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Just Ask! in Arizona!

JA MC 2JA Meteor CraterWe were out in Arizona to see my mom, and I had my Just Ask shirt on the day we went to Meteor Crater north of Sedona.  It is 50,000 years old and 550 feet deep.  A very inspiring and interesting tour. your friend, Ed Olsavicky


I met Ed years ago when he was in Houston in 1994 ttending a wedding. Ever since,  Ed and I have been friends.  We have kept in contact, and Ed has been a supporter of Just Ask. We just received these photos, and I proud that they are displayed there.  Thank you Ed for being a great friend and a supporter.  I know Lou is proud to have a cousin like you.

7 thoughts on “Just Ask! in Arizona!

  1. Interesting place. I made up a story while at the crater. Told some foreign tourist, that my dog buried his bone somewhere, he stated to dig and dig and dig, came up with this big hole. Still have not found his bone.

  2. Never been, but some day I will get to say I have been there.

  3. Take Shiner with you, take a picture of the dog by the hole and said that he did it…. Last night did a wedding-(photos), did not get back home till after 11pm. Chat been slim the last several nights.

  4. I went to chat one of those nights. Now one was there the two times I went. I didn’t say there long enough to see anyone, I would guess.

  5. It’s been quite here. Hope it picks up. New photo posted. The weather is not good here, which gives more time to stay inside and blog.

  6. I did not get on Friday, I did a wedding that evening and did not get home till after 11, and did not see any activity on Saturday and Sunday. Been overcast and rainy here. Will try to come on this evening.

  7. I’m will get there tonight.

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