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Houston Roller Derby Celebrates NF Awareness Month!

The Just Ask Foundation is honored and very appreciative for being selected as the featured charity for May in honor of Neurofibromatosis Awareness Month! We totally and absolutely adore every hardworking athlete, coach, volunteer and fan at the Houston Roller Derby!!! We love you!!!!

Our founder, Reggie Bibbs
The founder of Just Ask! Foundation, Reggie Bibbs

Houston’s own Reggie W. Bibbs, the founder of the Just Ask! Foundation and HRD Superfan, will be making an appearance at this Saturday’s game!

9 thoughts on “Houston Roller Derby Celebrates NF Awareness Month!

  1. Hello Reggie. I am Adarsh Aryan from India. I’d seen your story via Discovery science channel. I am sure that you will recover very soon and I am with you even I hadn’t got a chance to met you yet, but from my heart.

  2. Watching your story in discovery life right now! I wish you love sir, lots of love??

  3. Reggie I’m watching the discovery channel re. NF. I’m a former combat vet .and I am humbled by your spirit and determination. I salute you for your can do will do attitude. Warmest regards, Joe

  4. I have no words to say but you are a brave person i LOVE U……

  5. Hello sir,recently saw u on tv ,was really inspired how u spend ur life with nf .i am reallyproudtosee a livinglegend.

  6. My name is Mark Peterson and i would like to know if there are any chapters in Wa. State. I live close to Tacoma.
    God bless.

  7. I had seen your story from Ivory coast, I am so impressed by your courage. Keep on doing it. May GOD HELP YOU

  8. Hi Reggie, my name is lisa 41 saw,your story well am in the same situation but mine is not as,bad. The reason for this I am on face book and this girl she had it to wrote a story complaining about how bad hers is so the tv show,the doctors,remove all of hers am up set because you should been on the show. I do want mine removed but no you need to ho on and get the surgery you want. I truly hate this I have friends but hard to find love,that last. Reggie have a great day.

  9. Reggi love stores. Just like you ..

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