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Great news! Kim Hughes of the Houston Chronicle called on Tuesday wanting to interview me for an article in the paper. I said sure, you bet! So she asked me a lot of questions about growing up, the website, the “Just Ask” t-shirt and it was really fun. And she was just wonderful! If Kim is any indication of the type of people who work for the Chronicle, I’m going to be a lifelong subscriber.

But there’s more.

I just finished a photo session for the Houston Chronicle at my house. The photographer, Clayton R. McKee, was real nice and made me feel very comfortable. He took photos of me and my Mom in our “Just Ask!” t-shirts, me playing pool and stuff like that.

I am not sure when the article is coming out but you can be sure that when it does, I’ll post it here! Thank you all again so much for your support. I am truly blessed to have so many wonderful friends!

Write me and let me know how you are enjoying the site.


  1. That’s great! Your website is on my daily to-do-list. I enjoy reading your blogs and especially reading other people’s comments. Can’t wait to read the article in the Chronicle and see the photos.

    So, you play pool….yet another surprise, what don’t you do?

  2. Jorge

    It was a good thing it wasn’t a live shot. No one got to see how I really play. I’m not going to say many time I missed the white ball. Now that is bad when you can’t aim at stick at a ball that is not moving. shhhh. Don’t tell.

  3. No, no, the white ball part went fine, and it looks good. It was the OTHER balls that were tricky.

    (but the pix came out well; after the Chron does their thing, I’ll get some of them to you…..)

  4. Yea… that’s what it was. I knew it couldn’t be me. Some time those balls move around and never go were they are suppose to go.

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