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Gillian Anderson of the “X-Files” added our link on her site

gaw.jpgDear Lou,

We’ve added a link to Reggie’s phenomenal web site.

It’s under Links and Resources on our NF page: (scroll down).

Best wishes to you all!

The Official Gillian Anderson Web Site

21 thoughts on “Gillian Anderson of the “X-Files” added our link on her site

  1. Wow! This is major league stuff!!!

  2. Man, what can I say. Gillian site is really cool. I’m happy to be added as a link.

  3. Congrats Reggie, that’s really awesome!

  4. Thank you. I’m so happy about it.

  5. Thats so cool! Congrats Reggie!

  6. Thanks

  7. Now we all are famous now lol

  8. I guess you can say that.

  9. This is huge because this website is a connection to a person who not only is a big supporter of NF research and awareness, but also a person just like you who has a brother with NF and is going through many of the challenges that you, as family members of people with NF, are facing. The more we can prove to organizations like NF Inc, CTF and that we are real, passionate and committed, the easier it will be for people challenged by NF to find us on the web for comfort, education and a few laughs to ease their pain. I invite you and ask of each of you to visit and support this website like you support Reggie. You can leave comments at to thank them for their support as I thank you for yours!

  10. Amen Lou

  11. Also, just so you’ll know, we’ve been averaging over 300 visits a day to the blog. Sure, not everyone is contributing but at least they’re interested enough to stay in touch. Please tell your friends about this blog and invite them to join. They don’t have to have NF or know anyone with NF. They just need to have a kind heart and enjoy giving Reggie some grief!

  12. I have been visiting videos and making comments to videos I like on, and photos I like on That is one way of introducing myself to others. When you have some thing nice to say about someone you will always get a great reply.

  13. I am so glad to see that more websites and more people are coming forward, NF really needs to get out there, the more people that know about NF, the more funds that can be raised so maybe one day there will be a cure or at least to slow it down, kudos to you Reggie for all of your hard work

  14. Thank you Patricia this just gives my more power to keep going and working hard. It’s worth it. I love what I see happing here.

  15. That is cool, moving on up. I know the Texas NF Foundation have a link on their site to your site. Now Anderson have it. You think the CTF or the NF, INC will come around ?

  16. Yes I hope so. I think now that might happen with CTF. Hey John. I need your help with some names. Email me please.

  17. We all need to work together to help all NF groups, organizations and patients succeed. When one group wins, we all win. I think CTF is the most important NF organization out there. You can be sure that money that goes there will be spent responsibly toward NF research and education.

  18. I will keep praying

  19. I will be at camp this weekend (Sept 7 -9). I found several photographs of you with Nate Newton (Dallas Cowboys) and Cliff Harris from Dining Out in Dallas. I will bring thouse with me.

  20. Thank you John. I will be there and looking forward to having lots of fun

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