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Dr. Bart Moore, “Just Ask!” and the Children’s Tumor Foundation

Hey Reggie!
I was at the Children’s Tumor Foundation (formerly National NF Foundation) meeting with Dr. Slopis in Florida. I gave a talk on brain imaging in children with NF.

Dr. Riccardi was there also and he ended his talk with these photos of you and him wearing the Just Ask T-shirt. Well, he might have upstaged me, but when I got up to speak I was actually wearing the shirt !! Dr. Slopis took a photo of me wearing it. I even turned around and pointed to the “Just Ask” like you do and everybody clapped. It was really cool and I wish you could have been there. I also ended my talk with the attached slide (Moore CTF fMRI presentation).
There were a lot of important NF researchers and doctors there.

The meeting is still going on but I had to come home and wanted to get you these photos for your website, if you want.
Vic”s slide and my slide both had your website on it so you may be getting some visitors.

17 thoughts on “Dr. Bart Moore, “Just Ask!” and the Children’s Tumor Foundation

  1. Thank you Bart,

    I was excited when I received your email. Thank you Dr. Moore and Dr. Slopis for your support. I would have love to attend the meeting. I’m sure there will be other times.


  2. My pleasure Reggie. How about posting the picture of my slide, “oore CTF fMRI presentation” too???
    I thought it was pretty cool and it said a lot.

  3. did you send me those? Will do.

  4. Actually in the photo I was just translating for the fern on the podium. The fern actually gave the talk on NF. Just wanted to make that minor clarification.

  5. Bart, I had no idea you talked fern.

  6. oh my. is someone confessing about his dabbling habits? Mr. Blogger?

  7. Hi Bloggers

  8. Reggie , maybe somebody needs to go to confession or the nearest police station

  9. Good Morning to all. Just wasting for the espresso to kick. in.

  10. Bart, you are a great friend not only to Reggie but to everybody challenged by NF. Thank you.

  11. Good Morning to everyone. I hope we have a good day on the blog.

  12. I love the last slide

  13. I think the person that did the last slid should get into advertising.

  14. Hey Bart,

    I need to make a visit to MD Anderson. We should meet and talk about Q an A for are friends that visit the blog and website.

  15. I would like to add that as well. HAPPY FATHERS DAY TO ALL THE DADS OUT THERE.

  16. Thats awesome! I’ve got to get one of those shirts!

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