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Happy Birthday, Reggie!!!!

640.jpgHappy Birthday, Reggie!!!

Reggie is 43 years old today! Please give him a hard time.

Now Reggie, we don’t want you going back to wherever this photo was taken!!! Well, not without me!!!


25 thoughts on “Happy Birthday, Reggie!!!!

  1. Happy Birthday, Reggie!!! Why don’t you tell everybody where you went to lunch today!!! : > )

  2. Happy Birthday Reggie stay strong buddy and keep on going

  3. Happy Birthday Reggie. Wishing you many, many more.
    Virginia (Brian’s mom)

  4. Thanks yall. Shut up Lou!

  5. Chicken! BAWK-BAWK-BAWK!!!!

  6. Happy Birthday Reggie! Hope you had a Great One!

  7. Thank you Terri, It was great, and its not over yet.

  8. Hint. where I went for lunch. Food Music.

  9. Happy Birthday to u Happy Birthday to you Happy Birthday dear Reggie and Lou lives in a zoo

  10. Wow! no cigar. If I make a comment on that, I might give to much info. Yall keep guessing. Lou ask for help.

  11. Shelley, you’ve seen my house obviously! I can get you discount tickets no problem. Well, everyday but Monday. Even us primates need a day off.

  12. Oh yeah

  13. What kind of discount tickets like where too etc

  14. Happy happy happy be-lated birthday!!!
    Hope it was a very good one.
    God Bless, AmyG

  15. Happy B-Day Reggie!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Hope you a had a good one looks like you did by going to the Astros Game Best Wishes, Reggie.

  16. I think I know where he went a little friendly bird told me LOL ha ha ha!!!!

  17. Where did you go, Reggie?!!

  18. Hi Lou Are YOU behaving ?

  19. Some kind of club to have lunch. Didn’t know where I was going till I got my food.

  20. Hey gang, guess what? I found my them song. check out the link below. I want all my friends to agree with me on this one. The ladies that is. lol

  21. Happy Belated Birthday!!!!!!!!

  22. Hey Reggie,
    Oh Lord it’s hard to be humble…
    This is hilarious! That’s my ( and my friend Billie’s) theme song!!! We sing it and make our husbands sick…We changed the words around a bit though… I love it!

  23. Sorry I’m late… HAPPY BIRTHDAY REGGIE!!! Our computer broke and we had to buy a new one or else I would have been here more lately!!

  24. Hey Reggie happy late birthday, I did it; I got on and posted!
    Wasn’t so hard after all!
    God bless,

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