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2008 Houston Livestock Show and Rodeo

06_95_imgp1439.jpgHouston, It’s almost time to Rodeo!

Cowboy Up, America! When a cowboy’s in a pinch, he just tightens up the cinch, spurs his horse and rides right through it, cause that’s the way the Duke would do it. He’d Cowboy Up.

This year it’s going to be another terrific year for the Houston Livestock Show and Rodeo. Just as I did last year, I will be there enjoying all activities for the 2008 show.

This year I plan to see more of the livestock show then I did last year. As for music, there are several performers I want to see this year. There are two I have in mind now, that I want to see Rascal Flatts and Tim McGraw I will see more then one, I hope. All that to look forward too, and I haven’t even started on the great food.

How many of you are planning to go the the Rodeo, and who will you see? It would be a great idea if any of you go, to take pictures and send me a photo and I will make a section for our photos for this year on the blog and Flickr.

250 thoughts on “2008 Houston Livestock Show and Rodeo

  1. Ouch, that hurts from here!

  2. You will feel better when you get there. We will have fun. And I’m not speaking French.

  3. Hey Reggie one year at the Houston Rodeo I saw George Strait it was good he also got a award from the president when I was there it was really good the only down fall was that I am deaf and I could not hear it I dont know if I will go this year I hate fighting all the people its really crowded

  4. Theres also the Ft. Worth Stockshow and Rodeo going on as well….I know until for couple weeks.

  5. George Strait ? You saw him? Really cool. I want to see him as well. His concerts always sale out before the ink can dry on the tickets. sale as fast as they are made.

  6. yeah it was pretty good but I did not have tickets or have seats I had to stand and a friend of mine was on the commitee and got me in thats the only reason I got to see him

  7. Yea I bet it was a full house. John I bet the on in FT Worth is a good one too.

  8. It usually is, I have not been yet, I may go on the 26th. I notice on a major tv channel they were covering a rodeo type in Oklahoma City. This must be rodeo month

  9. In Houston this time of year they always have the Rodao. The trail ride should be nice as well.

  10. yeah my mom loves George Strait but I cant afford him to come to my house and sing for my mom I would love to go to Ft.Worth and go to Gilley’s I wish Gilley’s was still in Pasadena Texas I bet all these other local clubs would be shut down if Gilley’s was still around

  11. I bet your right too. Man those where the days.

  12. I have been up for a while. I’m drinking coffee now. I will come back to the blog in a few hours. I leaving for Church. Les talk more rodeo when I get back. I’m going to talk Lou in to going to see one of the Country performers.

  13. Reggie use your Reggie POWER to get Lou to see one of the country preformers

  14. Hey there Im on my 2nd cup of coffee

  15. I got to see Micheal Jackson at the rodeo

  16. LOL. Reggie Power. Because it’s country music, to use Reggie power I will have to GO AT THROTTLE-UP! That should work.

  17. Shelllley I’m just starting my 3rd cup of coffee.

  18. #15 I never knew he was ever at the Rodeo.

  19. yeah Reggie go full throttle I agree that should work

  20. I’ve always wanted to go to a rodeo! Oh and I’ve seen Rascal Flatts – they put on a great show! I saw them when they performed with Toby Keith one time, it was an amazing show!!

  21. yea! LOL and we can use the old picket line in front of his house, Oh never mind he’s at work all day.

  22. Emily I know that was a great show. Toby Keith’s show was good last year. Rascal Flatts has a lot of great hits. Oh also lets not forget to mention LONGSTAR. Another great group. Does anyone like the one called I’M ALREADY THERE?

  23. I saw Micheal and his family in 74 Reggie

  24. He was really popular during that time.

  25. Yeah Im not going to the rodeo this year too crowded

  26. Hey Brian how are you feeling today

  27. pretty good Shelley you are also right that is why I am not going to the rodeo this year I hate fighting all the people its just way to crowded

  28. That can be a problem. If I’m not with someone that know the way around I would not want to go. I’m not a leader. Also I’m always a little nervous. I’m not as strong as you might think.

  29. Reggie you do a great Job I dont care what anybody says I am very proud of you and all that you do keep up the great work buddy

  30. Brian what do you like to do for fun other than John Deer stuff

  31. I dont know really Shelley I have not worked in a few years and staying home is getting old I really would like to try and work again I jsut get bored alot when I am not working on my tractor I just get really bored and its getting pretty old

  32. Brian, rather then trying to go back to work, maybe you can do
    some small jobs around your area for friends. That way when you don’t feel a 100% you won’t have to worry about calling in on that job. Just a thought.

  33. you know Reggie thats not a bad idea and it has crossed my mind a time or 2 but I do that sometimes when my friend has something for me to do but you know on the other hand I wish I was working only so I would get steady pay you know what I mean but it may be getting old but sometimes its fun to stay home and sleep when ever you want to

  34. LOL but you know something Reggie its really hard to work when you are deaf because its a safety thing you need to be alert of whats going on around you thats one reason why its hard for me to get a job but oh well I need to concentrate on my tractor anyway

  35. Yea and when you are studs like we are you have to put up with all the babs galking at you and wanting your phone number
    following you around, its just hard to work like that right? lol 😉

  36. You really got to be alert were I work, I work around inmates, I no longer work on a unit, but there is still alot of inmate where I work and you can never be too careful. but then that is anywhere you work.

  37. Patricia, Now I bet that is a tough job. I e heard some real bad stories. Not only do you have to worry about getting shanked, but for people doing thing behind your back, like spiking something you are drinking if you are not watching.

  38. thats true Reggie very true and you are right Patricia inmates you dont know what they will do yyou got to be alert they can go off and get mad over anything I see stuff like that on a show Called INSIDE AMERICAN JAIL

  39. I have seen that show too. Patricia what do you think about the show? Is it about the same or worse? The things they show and talk about on the show?

  40. True bad thihgs can happen, I just keep an eye around my surrondings, I don’t talk ugly to anyone, I don’t get friendly keep my business to myself. Since I am a Administrative Assistant if they do one wrong thing around me, or make one wrong move I make a phone call and I get them transfered to another job.

  41. I have not seen that show, but prisons can be bad, I no longer work on a prison, I still work around inmates but the inmates I work around are on their way home in just a short time, so they are on their best behavior. When I started working for the TDCJ I started in Disciplianary a lot of bad things happen. But I was on a very mild prison. The last time I ate in the Officer Dinning Room an inmate told me the chochlate pie was not any good that day, to eat the eat the vanilla, I ate niether, I never went back after that day and brought my lunch from then on. He could of been warning me about choclatte pie or he could of been trying to set me up to eat the vanilla pie either way I was not going to find out.

  42. True that. Translation. I know that’s right.

  43. #42 WOW! I don’t have that much control. I will get pissed at someone and keep that line busy.

  44. Patricia you work at a prison ?

  45. Hey Patricia, have you had coffee yet?

  46. Emily what about LONGSTAR? Have you see that group in in concert?

  47. Hi, I am on my second cup of coffe, I still work for the prison, but no longer work on a unit, I work for classification and records at the bot complex warehouse in Huntsville.

  48. You have a very interesting job. Now about Huntsville. I went to that park many years ago.That was a story in it’s self. All I can say I will never go there again.

  49. What Park?, I really don’t get around in Huntsville, I go to work, then I go home. I don’t know a whole lot about Huntsville just a little.

  50. hey Patricia and also Reggie since you have been to the park Reggie have you ever seen Sparky its in the prison Museum Sparky is the old electric chair that is not in use anymore but I have heard in some states it is still used

  51. no I have not seen Old Sparky, I have not made the museam in Huntsvile but I did see the one in Colorado? We went to Colarado about about 7 years ago and that was one of the things we saw. I loved Colarado, I want to go back!!!!!! But I want to go in the summer I don’t like cold weather.

  52. Colorado sound sounds fun. but not in the winter.

  53. I haven’t seen Sparky. There is a Park called Huntsville State Park. A huge place to go camping.

  54. I went in the Summer, it is beautiful, I want to go back. I love the mountains, We started out driving it would be like 70 something by the time we got to the top of the mountain it would be in the 30s and that was in July. I want to take my 4wheeler next time. Does anyone else out there in our blog land go 4wheeling?

  55. Not yet. Something to think about.

  56. My coffee pot is empty now

  57. Why do we have to pick on Lou

  58. Lou loves to be harrassed

  59. Where is Lou?

  60. Is he playing with ???????? or should I go there?????

  61. We all love Lou and enjoy giving him a hard time. He will fire back,so don’t worry.

  62. lol I’m late answering this one, but I love Lonestar too! I saw them as well, not sure if you’ve ever heard of Blair Garner? He’s a radio DJ who does a midnight country radio show. I won a trip on his show to San Diego and go tickets to Hubbadahula, it was a small music festival and Lonestar, Toby Keith, Keith Urban, and Martina McBridge performed. I also go to go backstage and meet them all. It was alot of fun!

  63. Now that was cool. Did you get to take photos?

  64. #62 Yea Patricia go there. lol

  65. Patricia Lou is eating his olives


  67. LOL No wonder I like coming on here we have fun

  68. {{{{{{{{{{EVERYBODY}}}}}}}}}}

  69. right back at you Shelley

  70. 🙂

  71. 🙂

  72. Oh why not?, go ahead make one that looks like me too. I got read hair green eye, make my body a yoyo, Vodo dolls, I went there ok, I am bad bad bad LOL 🙂 but you got to love me anyways

  73. of course we love you Patricia you are a very sweet person those are hard to come by these days

  74. Thank you Brian

  75. How about this right back all of you {{{{{{ALL}}}}}. For a while it was getting in here. LOL. Don’t worry about Lou I have the upper hand. I stole he hair brush and I can send it to you. Any other items you need?

  76. LOL, I am not sure what other items are needed. I don’t know alot about that kind of stuff.

  77. I don’t neither. Just guessing. LOL. He is the one that post dolls on the net.

  78. Post dolls on the net???? Am I missing something, I thought we were just picking on Lou?

  79. Thats true Reggie Lou post dolls on here lol

  80. Maybe you can tell us on a rainy day? 😛

  81. Morning Everybody

  82. Good Morning. Drinking coffee now.

  83. I already had my 2 cups!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Where is everyone? Where is Lou? Is he talking to me???!!!!!

  84. I had two cups of coffee. I was looking out of my window and its a tree right in front. A squeal keeps looking at me. I put a hand full of mix nuts out. maybe I will get a picture of him going for it. Oh I think Lou met his match. I don’t think he can hang. What do you think?

  85. I think I better watch out!!! LOL I like squils, When we lived in Navasota, we had this beagal, there was a couple of pecan trees in the neighbor yards, the squirrels would chunk the pecans at the begal! It was funny to watch! It would drive the dog crazy! Squirrels can be mean.

  86. #65 Reggie, we did get to take photos, we had a photo taken with each band and then I got to take my own of the concert. It was alot of fun. The crazy part was that I was out by the pool at the hotel that day before the show and I was looking for someone who worked for the radio station and I saw a guy walking from the stage so I went over and asked him if he was with the station and he said “Um, no, I’m with Lonestar” I said “Oh are you part of their crew?” He said “No, I’m in the band, I’m Dean Sams.” lol I had no idea it was one of the guys in the band! But he was a great guy, he took pictures with me and my mom and talked to us for a bit. They are all great guys.

  87. Emily what a great story. I know they are good people. What is your favorite some by Long Star?

  88. Hmm.. I’d have to say my favorite is “What About Now” although I do like “From My Front Porch Looking In” also. Heck, all of their songs are good! Whats your favorite Reggie?

  89. OH And I love “Not A Day Goes By” too, forgot that one!

  90. Mine is I’M ALREADY THERE. But I can’t listen to it now. I don’t have any speakers. (LOU)!

  91. Hey Emily and and all. I will be back. I leaving to the doctor soon. I will be back. Keep the blog going.

  92. #91 AWESOME!!!!!!!!!!! Nothing like that ever happens to me. That is so AWESOME!!!!!!!!!!! Nothing like being in the right place at the right time! Right On!!!!!! Can you post some of the pics. I hope so. 🙂

  93. I dont even know where the pictures are 🙁 They are somewhere in my mom’s storage building in NC and I’m in CT, lol, so there is no way I can get to them. If I ever can get her to find them and send them to me I’ll definitely post them though! Hmm… let me go see if I have any on my old website from high school..

  94. Reggie good luck at the doctor!

  95. Hmm that link isnt working… here I uploaded it to Tinypic..

  96. Brian is a cutie pie

  97. Ok, He is HOT!

  98. I never get to meet anyone famous 🙁

  99. Shelley Brian who is a cutie pie

  100. You Brian

  101. oh thank you I dont think I look so good I think I looked better when I was a lot younger

  102. Brian, we all look better when we were younger! Thank God for Ms. Clariol and Lorial Cause I am worth it! LOL I use that stuff all the time, Grow old gracefully Bull, not me, I am going to fight father time every step of the way. And mother nature had better get out of my way.

  103. yeah but I that stuff wont cover up all my scars I have had one to many surgeries but then again I guess I do look pretty good considering all that I have been through but I dont wear makeup anyways LOL

  104. Im drinking StarBucks

  105. drink some for me Shelley I wish I could go get some but I need to save my money right now and Starbucks would not help me any so I cant go get none right now

  106. I buy it at the store much cheaper that way

  107. on comment 108 AMEN PATRICIA

  108. its like 8 something here at the store starbucks is expensive either way you look at it but Shelley you got to admit it is good

  109. Ok Ok Ok. What’s up. I’m just getting back and all hell has broken loose. Yall just forgot about me and post guys on here I can’t compete with. All, that’s ok. I knoe I’m yall main squeeze. 😉

  110. Yeah, around your neck.

  111. Emily great picture. I think both links work over here. The good looking one is on the Right.(Emily) Makes the picture look really nice.

  112. Excuse me Mr.! I was talking to the Ladies. You just can’t come in here and pick on me. You can give me a hard time after you give me those speakers. Thank you very much. 😉

  113. Speakers? Speakers?!! I don’t seem to recall having any extra speakers. What was your name again?

  114. Let me give you a refresher course. 50% JUST ASK! Ring a bell Mr.! 😉 😉

  115. Does that mean I get my speakers? I’m going to bug the living hell out of you until you agree. So how about that?

  116. Lou pretty please with sugar on top get Reggie his speakers

  117. I had no idea Reggie was a main squeeze

  118. you never heard that term before? You my main squeeze. lol

  119. boy ya’ll are really cutting up good I may have to start staying up 24/7 to keep up with this I stay away for just a short time and I miss a lot of whats going on

  120. Yes I have Reggie

  121. #126 Brian it’s my #127 cool. Thanks Shelley Lou will give in. I think.

  122. No problem Reggie

  123. Meds get blamed for alot. at least I blamed alot on my meds. Sometimes it gets so bad my friends just automatically say “remember she was on the dope”, LOL I go to the doc tomorrow,

  124. Yea the ones that say remember she’s on the meds, they are just jealous because they want some. LOL Maybe they have meds that go in a pipe. And I better not say more.

  125. I’m laying down envisioning bad things to happen to Reggie. Please don’t interrupt.

  126. please don’t think about me while laying down.

  127. Good Morning Everyone. The coffee is making. I will be here after I drop my brother off.

    Emily There is still hope. Drink 3 cups of coffee and run the other way. Its the only antidote for the JUST ASKS. Pretty soon you may get the warps. that is like what Lou has. Lou had warps every since I have know him. It’s that since of Humor I have. I have to say it has gotten me places. So now that I think about it, hey hang around.

  128. lol You guys are crazy! And you’re really making me want my coffee.. hmm.. I guess a little wouldnt hurt!
    Okay, so how does everyone drink their coffee?
    When I make mine at home I put in a little milk, two spoons of sugar and a little French Vanilla creamer. Yummy!

  129. hey in response about the meds getting blamed for lots of things I had a accident with a vehicle inside a plant that we were working at the accident was in the lay down yard that is what we call it anyway the safety guy gave me a drug test and when the head safety guy said go back to work the other safety guy said no way that guy is flying high because of the meds I was on but I had prscriptions but i thought that was pretty funny

  130. Hey yall I on my 2nd cup of Starbucks

  131. # 136 Coffee mate or half and half. 3 spoons of sugar. And I don’t use that word very much.

  132. 136 sure one cup won’t hurt.

  133. My kids are making me watch Barney … shoot me now, lol!

  134. Hi ya, how is everyone?

  135. Hi Patricia How are you. I’m drinking a tall VT Carmel Macchiat 4 shots

  136. Im on my 3rd cup yall

  137. Im ok Patricia

  138. Hows Vanessa Patricia

  139. yeah Patricia how is Vanessa I been praying for her

  140. #143 OMG now I will have that song in my head all day. Oh well cheer up you could be watching sponge bob.

  141. Patricia you have friends here. I;m one of them. Kw that we,(Reggie) all are praying for you.

  142. Thanks ya, Vanessa is doing good, baby is doing good, doc told me I need sleep, gave me more meds lol. thank you all for all the nice things that ya said, I have not had any coffee yet, but I think I might just go get me some in a minute. That carmel mac. sounds so good.

  143. Yea, I think Spongebob is evil, and unfortunately both of my kids think he is awesome. I have seen every episode multiple times, its sad!

  144. I guess I was lucky kinda my kids really did not like barney, but I got in trouble, One day on the bus Vanessa (she was in the 2nd grade) stood up and sang “tic tac toe, three in a row, barney got shot by G.I. Joe. Whop barney dead” or something like that, well any way some other kids cried, I got called to the prinicipals office the next day. She has always been a handful. I stay busy that is for sure. 😛

  145. Y’all have to check out this website. Let talk about it here. You won’t believe your eyes.

  146. I am jealous, Talented people make me sick bo ho, no not really I looked at the first one, that is really awesome and she makes it look so effortless, that is just wrong lol

  147. I agree. She make it look so easy. It is amazing.

  148. Patricia that was funny about Barney got shot by a G.I.Joe I died laughing that is the funniest thing I have ever heard

  149. yea, I was laughing too, I just could not let her see me laught at the time. We laught at it now. But I tell her, Just wait Now your turn is comming, Kids say and do the darnest things,

  150. I heard one the other day. Sick but funny.

    Mary had a little lamb
    Her father shot it dead.
    Now it goes to school with her,
    between two hunks of bread.

  151. LOL that is funny Reggie I dont know where we hear these things but I tell you sometimes its mighty funny

  152. yea, that is sick, I bet that one would get you sent to the office too. I spent some time pricipal’s office. Schools just don’t have a sense of hummor. They never did appriciate any of the jokes that I thought were funny.

  153. one time I got sent out in the hallway (imagine that), there was these dogs just wandering around outside, so I kinda called them in and sent them in the class room. LOL, I thought that was funny, I don’t understand why the teacher did’nt.

  154. boy the office was my second home all the way to pretty much High school and i got away with something I did that was pretty fun and I never admitted it til I graduated High school and saw my assistant princapal I dont know how you spell that

  155. but what I got away with was driving a forklift when they were redoing our roof that was in Jr High School

  156. yea, I never got away with anything, the town I grew up in was way to small, my parents knew what I done before I even knew I got caught, One time I skip, thaught I was cool showed up at a church function and was told “You have a state wide search going on for you” oops was I ever in trouble for that one. ouch ouch ouch. That was not a cool time in my life.

  157. Brian, were did you drive the forklift to?

  158. 163 now that was funny. lol. OMG that was funny. I learned something today. All of us here belong in the same group. I wasn’t a angle.

  159. Jack and Jill went up a hill
    Both with a buck and a quarter
    Jill came down with $2.50
    They didn’t go up for no water

    I know I know. I’m twisted

  160. Reggie, Do you ever get in trouble? Get sent out in the hallway or better yet Get sent to the Princlpal’s office? I bet Lou did. LOL

  161. 🙂 where is Lou

  162. Well you see awl. Ok Yes I did. Someone was getting ready to sit down and I moved the chair. And Down they went. And the other time I put a tack in one of my friends seat. No one never knew I did it. That was classic. Boy did he stand up fast with a loud scream. For a guy he had a high pitch voice.

  163. Lou is eating his olives

  164. Reggie Did Lou get your speakers yet

  165. Does it snow in Houston in the month of August.

  166. 🙁

  167. Patricia I drove it around in the parking lot

  168. Hey Im on a cup of You know what

  169. I’m eating Oreo cooking. I’m sure I will eat about 20 of them before the night is over.

  170. hey Reggie did you really put a tack on a guys chair that is pretty funny if you ask me

  171. #154 – I got in trouble on the bus in kindergarten once because I did the “Chinese, Japanese, Milk Carton, Dolly Parton” rhyme.. not sure if you’ve heard of it.. and when I said Dolly Parton I lifted my shirt up, lol. I was 6, I didnt know any better!

  172. hey Emily that is the very first I have ever heard that and its pretty funny I told my mom what you said and did and she laughed

  173. #180 yes I did. The cool thing was it was time to Chang class and I did it before I left. Some one else told me is that why he jumped up out of his desk.

  174. LOL! #154 WOW So for no one has top that one. Of course we haven’t heard from Lou.

  175. I can’t discuss the stuff I did because there is no statute of limitations for crude bodily habits.

  176. Also, there may be some outstanding arrest warrants.

  177. I can imagine. you better not say. Of course I can all ways find someone that will know.

  178. How are the olives Lou ?

  179. lol Lou dont worry, I’m sure we all have some outstanding warrents we dont know about, we are a crazy bunch after all! Hm.. I did get off the hook for some things though because my uncle was a cop, I just dropped his name and they let me go… not that I was bad or anything.. I’m an angel.. mmhmm…

  180. Some of the things we done. And now some of us has kids, We get paid back, Boy do we get paid back, then they get paid back,
    I caught Vanessa trying to run away (thank God, I caught her) with her (now exboyfriend) I told him, “I hope you have 3 daughers.” he did not get it then, but in about 15 years from now when he does have a daughter or 2 he will. He will think back and think that B*****, cursed me. LOL

  181. Yea Emily we know. And I’m a Angles.

  182. I have a friend in Austin who works for the FBI. He trains all the local police in Austin on “psychological force.” Needless to say, it was always fun to go drinking with him although I haven’t seen him in years.

  183. How old is your daughter Lou

  184. He might have had a “mental breakdown.” : > )

  185. Elena is 11. I told her she can start dating when she’s 35, have sex when I’m dead.

  186. I have been drinking a time or two in Austin,

  187. All Lou you will go drinking with anyone. Emily you are so cool.

  188. My heart goes out to you, Lou the teenage years are hard, i refer to them as the aliean years,

  189. Yep! Lou you belong here. I don’t need to say more. It’s fun here you just never know who is going to say what.

  190. She’s a good kid. I just pray she makes the right choices. Not the ones I made.

  191. You have done well Lou. She is a great kid.

  192. I am getting more than a little concerned though lately, it seems she actually likes going over to Reggie’s house and talking with Reggie. Luckily, she’s had her shots!

  193. I guess I am lucky to have all boys and no girls! I was a hellraiser growing up so I’d hate to think how my daughter would be, LOL! Of course I dread the day when one (or all!) of my boys come home and say “Mom, my girlfriend is pregnant” LOL!

  194. I know what you mean, I tell Vanessa all the time, Don’t be me, be better then me, dont live my life. I have made bad choices, I have fought with her tooth and nail. there have been times she hated me. But the way I looked at it, if she never hated me, then I failed her as a mother, and I am her mother first and I will always be her mother first. Friend second. I enjoy being her friend but my prioity is her mother.

  195. Well, it might be better than him saying, “Mom, I’d like to introduce you to my boyfriend.”

  196. everyone in the house think I lost my mind. I’m sitting here reading these comments. I can’t help but laugh out loud. Patricia and Emily you have to stop making me laugh. No more funny stuff said. Well ok one or two more things.

  197. LOL Lou at least he couldnt get his boyfriend pregnant!!!

  198. Reggie, I hate to be the one to tell you but you HAVE lost your mind. Everybody has just been humoring you up to now.

  199. Reggie you should be thankful to have such funny friends, lol, laughing is good for the body!

  200. that goes for you too Lou. I’m laughing again.

  201. Yea I guess I have to close my eyes until so I can rest for just a few. I love it.

  202. And he’d probably have the most “fab” house on the block!

  203. I hear boys can be hell too. wrecking cars, daddy calling wanting to know where there daughters are?

  204. Shut up Lou. I will be over there. Have any of you heard Tube MA MA? it one on youtube. She calls walmart about some Peter Pam Peanut Butter. I let me know if you can’t find it.

  205. I am so happy I don’t have a boy. I’d never let him leave the house for fear he’d do everything that I did growing up.

  206. I need to go do a few things but I did want to warn you that I’ll be posting a new blog either tonight or tomorrow about someone who blogs here quite often.

  207. His initials are Reggie Bibbs.

  208. My dad keeps wanting to buy my kids guns.. my dad is a bit of a gun freak.. and my kids are like the sons of Satan… the only guns these kids are getting are squirt guns! I mean seriously, just picture Stewie from “Family Guy” and that about sums about my children…

  209. I have threaten to shoot one of Vanessa’s boyfriend, but he was to stupid to relize it. I told him, “I have a shotgun shell with your name on it”, I forgot what his reply was, but he clearly did not get it. Vanessa just remarked momma, he’s preety ok, that is it, he is just preety

  210. Hey Lou I tell my fist every night Some day I want you to met Lou’s eye. It will have 2 shinner. One on a bottle and wearing one.

  211. Maybe he thought you was going to give him a gift. That’s it he was pretty and he didn’t understand you wanted to cap his @#@#@

  212. lol Patricia my Dad always told the guys I brought home the same thing! He always keeps a shotgun by his front door so they really didnt even need to be told, they got the mental image as soon as the walked in haha!

  213. I think that was it! It was a good thing he was preety cause he really did not have a lot upstairs, we took him to Galveston to meet FAMILY once first we stop off at 1 brothere off of 242, then we stop off of Omega Bay in Galveston for the other brother who having a garage sell, then met up with the mother in law for lunc. came back home Vanessa made the comment “You just about ment my whole family.” he said really? Where, she said yea, Kenneth off of 242, Tim at the garage sale they gave us popsickle we stayed for about an hour and half and my gramma, his reply oh that was your uncle too, I thought they just some nice people. “Preety Boy” not to bright

  214. My husband is the nice one, I am the mean one. Both of us have our own guns, One time I had my gun out cleaning it when he came to meet us. I don’t mind intimating them. But now she don’t live at home. But she knows she can come home when ever she wants. She will always have a key and a room.

  215. Oh wow! LOL. Emily, Patricia, I’m telling you y’all are to funny. It is really good having you. More people need to hear you. Keeping my in stitches. Mom said boy! what’s wrong with you? She said she was going to call the man on me.

  216. lol Reggie its too bad we cant all hang out sometime, I think we’d have an awesome time together!
    Hope everyone is having a great morning so far!

  217. Sorry just getting back. Yes it’s too bad we live so far apart. The great thing is that all of us hang out here having fun. It takes all of us that are here to have this much fun. Everyone. And believe it or not even Lou. 😉

  218. Speaking of good I heard Van Morrison on the radio this morning. great song Warm Love was the name of the song.

  219. Reggie I just sent you an email – Elijah was on TV this morning!

  220. Got it. I just emailed you. That was terrific!

  221. that is cool emily and for you Reggie if you lived colser to me we could hang out

  222. Yea Brian. That would be cool. Do you think we could stay out of trouble? lol.

  223. If anyone else wants to see the pictures from this morning, here are the links to them:

    He was on the Sprout channel, its a 24 hour preschool channel through PBS. They put his picture on the morning show today and he was so excited!

  224. I would love to hang out with yall

  225. that would be cool Shelley I am depressed for some odd reason and I really dont know why I guess its because I am really bored

  226. oh and by the way I am drinking Starbucks right now

  227. Brian try to feel better about things. You have friends here. We all get that ways sometime. It will pass. Just stick with us.

  228. Brian I got a cup of Starbucks too

  229. on 236 Thats true Reggie I love to laugh

  230. Yea Shelley this is the right place to be if you feel like laughing.

  231. Reggie I seriously doubt we would stay out of trouble that would be kind of hard to do but I asure you we would have a great time

  232. Well I strongly agree with you Brian. Just think how much trouble we would get in to if Lou would join us. I have to tell all of you this. Thank God I wasn’t in School with Lou. I know I would be getting in trouble a lot. He brings out the worst in my and sits back and say I didn’t do it. Reggie did it.

  233. phonelines have been down at work today, so no internet, no out side phone calls, it has been boring!

  234. On 225 Reggie Tell Mom we are having fun lol

  235. Brian what are you drinking

  236. Everybody Im happy Reggie and Lou got this bloq started I get bored alot yall keep me laughing

  237. #242 bummer! comment 243 I told her.

  238. AW Poor Reggie

  239. Reggie you can tell its time for the Trail Rides and the Rodeo, The Cold weather came back.

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    It’s no wonder that truth is stranger than fiction. Fiction has to make sense.

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