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656515238_bdfd0d2b77.jpgToday I went to the Harris County Court House and filed JUST ASK! as a DBA in the STATE OF TEXAS. I am so happy! This is terrific news because it makes me feel that what I’m doing is very real: To the State of Texas and to the people who are affected by neurofibromatosis.

Not only did I file a DBA but I also opened a business checking account at Compass Bank under the name “Just Ask!” The checks will have my logo on them (drawing of my face) and “Just Ask!”

This is a photo of myself with Lucretia from Compass Bank who was so nice and friendly and helpful!!!! Compass Bank Rules!!!! Thank you so much, Lucretia!

You have no idea how this makes me feel. I have so much energy that it’s hard for me to tell you. I feel like this is my calling. The wonderful emails and nice comments are amazing to me. Thank you all for supporting my site. I’m being helped as much as everyone else who enjoys my website. More to come. 🙂

10 thoughts on ““JUST ASK!” IS OFFICIAL

  1. Congrats Reggie!

  2. I emailed you a poem, maybe last week? Just wanted to see if you got it!

    You’re like on a Rocket to fame!
    This really IS good news and I’m impressed. You are doing a great deal for the sake of NF.

  4. Thank you Bart. As Steve Martin would say. Things are going to start happing to me now. Stats are looking good. Keep telling your friends to keep blogging here. I would tell Lou to tell his friends, but he has only one. ME.

  5. Congratulations on being official!!

  6. You’re an official pain in the butt if you ask me. : > )

  7. Who likes to pick on Reggie ?

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