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Houston Livestock Show and Rodeo

A great time for me. That’s right. The Houston Livestock Show and Rodeo is celebrating its 75 year Anniversary. Alright Houston! The events starts February 27th. If you are going to see George Strait (to name just one of the good performers who will entertain us), start thinking about getting your tickets early. I hope to be one of the lucky souls that will attend. Any of the country performers will work for me. Who’s going to the Rodeo? Who will you see? I know there will be good stories to share.

5 thoughts on “Houston Livestock Show and Rodeo

  1. That “something” in the air is probably the unmistakable scent of horse poop.

  2. Come on buy a ticket or tickets and we will have a TERRIFIC! Time.

  3. I’d go for the concerts but not for the animal abuse shows. Although I have taken the liberty of signing you up for the “Calf Scramble.”

  4. Got get the tickets, and I will be happy to go.

  5. Part of the Houston Livestock Show & Rodeo fun is the World’s Championship BBQ Contest.

    If you’re in Houston for the Rodeo this weekend, stop by the Maverick Kooks BBQ tent on Friday (Feb 29) or Saturday (March 1) to sample Black Iguana Frozen Ritas – a new adult beverage product produced in Tomball, Texas.

    Black Iguana Frozen Rita 4-Packs now available at some select H-E-B stores.

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