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01a-wrap-cover_splash.jpgHappy New Year 2008!!!

Well, a year has passed and we are at a new beginning. I look forward to great things this year. Maybe something new for NF research. Let’s keep hope alive. Now lets talk resolutions. Or promises, or whatever you want to call it. Something I want to do this year is build up my friends list to at least 200 or 300 friends with NF on or Any one of the three. Oh yea, one more thing. drink more Starbucks and hopefully meet with some of my friends that I talk with everyday about coffee.

On a serous note. Please remember our real HEROS in 2008 in the U.S. ARMY, and military service members. When you see someone in uniform say thank you.

150 thoughts on “HAPPY NEW YEAR 2008

  1. Happy New Years everyone!!

    And not only to the Army, but to all of our military service members! My husband is active duty US Navy!!

  2. Great I will add Military to the blog as well. I thought I was covering all of our forces. They are doing a wonderful job. I wish everyone well. Thank you Emily I happy to see you here again. Give my best to your husband. There is a video out there on how to say thank you to our forces. There is a sign to say thank you with out taking up to much of their time. If anyone has see it let me know. I will add the link.

  3. Happy New Years to everyone, also give thanks to the medical proffesion and Law Enforcement, espeially the one that just gave me a warning this morning for going over 65 miles. Life is short. I hope that the people I know and love realize that they can depend on me to be there for them, when they need me. I pray that God gives me quality time with frinds and family. Now I better get going before I get all mushy and start crying or something like that.

  4. My brother used to be in navy

  5. Where you been Shelley?

  6. Walmart today Reggie

  7. Oh I forgot that is your store.

  8. hey there is nothing wrong with Wal Mart I go there because its cheap I buy my V8 fusion drink there that stuff is good for you I bought 4 bottles of it I usually drink a bottle a day but I really need to slow down

  9. hey Reggie I saw a thing on one of the blogs Reggies search machine what in the world is that

  10. I shop at Walmart. They have a brand I like. Grorge. Very nice shirts pant and ties. Brian you remember the show I can’t remember the name now, but you might be able to help me out with it. The kid would say. WHAT YOU TALKING ABOUT WILLIS! Well just add Brian. lol You mean its something about Reggie search or something? I will have to look for it. did you google Reggie?

  11. Different Strokes

  12. Stuff is going up

  13. What did you do today Brian

  14. Pray for me, my daughter just called, she is in the hospital, she is dehydrated.

  15. Patricia I will pray for your daughter and you tonight. You know you have friends here that will support you.

  16. Not much Shelley I need to get back to work on a tractor I am restoring I have been slacking and need to start getting things done

  17. Hey Everyone,
    Merry Christmas and a very happy New Year to all. Things are going good over here in Iraq. Our company had a Christmas party in one of the tents, a really cheesy sound system playing carols while we all chowed on bbq and potatoe salad. As I was sitting there I made a comment at my table that I felt I was on an episode of MASH.
    Anyway I wish everyone a happy and prosperous 2008.
    Jerry T

  18. Hello Jerry,

    Happy New Year to you. I’m happy to see that you visit this morning. I hope time allows you to visit more often. The others here will be happy to see you here again. Stay safe and write again.

  19. Jerry, Great to hear from you. Reggie has become such a pain in the butt since you’ve been gone! Well, he’s always been a pain in the butt…I guess now he’s an even bigger one!!! A couple of TV and internet interviews and he starts playing the “celebrity” card. It’s getting ugly! Hurry back! Lou

  20. AW Lou dont pick on Reggie

  21. What is Everybody doing Lou is eating olives

  22. hey jerry I hope you had a great Christmas I love that show MASH its a really funny and good show

  23. oh Jerry I also forgot to tell you I have almost the complete set of box sets of MASH

  24. I do not have any MASH sets, but I watch MASH each time it is on. It just takes me a few seconds and I already know the whole show, but now and then I still catch something either I forgot seeing, or see something new.

  25. Hello, my daughter and the baby is ok, she got dehydrated she had to spend the night in the hospital, I stayed with her, she is doing ok now, she is just going to have to take it easy.

  26. Patricia amen to that

  27. Everybody behaving?

  28. thats good Patricia that is great news

  29. Hey John what part of Iraq are you in

  30. Comment 29 Patricia that is good news. Me sure your daughter
    do just that. Take it easy.

  31. Hey Brian how are ya

  32. MASH is on every night here on TVLAND. I remember watching that show after I get home from school.

  33. Hey Reggie MASH is also on everyday on the HaLLMARK channel from 4 to 6 I believe

  34. I am fine Shelley but just took some pain medicine for my Knee its sothering me really bad

  35. I watch it on TVLAND.

  36. sometimes I catch it on TVLAND but most of the time I watch it on the hallmark channel but i also have the box sets so I just pop one in when I feel like watching it also when mom gets home she dont like MASH so she always gets mad at me cuz thats all I watch

  37. matter of fact I am fixing to watch a MASH dvd

  38. My dad use to watch M.A.S.H. all the time I think the show lasted longer the actual war. My father was a Navy Seal in the Korean War. But by the time I came along he was already out of the service. I did not grow in the military but I was raised to RESPECT our Military and Our FLAG and our Country.

  39. My mom turns my music off when she comes over { I like my music loud }

  40. I don’t mind music loud if it’s something I like. (COUNTRY)

  41. Do you ever turn your music down low, in heavy traffic or if you are having a hard time seeing,??????? LOL

  42. I dont drive Patricia

  43. Does anybody like KSBJ ?

  44. I turn my music down when I don’t know where I’m going. Then when I know where I’m suppose to be I turn it up loud and start singing again.

  45. before I lost my hearing Shelley I used to listen to that but not very often I am a country music lover but not that new mess that is coming out I much rather listen to the old country like Johnny Cash Merle Haggard Hank Sr. Patsy Cline stuff like that thats when country was country I dont know what you call that mess on the radio now

  46. My mom likes old country too Brian She listens to 97.1

  47. My husband listens to that station, he must be old too. lol, not really I am being mean today, I should’nt, he is haveing a birthday this sunday, he is going to be 49, that is still young.

  48. To #49, I think the period of the Korea War was from 1950-1953, and MASH lasted 7 years or so. My dad was being sent to Korea, but on the way, was transfer to the Philippines, which a year later, I was born at Clark AFB. MASH, and later JAG was my dad favorite shows, as well Texas Ranger.

  49. I like listening to the old radio shows

  50. MASH is really funny though too I like the way they make up stuff to save there butts

  51. Shelley old country is when Country was country that is the real country this stuff they have now a days is not true country I dont know what they call it but I will tell you whatever it is its not true country the singers dont even dress country anymore

  52. My husband likes counry, I like it a little, I am a little more into rock, I like the older rock, Eagles, Dillion, Foghot, Zeplen, Some Guns and Rosses, Stevie Ray Vaughn…. any other Rockers out there

  53. I just wish I could dance like I knew what I was doing.

  54. Patricia one of my old rock singers is Bruce Springstein I love his music Reggie dont feel bad the only country dance I know is the 2 step

  55. oh and the cotton eyed joe

  56. The 2 step is a good one to know. I don’t even know how to do that one.

  57. Reggie sorry but if you were a girl I would teach you but as I have a caring heart I could probably teach you anyway its not really hard at all

  58. Sounds like we all need dancing lessons lol

  59. I’m the only one that might need it. I would love to have a lessing with no one to see how bad I really dance. When I learn I will be haoy to let everyone see me dance. Patricia knows how to 2 step. I would be happy knowing that one.

  60. Brian It doesn’t surprise me that you know hot to 2 step. Is the cotton eye joe kind of the same dance.

  61. It’s been a long time, but I can 2 step, back in day when I went out. Now I have a hard time staying up pass 11 LOl

  62. NO Reggie the cotton eyed joe is alot different

  63. I was watching lessons on you tube. Looks like its hard. It will probably take me a year to learn.

  64. Brian you know how to do both dances? I use to watch this show that had nothing but westering dancing. I don’t remember the name. It was on one on the cable stations. I think it was TNN.

  65. Hey there Im here

  66. yeah Reggie I used to watch a show I think its the same one its where they were ocuntry dancing in a club and it was nothing but country

  67. hey Shelley whats up

  68. Went to Walmart today Brian to pick film

  69. Hows the dog Brian

  70. the dog is great Shelley I really love her she is really good thanks for asking

  71. Yea it was when country was cool. lol. Was the name of the slow Club Dance. I can’t remember what was painted on the floor. I remember is was a horse or bull I think. Do you remember Lou?

  72. Very funny, Reggie.

  73. Reggie you know ladies love to slow dance

  74. Hey Brian would you dance with me ?

  75. What about me Shelley ?

  76. For comment 77. You never watched it not one time Lou? I’m just asking?

  77. yeah Shelley I would dance with you sure no problem and Reggie I think It was Club Dance that sounds right I think you are correct I used to watch it all the time when it was on the air

  78. Now how cool it that. TNN was a good station. I remember when Crock and Chase had a show. I think that is the correct shelling of the names. What mess everything up is when the Country stations and TVLAND changed the format and started airing movies. It use to be whee they only stock with on format. I like the old way better, But that just me. You know what they say. Everyone has one.

  79. Sure Reggie I dance with ya

  80. Sounds like the name of a song.

  81. Oh really Reggie

  82. Yea called dance with me. I think it was back in the disco days.

  83. LOL Reggie

  84. Im ready to start take pictures again lol

  85. I would dance with Lou too

  86. Now if ya woould disco and DRESS disco I would take pic and vidieo that goes for you too Lou, ya got those white Liesure suites and white suites LOL, 🙂

  87. Ok confess time. I think God there are no pictures of this. I had a light sky blue Liesure suite. I thought I really look cool.

  88. Patricia I have the sound track to Saturday Night Fever

  89. You should be dancing yeah

  90. Thanks, Shelley, now I can’t get that song out of my head. The BeeGees ought to be banned from reproducing.

  91. LOL Lou

  92. How deep is your love

  93. More than a woman

  94. Jive Talking

  95. Reggie, make her stop. Turn off her blog permissions!!!! Kidnap her dog!!!

  96. Love So Right, You are asking help from the wrong person buddy.

  97. Hey Lou DO YOU want me to cry

  98. I’m just tryin to Stayin Alive…Stayin Alive. O-O-O-O-Stayin alive. Stayin Ali-i-i-i-i-i-i-i-i-ve.

  99. Lou a big bowl of olives

  100. OMG. I never want to hear that song again. Even if it is on the Movie Air plane.

  101. I’m talking about the thought of you singing it. lol.

  102. You for got the I. For FYI. I see that a lot.

  103. Disco, somethings I just won’t talk about. LOL

  104. oh, yeah, sorry, fyi I hate the BeeGees!

  105. what happens in the disco past stays in the disco past!!!!!

  106. Yea and I have a delete key to make it go to Disco space where no one will ever see it again.

  107. Where is Shelley and Brian? You think they are having coffee some where?

  108. Im getting ready for a dr appt dont want to go

  109. Yea I know. No one wants to go to the doctor.

  110. Im home now everything is fine

  111. Everybody asleep

  112. I’m awake glad everything was ok, I have an appointment wed, I don’t like doc appointment either, I think my meds are off, I wonder what would happen if I jusst stop taking them,(I have siezures)probally not a good idea

  113. I am here and fixing to run to sonic and get me a Route 44 coke I would go to starbucks but a coke at sonic is much much cheaper

  114. I was at sonic ate a chicken strip dinner

  115. Root Beer sounds good, or a vanila shake sounds good

  116. Oh Brian Drink that coke for me lol

  117. I usally get chicken when I go to sonic

  118. True Patricia

  119. Wonder what Lou and Reggie are doing

  120. Lou is probally having olives somewhere

  121. Now you know we are up to no good.

  122. Hi Reggie

  123. Hi Patricia whats going on? Brian I love Sonic. I love a good

  124. Where did Shelley go????

  125. I am eating Orange Sherbert and Sugar Cookies

  126. Ok I haven’t had Sherbert in years. Is that the same kind of ice cream that was used for the push up? I can eat any kind of ice cream. I put in the microwave a few seconds so that is will be slightly melted.

  127. yes you can put it in the microwave for a few seconds so that it will be a slightly melted.

  128. Shelley is enjoying her Sherbert. lol

  129. yeah I usually go to sonic 4 or 5 times a day for a route 44 coke I know that is bad but they are good

  130. Hey as long as it taste good, enjoy. I’m not going to deprive myself of great tasting food and drink. Right my nameless friends?. Who cares about a little weight gain.

  131. Comment 129 or Shinners.

  132. yeah Reggie the coke maybe good tasting but bad for your insides

  133. I have seen what happens to liver if you drop some that is uncooked in a glass of coke.

  134. Im here Patricia Im working on a cherry vanilla dr pepper

  135. Good Morning to all. Drinking coffee and I have to run out. Keep the blog going. I will be back. Looks like Rain here. Yuck.

  136. (___)? (___)? (___)? (___)? Fresh coffee

  137. I am waiting for 5 o’clock, must be 5 o’clock some where, but, I still got to wait for the clock downstairs to say 5 to leave not to pop a top.

  138. LOL! You are so funny. I remember the days. Where I use to work they would run to the time clock when it was time to leave.

  139. Thats right Reggie

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