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2264707003_77c16ccfde_m.jpgOn Valentine’s Day, I went to Comcast. I had a problem with my cable box and I took it back to Comcast. A customer service worker waited on me. Denise was very nice and helped me with my problem. It was then that she told me how happy she was to see me. And that she had seen me on TV. All of the customer service people were just as nice as Denise. I had to go back today so I asked if I could take their photo to put on the blog as a way to say thank you for being so nice. It’s nice to know that a company as big as Comcast can have employees as nice and personable as Denise and her friends. Please, if are in you the area, show some love to the great job the ladies are doing at the Bellaire location. Thank you Denise. And of course Phelisia, Patricia, and Jennifer. What a Sweet Heart of a Day for me!

477733757_4d51c49b23_o.jpgWELCOME BACK, JERRY TURNER!
Hey Reggie,
I made it!!!!For everyone who has never experienced a 17 hour non-stop flight……Don’t do it!!! I thought it would be worth it not to stop in Europe on my way back, but it’s not. At some point in there you need a break. With about 4 hours to go in the flight I was in absolute misery. I’ll give you a buzz tommorrow.
Jerry T



  1. see Reggie there are people that like you and care you just have to look for them

  2. Yep! That is so true. When we find people like this, I like to say thank you. When a company has nice employees and show good customer service they should know you are happy with the service. 🙂

  3. Reggie my dad works for Comcast

  4. You have got to be kidding? Is he working in the field or at one of the office locations?

  5. I think field

  6. whats up Shelley

  7. Hey, Jerry, welcome back! I’m posting your comment from last night on this blog so we can continue the discussion here. How long will you be home? You’re just in time for the rodeo and Roller Derby season!!! Let’s get a beer! Lou

    (Posted Feb 15 on previous blog)

    Hey Reggie,
    I made it!!!!For everyone who has never experienced a 17 hour non-stop flight……Don’t do it!!! I thought it would be worth it not to stop in Europe on my way back, but it’s not. At some point in there you need a break. With about 4 hours to go in the flight I was in absolute misery. I’ll give you a buzz tommorrow.
    Jerry T

    Comment by Jerry T | February 16, 2008 | Edit

    Hey Jerry,

    I was thinking about if you made it. I’m glad you did. I hope to hear from you after you are rested. Maybe we can visit this weekend.

  8. Hey Jerry I thought we was going to kick it without Lou. You know you can get in all kind of trouble hanging around Lou. lol Which is not really a bad thing. That is why we are always
    painting the town. Just blame the bad things on Lou.

  9. so since we are posting last blogs from last night I thought I would copy this one 😛

    Notice Lou says Emily is good-looking

    So what you’re saying Reggie is that you want to spend the night with Emily?!! I don’t think Emily is your type, Reggie. She’s good-looking and breathing!!!

    Comment by adgiant | February 15, 2008

  10. I was seriously misquoted and the entire comment has been taken completely out of context. We were discussing how some humans remind us of certain species of sea turtles and crustaceans when Emily’s name came up, which was when I said, “Compared to how sea turtles look, Emily is very good-looking.” Obviously, this comment has no bearing whatsoever on how Emily looks compared to normal human beings. Hopefully, the above explanation will put this matter to rest.

  11. I’m sure no one thought you was saying anything bad. Maybe we got off tract. No harm done.

  12. Thank you. You have no idea how much stress and anxiety this has caused for family members and both of my friends.

  13. No, you mean all one of them.

  14. ok, Lou I will not bring it up again!!!!

  15. hey yall my mom had to get rushed to the hospital this morning she fell and lost the tip of her pointer finger she is ok she is home and resting I will be on and off here but mainly try to help my mom for the time being I always try to help her as much as I can but she really needs me now for a little while especialy till she is healed

  16. I am so sorry to hear that I will be keeping her in my prayers you too. I hope she heals good.

  17. Wow! Brian. I’m sorry to hear that. Please let your mom I said hello and I hope she is not in too much pain.

  18. sure Reggie No problem and thanks Patricia

  19. Hi Everybody I got my chores done Brian Im praying

  20. thanks Shelley all prayers help I really wish it was me instead of my mom I wish that it did not happen to her or anybody and I also wish that it was just a bad dream

  21. Brian just know that we are here for you. We care about you and your mom. She will be ok and I know she does not want you to fuss over her. Just say mom what do you want me to do for you.

  22. I do Reggie but to be honest I am still so upset that they could not save her finger I really hate it that my mom has to go through this I told her I wish I could make the pain go away if I could I would

  23. I just pick fun at my mom I just call her nubby

  24. You better be careful she may punch you. lol

  25. lol thats pretty funny Reggie

  26. What are you going to cook for her?

  27. she made her a sandwhich I cant cook I dont know how I know that sounds crazy but all I used to do was eat out so I never learned how to cook

  28. I bet you can cook better then you think you can. You can do it Brian.

  29. Amen Reggie

  30. Now I wouldn’t say that about Lou.

  31. I bake chicken

  32. I made chili

  33. Is it raining in Houston, it is raining in Montgomery really bad and my dod Emily does not like it she is shaking.

  34. Yep it’s raining in Houston. I hear its going to be bad for mose if the night.

  35. Tornado warning in effect for Harris county not sure till what time but we have the warning

  36. my female dog hates this weather the “BOY” just does not care one way or the other. Dogs are funny

  37. the Tornado watch is in effect for Harris county until 9:00

  38. I don’t hear the rain as much now. Still very wet of course.

  39. My husband ate my other stach of Girl Scout Cookies is nothing scared?????!

  40. true Reggie but you cant control the wheather it could change at the last minute

  41. I just finished a second box just a few minuets ago.

  42. Question for you all. If you had a chance to visit Austria London or France which would you choose? and why?

  43. Austria, cause I hear French ppl don’t bathe

  44. I thought France was a nice clean place to visit. Austria is really nice and anyone from Austria speaks very well. I love ti hear them speak.

  45. I liked Amsterdam Holand

  46. I want to go to London

  47. My great grandmother on my mother side is from England and I have distant cousins in Austrilla but I never met any of them

  48. Reggie I would choose London because I want to meet a chef that has a tv show the Chef’s name is Gordon Ramsay his show is called Ramsay’s Kitchen Nightmares it comes on satilite channel 264

  49. I bet there is haunted castles in London

  50. So cool. great response from all of you. I love all of those places. Amsterdam, hum. I hear that is a place is something else. Most everything is legal there. I wish I could take a vacation to all of those places. I know about the Chef from hell Ramsay. I don’t think he is really that mean. Do you think Brian?

  51. comment 52. I bet I won’t be visiting a haunted castle in London if I ever go.

  52. Reggie you would love the dutch chocolate

  53. Now you just stop it! LOL I love dutch chocolate ice cream. Slightly melted. Add Chocolate syrup and you have yourself a treat.

  54. I am going to scream at channel 2, they keep interupting my tv show with with severe alert they just need to stop until something really happens!!!!!

  55. lol What’s suppose to be on? You don’t like Frank? Is is the message crawling across the screen.

  56. I am watcining law and order, they stop the whole show, they could wait for commercial. LOL and it is not frank it is the other one

  57. My brother love that show.

  58. I like that show too.

  59. Good Morning all,
    Reggie, you forgot to add Egypt in your list of where to visit. My choice of where I’d like to go. Although Europe is good, the dollar is not faring very well there .66 US to 1 Euro and can get quite expensive, the Egyptian Pound is currently 5.5 to 1 US, so you can get more bang for you buck. Lou, I’m going to be here for a short time, but would love the opportunity to gang up on Reggie with you, I mean to visit with you and Reggie over a beer or two.
    Jerry T

  60. I dont know Reggie if Ramsay is that mean but I think he is also married and has like 4 kids I think he is funny

  61. Good Morning Im on my 2nd cup of coffee

  62. hey Shelley whats up I had 1 cup this morning but it was not starbucks but it was pretty good

  63. Im doing good Brian I ran out of Starbucks what I had today was good too

  64. Hows your mom Brian

  65. Hey I’m here. back from Church and just chilling now. Jerry, you don’t understand. I have the shirts and Lou is the mean one. He is always picking on Emily. And when we are nice to him, he really let us have it. Jerry Hint Amsterdam London England Europe France Austria. Just to name a few.
    Give me a call Jerry I need to get some pictures for the blog and flickr. Lou will show us how to get in trouble.

  66. Hi Jerry

  67. Shelley mom is good but still has pain I am trying to help her as much as I can thanks for asking Shelley

  68. Brian say hello to your mom for me. I hope that she is handling the pain ok. Take good care of her. Which I know you will.

  69. Hi Shelley
    I’ll give you a call this evening Reggie. My biggest problem right now is my body doesn’t know when to sleep.
    I’d like to get together tommorrow afternoon, but we’ll set that up on the phone tonight or as soon as I have a phone available to me.
    Lou, I’m looking forward to getting in trouble.

  70. Jerry that sound GREAT! And Jerry you don’t want to get in that kind of trouble Lou will get you into. Just kidding. If you are with Lou you will have fun.

  71. Oh Jerry you are going to have to join the neurofibromatosis group on

  72. So let me get this straight Lou.. you think I look like a sea turtle?

  73. LOL. Lou is really serous about all this. He is really wanting everyone to know was seriously misquoted and the entire comment has been taken completely out of context. Which might have been part my fault. We all know that Lou wouldn’t try to hurt anyone, not unless he could get a few $$$bucks out of it. 😉 Kidding Lou. We all love you.

  74. hey Emily hows it going

  75. Jerry dont let Lou get you and Reggie into too much trouble

  76. Hey Brian, its going pretty good right now, the boys are taking their naps so its been quiet for a couple of hours which is always nice! How have you been?

  77. I am doing great I signed Elijah’s guest book

  78. Yes, Lou slipped up and said something semi-friendly and now he is all upset because everyone saw his “nice guy” side, lol. Well I’d rather look like a sea turtle than what you look like Lou:

  79. Emily, thank you for posting such a wonderful photo of yourself! The resemblance is uncanny! Although I must say, for your own protection, stay out of the sun!!! Your face is much too red.

  80. Where have you been Lou?

  81. Hey I was thinking about starting a video diary. I wonder how that will work for my site. I could get a really good cam and do something everyday. Just thinking about it.

  82. Jerry how is the time working out for you?

  83. No no Lou, you must be mistaken.. that is a picture of YOU. I managed to snap it while you werent looking. You look like you need some ointment or something…

  84. hey Emily I signed the guestbook i am just taking care of my mom she lost the tip of her pointer finger Saturday morning and had to be rushed to the hospital so I am just trying to take care of her and help her the best I can

  85. Your a good son Brian

  86. Emily, I Googled Emily the Turtle and you’ll never guess what came up!

    pssst: you might want to try a little Oil of Olay

  87. Lou you are always putting your foot in it. Call me I need to talk to you.

  88. Thank you Shelley I try

  89. Reggie, not sure you realize it but the phone works BOTH ways.

  90. I suppose your fingers are working as well. Ok I will give you a call after the coffee kicks in.

  91. Good morning to all. I’m drinking my first cup of coffee out of my Starbucks cup.

  92. good morning Reggie how are you this morning

  93. Hi Brian. You join facebook. If you did I added you as a friend.

  94. yes I did join facebook

  95. lol Lou, nice picture, at least I’m original right?!

    Brian, I hope your mom feels better!

  96. I wanted to be #100!

  97. thanks Emily she is ok but I just wish I could make all her pain go away but I love my mom so much I just have to pick fun at her I call her nubby

  98. Lou did you say you wanted to look 100?

  99. Hey Everybody Im here had 2 cups of coffee

  100. hey Shelley whats up I had starbucks this morning

  101. Alright alright, I joined Facebook. Now everyone go add me, lol. Except Lou, I dont need him littering up my friend’s list. 😛

  102. Emily did I add you already? I think I read that we are friends?

  103. Yep you’re already on my list Reggie. 🙂

  104. Emily am I on your list

  105. Dont think so Brian.. you can find me on Reggie’s list and add me from there if you want!

  106. ok thanks I will have to see how to do it I am still trying to learn facebook

  107. Brian we have to learn together. I’m learning so don’t feel alone. I want to do the quiz, but I don’t want everyone to know how little I know about stuff. T might think I’m ken to Lou. (Lou only) LOL

  108. Hey there yall behaving

  109. LOL thats funny Reggie I dont know how to add friends I dont know to much about it yet

  110. hey Shelley I am behaving remember I am an angel

  111. More of an Angle them I’am. Shelley you need to join facebook. The neurofibromatosis group. You are on our team also. Right Brian?

  112. Hi, just got back from Galveston, these trips sure do wear me out. I never know what I am going to find. She is still coherant for now, I hate cancer, she told me today she wished she could just go ahead and die. I just don’t know what to say when she talks like that! She is now bedridden, I know I would hate that I wished I knew what to do.

  113. True Reggie I have not slept in 2 days I have gone 2 days non stop without sleep I am trying to do my best to take care of my mom now with the corrective surgery I am going on day 3 which I do not mind at all but I will be honest I am starting to get very very tired I feel like I am going to just pass out

  114. Patricia just tell her to be strong and dont give up

  115. Thanks, it really is hard, I don’t know what I would do if it were me. She can’t reallyb do anything else but just lay there. I guess that should be a lesson for us to enjoy what life we have. We should enjoy what time we have and waste what time we have. Life is really precious!

  116. True Patricia it really is precious

  117. Hey I tried to add Brian, Emily, and Lou to my facebook account and I don’t think it worked. This box pop up and said to type in the code …. but there was no code.

  118. How is your Mom?

  119. She is good and ok she had a friend from work take her to Houston today to a hand and wrist Dr and the Dr wanted to do corrective surgery so she had the corrective surgery today I am surprised that the Dr did it today instead of making another appt. like next week to do it thats what usually happens so I am surprised they did it today she should be coming home about 9 which is coming soon

  120. hey Emily I added you to my friends I think it worked but not sure it said it did and Patricia I will find your picture and add you to my friends too

  121. I think you can look under mini feeds. Then click on the green thing to add friend.

  122. I am happy for your mother, suprised, but very happy. My name is Patricia Stokley you can probally find thru Reggie Friends, I am leaning on a kawasaki 4wheeler.

  123. She’s the one that looks like a lesbian biker chick.

  124. I cant even find Reggie to add him but I think I know what to do I think

  125. I need to upload a pic of me instead of the ? mark

  126. No you don’t. Lou would know one if she came up to him and slapped him in the face.

  127. That’s what I’m talking about, Patricia. You don’t look like a lesbian, you hide it quite well.

  128. Brian let me know if you can’t find a picture of yourself. I have that picture we took at the picnic last year. You might need one of just yourself.

  129. Lou is a woman in a man’s body, thats why he knows so much about that sort of thing.

  130. Lou likes to wear womans under garments so I hear!!!

  131. Lou like to watch the show Designing Woman and The View.

  132. Oh and the LifeTime Network on the weekend.

  133. mom is home they removed the rest of her finger which upsets me but my mom seems to be happy with it and says she is fine its ok but I still feel guilty about what happened I still think it was my fault or I had something to do with it but mainly I am just glad she is home and happy thanks to all that has asked and kept up with the ordeal

  134. Brian it’s not your fault. Things happen and we just never know when or why they happen. It’s good because she is home. Keep helping her the way you are.

  135. I am sorry that your family is having to go thru all of this Brian, try not to feel guilty, I have heard that guilt is a normal feeling for survors, when I lost my daughter I felt guilty I was told that was a normal feeling that mothers who loose children feel guilty. I don’t know why our brain works that way but it does. It is normal for us to feel guilty but it is not our fault. It will get better, it just takes time.

  136. Sorry to hear that, Brian. Please give her my best and I hope she is feeling better.

  137. thanks Lou and thank you everybody

  138. my mom said thank you everybody for keeping her in your thoughts she said she appreciates it and I thank everybody too ya’ll are truely great people

  139. she also says she is doing much better and said Lou be nice she also said she is having a good recovery because I am taking care of her

  140. On my second cup of coffee and some left a little loaf of banna nut loaf bread on my desk it sure is good, I have not found out who left them yet, one of the techs has one on his desk too.

  141. I just starting on my second cup of coffee. That banana nut bread sounds good.

  142. It is good, just found out who made them, nice lady just wanted to do something nice for our dept. I work for computer services I am the administrative assistant in my department but I still weap the benifets for computer services they fix the problems for classification and records, there are about 500 users out here, I do alot for them too, but not as much the techs.

  143. Good morning everyone. Wish I had some of that coffee, only a few more weeks til I’m allowed again!
    Lou might not be around much today, I caught him partying a little too hard last night..

  144. Too funny LOL

  145. Emily is being a bit modest as we were at an all you can eat buffet and well, we closed the place down. In fact, Emily was banned for life.

  146. that is funny comment 150

  147. Lou, dont you know that pregnant women dont eat alot in one sitting?? We have a baby squishing our stomach to half its size, we cant hold that much!

  148. Emily Montel Williams is on in our area. That Lady is on the shoe today. Silvia Brown I think is her name.

  149. boy I am excited Reggie my toy tractor I won on ebay came in the mail today boy it looks a lot nicer than I thought it would man what a day

  150. hey there everybody my mom is doing much better I am still taking care of her she was up this morning when I got up she told me how to cook her some oatmeal and I did and she said it was good thats a good sign of my cooking

  151. Brian that is great that your mom is doing better. Let her know we ask about her everyday.

  152. Brian another great thing. Your tractor came in today. Cool hope you can send me a picture of it.

  153. Hi Everybody Ihad 3 cups of coffee and Im getting ready for Wal mart

  154. I just came back to lunch after 4 ice teas and a coffee. I am wired!!!

  155. I will send you a picture of it as soon as I take one

  156. Reggie, I think it’s time for a new blog. This string is getting rather long. Let’s talk about women or something in the new blog!

  157. comment 161 you think that is wired, I have had coffee and a coke back to back. I also drink ice water with my coffee.

    Lou please don’t share your wired habits with us on the blog.

  158. hey Reggie I will send you a picture of my new toy tractor I just got and then I will take them all out and send you a picture of my whole collection they are all John Deere and also I may be bidding on another toy tractor here soon I am watching another one

  159. I forgot to mention none of my toy tractors have been played with only displayed

  160. I like to collect Dept. 56 snow village the last thing I got were the Budd. horses, I have an assortment of various, I use to have a villlage display, I need to get another table so I can display it again. I even have trailor trash, a nice section of town, down town, church, school, ski resort and so on. It can get very expensive. It is alot of fun. I even had a little train.

  161. Hey I will be back. I’m watching the movie notebook.

  162. true Patricia I have quite a bit of money tied up in my toy tractor collection and keep adding to it its a neat and can be quite an expensive hobby

  163. I can barely wait until 5 o’clock. I have been awake since 2:30 my darn dogs kept me awake. My husband stayed in Galveston to take care care of his mother, you would think a night alone with out snoring stealing the covers being pushed ect ect one would be able to get a decent night of sleep, instead the dogs whine and scratch at the bed and then snore I am so tired. I can barely keep my eyes open right now!!!! My dogs better behave themselves tonight!!!!!

  164. I hope Reggie has a box of kleenex the notebook is a excellent movie but the end will make you cry.

  165. hey Patricia thats funny about your dogs I put mine in a dog crate at night and have no problems

  166. My dogs are REALLY spoiled rotten!!!!!

  167. Patricia

    Very good movie. I didn’t think I would enjoy it that much. I have it on pause. I know who the two are. I’m not sure if I should watch the rest of it. I don’t want to know if it’s sad.
    Why can’t they just get together and live happy ever after.

  168. how many do you have Patricia and what kind of dogs are they

  169. Reggie, that is probally one of the greatest love movies of all times. Living happily ever after depends on interation.

    Brian, I have two dogs the female is half poodle and shitz shu and the male is shitz shu they are both a hand full.

  170. lol thats funny Patricia one is enough for me although I went to visit my friend that works for the animal shelter and i saw a really adorable female boxer that I would like to have but I love the boxer I have now more than anything

  171. well the boy is suppose to be my daughters but when she moved out she left him behind, and I don’t think she is going to take him, and now my husband as gottot attached to the little fellow.

  172. yeah my friend at the animal shelter she hates and does not like me to see the animals that are there because I feel really sorry for them and become attached and she hates that

  173. I bet that is a hard job, I love animals and I would get attached to them and it would be hard to have to put them down.

  174. Hey Everybody Im back from walmart

  175. hey Shelley whats up and Patricia yeah I dont like it when a animal is put down either

  176. hey Emily my mom is the one that took the quiz you gave me

  177. that is sad that is why I always donate to the no kill shelters I like to keep those in operation.

  178. yeah I like animal cops Houston i really like the place that helps all those animals in poor shape and I think its sad sometimes to see how cruel people can be to animals I have a huge heart for animals I had the previlige to hold baby racoons at our animal shelter I was really happy to get to do that most people dont get to do that it was really fun

  179. that is really neat, I use to think when I was young I wanted to be a vet. but my dad made me quit school to go to work for him in his stinking fish house and shrimp boat.

  180. HEY EVERYONE! I bet you guys didnt know that Lou was a rock star! Check out his latest video here:

  181. I would like to be a vet but being Deaf would make it kind of difficult but then again Patricia I think it would be hard for me to have to put down an animal or even tougher to the owner that there pet has to be put down I honestly dont think I could do it I just dont have the heart to do it

  182. It would be very hard, but if the animal is sick and in a lot of pain then it is for the best, I grew with a border collie and he got sick we had him for about 16 years and we had to get him put down, it was so hard but it was harder watching him day in and day out, he was walking into walls, he got to he could not make it out side it was sad I am not sure it was over 25 years ago, my family really did not have the money but I think he probally had some kind of cancer the way he acted so we had him put down, I still think of him he traveled with us back in forth from calf. I was 4 years when we got him.

  183. Emily that is a good likeness of Lou, he just does not shut up just like Lou LOL

  184. Patricia that is very sad

  185. I collect Old Country Roses china

  186. I know he was a part of our family at birthday parties we would hats on him, we would give a icecream and cake too but not choclate. We call him the gentlemen puppy.

  187. Emily I bet Lou never knew we would see his home made video.

  188. LOL I like dogs too

  189. Did you finish watching “the notebook”?

  190. Wonder if Lou ate a bowl of olives today

  191. What ever happen to Eleanor

  192. Wondering if Lou and Reggie are behaving or not

  193. I know Emily Patricia and Brian are good

  194. I paused it. just after the lady went up to her room. The guy just like I said is him and she is she. If that make since. And I know whats going to happen. I just know it. I love the movie and I think I will finish it tomorrow. I did not fast forward now did anyone tell me about it. I think something is going to happen to her while she is sleeping. For anyone who hasn’t seen it, I would say watch it.

  195. I have been working on facebook and watching a movie. All I can say is watch out for Lou. When you least expect it them wham! the is there.

  196. It is a good movie perhaps one of the best love stories of all times. I think so anyways

  197. Me too. Who is the actress the guy was reading to?

  198. Emily, you are beginning to be a giant pain in the butt!!!

  199. lol Lou, you only pick on me because you like me. Your mind is still stuck in elementary school, hehehe.

  200. Morning y’all Had coffee and now I think I will have a coke. Well maybe I will go get some coffee at starbucks. I’m feeling kind of grumpy.

  201. Who ever said I liked you?

  202. when boys are mean to girls they generally like!!!!! 😀

    And you my dear are mean to Emily!!!!! 😛

  203. LOL That is true. Lou likes Emily Lou Likes Emily. 🙂

  204. hey yall whast up

  205. hey Reggie how are you today I am good

  206. lol Its true.. boys only pick on girls when they have a crush on them. Lou, do you have something to tell us?

  207. lol Its true.. boys only pick on girls when they have a crush on them. Lou, do you have something to tell us?

  208. He was looking at your picture and singing that song I’ve Got A Crush On You.

  209. haha Are you sure he wasnt singing that song “I Touch Myself?” LMAO! Sorry, I just couldnt resist!

  210. thats funny Emily

  211. Are you guys done having your fun?

  212. Lou I havent picked on you today

  213. Lou, we are NEVER done having our fun when it comes to you! But you know its only because we love you so much!

    Mmmm I am eating some seriously yummy eel sushi right now.

  214. I am eating Girl Scout Cookies, I am at work my husband is in Galveston taking care of his mother, I am not going to let him close to this box, this is MY box!!!!!!!! I will not share my girl scout cookies with him, he already ate 2 of my boxes. LOL I am going to eat this box.

  215. LOL. I ate 2 boxes too.

  216. But they were probally yours to eat, he ate mine and he is also a diebetic. He is not suppose to eat that many I bought him the kind he was suppose to eat. But NO, he ate mine. Shame on him!

  217. Yall’s blood sugar will go way up

  218. hey ya’ll whats up

  219. yea we better be careful

  220. My has a tendacy to crash so does my pressure everything seems to go low on me. I tried to cut out salt once and that was a big mistake my pressure went down to 80/50 I was told not to do that in fact sometimes I need to add some salt.

  221. My has a tendacy to crash so does my pressure everything seems to go low on me. I tried to cut out salt once and that was a big mistake my pressure went down to 80/50 I was told not to do that in fact sometimes I need to add some salt.

  222. I haven’t seen anyone selling girl scout cookies. Any hints as to where I can go to get some…cookies, that is.

  223. Maybe the girl scouts don’t want to go around you. You do act kind of strange at times.

  224. LOL Reggie and Lou do yall bull like that in person ?

  225. Hey Brian whats up

  226. comment 232. Yes of course I do. It makes me happy

  227. If you want to drive you Huntsville I can hook you up.

  228. not much here Shelley

  229. Yea Lou Drive to Huntsville You can get all the Girl scout cookies you want.

  230. Patricia Lou does need to be SWEETEN up

  231. I guess olives does not have sweetners in them!!

  232. Huntsvill seems a bit out of the way for girl scout cookies.

  233. I guess it is a stretch, you know I have not seen the girl scouts this year like I have the past years, usally they are every where, every store, everywhere you go. I have not seen any this year!

  234. Does’nt anyone at your company have kids in Girls Scouts?

  235. Yes they do, but who talks to Lou.

  236. LOL Reggie

  237. hy trup
    help me find a new . becouse i hate the job that i have .

  238. Hey Rich what kind of work are you looking for?


  240. I will let you know If I hear about a place that needs help.

  241. Hi everyone. I just wanted to let you know that I make and sell awesome beef jerky (lots of flavors) and candy (almond roca, choc. covered coconut balls, peppermint bark) at discount prices to my NF buddies. If anyone wants more information on this you can email me at
    Have a great weekend everyone — enjoy the weather.

  242. God bless you. And I hope you will find peace that you are searching for.

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