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Houston Roller Derby to honor “Just Ask Foundation” this Saturday, Oct. 15, 2011.

Reggie is to be honored at the Houston Roller Derby this Saturday and presented with a check to aid in promoting awareness of neurofibromatosis. This is the third or fourth year that HRD has done this for the Just Ask Foundation and I can’t begin to tell you what a difference it has made for the success of the foundation and the life of Reggie Bibbs!

Houston Roller Derby freaking ROCKS!!!!

If you ever want to meet the nicest, craziest, loving, kind-hearted, amazingly talented yet somewhat strange, in a good way, people on the face of the earth, go to a Houston Roller Derby match. You will walk away with a new respect for the sport and the women and men who make it happen! We’ve been fans for at least 5 years and it keeps getting better and better!

How can you not love teams with names like the Psych Ward Sirens, Bayou City Bosses, The Brawlers and Machete Betties!

And skaters with such loving, sweet and feminine names like:

Pysch Ward Sirens: Brand-Aid, Candy Codeine, Carmen Geddit, Copperhead, Hot Rod Bettie, Jekyll and Heidi, Kitty Cocktail, Kym KarSmashUin, Lisa Lava, Marianne Morgue, Maulin’ Angel, Mistilla the Killa, Sick Nick, Singapore Rogue, SyRenge, The Angie-Christ and Wicked Sweet.

Bayou City Bosses: Bat Brat, Becky Booty, Bettie WatchIt, Beverly Kills, Big Bad Voodoo Dollie, Blindside, Bloody Hell, Bombadee, Cynder Hellyeah, Goldie Bloxx, Grrl Friday, Kiki Mojo, Little Hurtmaid, Lipstick Assassin, Mary Queen of Skates, Norma Leigh Sane, Rachael Rayge, Rebel Ann, Shaw Shank and Shocker Zulu.

The Brawlers: 2xForce, Bombs Away May , BlueJ , Dutch Destroyer , Flyon Maiden, Leather & Mace, Louisa May Assault, Princess Prozac, Radium DK, Grande Locolicious, Sexy Sniper. Sweetie Todd, Tempestua, The Prosecutor  and Windigo.

Referees: Ajax, Corbin Cojones, Chris, Mikey Hates It, The Prosecutor, Madam M


2 thoughts on “Houston Roller Derby to honor “Just Ask Foundation” this Saturday, Oct. 15, 2011.

  1. One more thing, Houston Roller Derby not only provides an incredible evening of excitement, suspense, thrills and fun but is also a sport that encourages, strengthens and empowers girls of all ages to walk tall, be proud and fear no one. I would he honored for my daughter to join the ranks of these incredible athletes.

  2. Congratulation Reggie Lulu and me are very proud about you. Yes Adgiant Houston Roller derby’s girls are wonderful women !Kind regard to you, Adgiant and Houston Roller Derby

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