday and I see the Dr Monday I will let yall know how it goes

  89. Brian, thank you for the update. I pray that you will have a good report.

  90. It doesn’t matter to someone I know. Sweet or pickled. As long as the olives are in a long stem glass.

  91. Hi yall, I have been very very busy, my boss is leaving at the end of the year, we had a retirement party for, I with some help put together a power point presentation with pic of her from the past, then pic of us with some music playing in the background, played mustang sally (she has a mustang and drives like a bat) and the song by 3 dog night, i cant think of the name na na na something like that. I am not use to power point 2007 and it kick my ass, and adobe was not compatable, I have been going out of my mind, but it is over now, and it went preety good, I was working on it up to the last min. sweeting bullets there was a lot of people there over 500 in our dept. then special guest but it is over now thank god

  92. Hi Patricia,

    Maybe you can get a break this weekend. Want to see something funny? go to Lou’s website and click on the Christmas card. Make sure you are not drink anything when you watch it. You will spray your screen.

  93. Cant find the card Reggie

  94. under “distractions” on home page

  95. Shelley let me know when you find it. I will ask Lou to add the link if you can find it. Remember no drinking soda coffee water or punch. If you do don’t face the computer. It’s too funny.

  96. I found it, Santa Baby was my favorite.

  97. Yea that is a good one. Would have love her to sing to me on my B-day.

  98. Found it loved the card lol

  99. Where is Brian

  100. OH BOY LOL

  101. See I told you it was funny.

  102. Santa Baby is my favorite too! After we rewrote the lyrics, we figured the song was too good to let a bunch of off-key STANANDLOUers massacre it, so I asked a friend who sings professionally to come help us. Her name is Erin Williams and she is as pretty as she is talented. Those are photos of her as she sings!

  103. Everybody behaving ?

  104. Of course I’m behaving. I’m a nice guy

  105. B_ _ L – S _ _ T !!!

  106. Hi Lou

  107. Hi Shelley, Don’t be shy! I’m sitting here as I hear the wind howling outside as a cold front moves in and I’m so happy I’m inside a nice, warm house and I’m also EXTREMELY HAPPY that I’m not with Reggie right now!!! That’s enough to make anyone happy!

  108. Everybody sleeping ?

  109. Im at my warm apt

  110. Lou how long you known Reggie ?

  111. Since 1989. The Texas NF Foundation asked me if I would do some public service TV commercials to promote neurofibromatosis awareness and I said yes. Little did I know that I would have to work with Reggie!!!

    Anyway, we did four commercials and Reggie was one of the first spokespersons for neurofibromatosis in the country.

    When I first met Reggie, he had come to my office in Houston with his mother Dorothy. His story was so touching that I had to excuse myself so I could go into the restroom to cry.

  112. I was eating ice cream. I’m here now. Oh I never know Lou was touched. Lou is so modest he will take no credit for nothing. I remember We had a problem finding his office. Lou came out side and waited for us. It was cold that day and he didn’t have a jacked. Lou had his hands in his pocket.

  113. I have know him since 96 or 97 I have never heard of NF or ElephantMan when we worked at Goodwill

  114. I here now. Some people believed it was the Elephant Man disease. But NF was not the disorder that I have to my understand.

  115. 1989 was a great year. That’s when the Texas NF Foundation really started to gain momentum. Dr. Riccardi and Bob Hopkins were kicking butt. We’ve come a long way since then but somehow it just doesn’t seem to be enough. I’m excited about what MD Anderson is doing and the awareness that NF is receiving around the world but the research is taking too long. Sorry, I’m a very impatient person.

  116. No problem Lou

  117. It’s time to really make a difference in what we are doing for NF. I’m willing to do a lot more to make things happen. All I would need is someone to tell me what I can do to get to the next step in NF search for a cure. It’s a some that said a song A LITTLE LESS TALK, AND A LOT MORE ACTION. I agree with part of that. We need More talk and more action.

  118. I really wish I knew the answer to that one, I think once we figure out exactly what it would take to get MORE public awareness, that would be the biggest step, I still have a hard time understanding how can a disease that is as common as NF and affect as many ppl as it does, that so little ppl even know about it, even in the medical field. The ppl that I have came across that knew about NF, other then ppl that actullay had it or had a family member who had it, thought that it was just cosmetic. It is not just cosmetic, just looking at me I don’t have many of the outside appearances, and I am greatful for that, however, my other comlications I don’t like, I have epilipsy, learning difficulties, speach problems, hearing problems, chronic constipation, severa headaches, ringing in my ears, I am a klutz and I am starting to get bumps, they are easier to see in certain lights then other times. There is just so much more that NF affects that most people just don’t know or relize.

  119. Hey Lou Reggie is a cool guy

  120. HI Reggie

  121. Hi Shelley,

    I going to get a cup of cafe. I had two cups before Church. Hours ago.

  122. Hey there yall asleep ?

  123. Yo I dont know about yall I have my chores done wondered if yall got yall’s stuff done

  124. I will see the Dr tomorrow about my Knee and we will see what happens

  125. Good Luck Brian. I will pray for you.

  126. How is everything Brian???????

  127. Responding th 118. Patricia, that was a very good post. I don’t have time to properly respond to it now but I will later. We all need to join together to get the word out. Email friends, invite them to the blog, invite fellow nf’ers! This blog is for them! They need to know about it!

  128. Lou needs all the harrassment he could get

  129. Shelly…does somebody need a time-out?!!

  130. I agree with you Shelley. He won’t but you in time out. I tell me that all the time. He never follow through.

  131. Lou just eat your olives

  132. Doesn’t suprise me! Knew Michael Wiesenthal in college. Classy guy, real gentleman, one of a kind!

  133. Small world. That is so cool.

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