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Just Ask Crashes Greg Gorman’s Party

Welcome to! Well, you got to hand it to Reggie, he knows where all the great parties are with the best food and drink and the best people! He couldn’t have done any better than Sunday Night when he ventured over to his friend’s house, world renowned photographer Greg Gorman’s Hollywood digs! I hope they mentioned neurofibromatosis in between all this other stuff! And Rick Moors from The Bonedaddys showed up which is always a fun thing!

Greg Gorman and Reggie Bibbs toasting the Just Ask World Tour atop Greg's Killer Terrace Patio.
Greg Gorman and Reggie Bibbs toasting the Just Ask World Tour atop Greg’s Killer Terrace Patio.
Greg Gorman cooking up something in his fabulous kitchen that Reggie would steal in a minute if he could!
Rick Moors of The Bonedaddys, Greg Gorman, Just Ask Founder Reggie Bibbs, and a dog.
The dog is looking for his 15 minutes apparently. Either that or Reggie stole his chew toy, again.
Another shot of Greg and Reggie discussing the issues of the day on Greg’s patio! What a view!
Lisa Lazarro Dickson, Rick Moors and Reggie Bibbs planning something sinister in Greg’s dining room.


One thought on “Just Ask Crashes Greg Gorman’s Party

  1. I can’t think of any one person who has made a more profound difference in Reggie’s life than Greg Gorman.


    Greg is a world-renowned photographer who shoots the most fabulous people on the planet in the most amazing locations on earth yet takes the time to call, text and email Reggie no matter where he is or whatever he’s doing.

    One of the great things about Greg is that he helps Reggie promote awareness of neurofibromatosis by introducing his celebrity friends to Reggie.

    It’s pretty cool when Reggie is at home, minding his own business, then Greg calls and says, “I have someone who wants to talk with you.” And then he hands the phone to Quincy Jones, Beyonce, Catherine Bach, Shari Belafonte, John Hurt and others too numerous to mention here!

    Because of Greg, Reggie has the confidence and poise to handle himself in any situation which enables Reggie to travel the country raising awareness of neurofibromatosis through the Just Ask World Tour.

    Bravo, Greg! Bravo!

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