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Joanie King – Hero to Reggie Bibbs, Just Ask and all people with neurofibromatosis!



If it wan’t for Joanie King, the Just Ask Foundation would not have had the strength, stamina, know how or ambition to turn a run down, 1991 GMC school bus into a cool, smooth running, good looking, art car that has been seen by over 300,000 people on a Saturday afternoon in Houston.

If it wasn’t for Joanie’s enthusiasm, kindness, generosity and can-do spirit, I’m afraid of where we would be with the Just Ask Tour. She gave us strength and hope when we had none and her contagious enthusiasm kept us going when we were ready to give up.

It seemed only fitting then on Saturday that Joanie King was leading the way as the Just Ask World Tour Bus made its inaugural voyage in the year’s Houston Art Car Parade.

I just want to say this about Joanie…when other people just promise, Joanie is the person that does. I would rather have one Joanie than a thousand of the others!

She will always have our back and we will always have hers.

We love you Joanie King.





2 thoughts on “Joanie King – Hero to Reggie Bibbs, Just Ask and all people with neurofibromatosis!

  1. I think this is great how you are getting the word out about NF. I am glad that Reggie is also seeing he is not alone and he has friends and support.

  2. Thank you for these pics! As well as getting the word out on neurofibromatosis it has given me a chance to see pictures of my sister Joanie. She doesn’t speak to me at all but I need to see her smiling face once in awhile! Even if she doesn’t like me I LOVE her

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