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Over 6,500 “Just Ask!” T-shirts Sold as of 5/31/11!!!!

As promised, I intend to pay tribute to each and everyone who sends me a photo of themselves or someone else they know, wearing one of my Just Ask T-Shirts.

I see by these outward expressions that people really do care about those with NF and spreading the word, they care first by purchasing one of my shirts and by wearing the shirt in public, and lastly by taking the time to have their picture taken. Here is what I desire; send me a picture of you or someone else wearing one of my shirts. I think this is going to be a lot of fun, lets see just how public everyone can be, the more people around, the better exposure NF will have, (a little raise in shirt sales won’t hurt ether.)

Some of you may not have received your orders as yet, but I’m sure you will receive it soon. I personally fold and prepare each shirt for shipment, and try to stay caught up as best as is possible. The photos will be posted, as they are received. Old pictures are ok too, it is never too late, even if your shirt is faded it’s ok. I’m looking forward to receiving yours soon. If you only have hard copy pictures, that’s ok, I’ll find someone to scan them and I’ll return the originals if requested. Please no inappropriate photos, G-Rated only please, Also please include your name properly spelled as you desire or maybe written on the back of the hard copies. Thank you! Reggie

21 thoughts on “Over 6,500 “Just Ask!” T-shirts Sold as of 5/31/11!!!!

  1. This is really exciting, and sense the blog, I just received a few more photos.

  2. Let us to say you Reggie Bibbs works very well: Lulu and me ordered somme tee-shits. We always received all very fastly. We are very glad. Kind regards Lulu Francis

  3. Reggie–sorry you could not come to camp this year…that would been a great chance to sell your new shirts and plenty photo opts. Next year must come for our 20th year. There should be some way we can come up with a shirt for camp that will have Just Ask so when we do the camp group photos there will be 100+ people all at once wearing Just Ask. This year camp shirt all it had was the logo and the Texas NF Foundation–30 years so it can be worn or use at other events. Just a thought.

  4. Excellent idea, John! It would be great to have a special edition, combination Texas NF/Just Ask shirt to celebrate not only the anniversary of the Foundation but also its continued commitment to raise awareness of this disorder. Bravo, John, I think you have hit upon something really strong!

  5. I have a few more orders to go out tomorrow. All of them are going out of the country.

  6. That’s a LOT of people wearing your shirt Reggie. Way to go !
    I’ll try to think up a good place to take a picture of mine and then send it to you.

  7. Bart, this is just the tip of the iceberg! We probably have about 750 to 1,000 more to post. Plus a couple celebrity ones including Sugar Ray Leonard, Kevin Nealon, Greg Gorman and a few others!

  8. Bart send me a direct email, Need your information. I should have a few good photos of Dr. Slopis and you wearing your just ask shirt.

  9. Dear Reggie
    I’m very glad you published my photos but I would be more glad if you show my sweet heart and me with your nice yellow tee- shirt. Lucy will be glad to her face in your blog!!!

  10. Francis, I don’t think we have a photo with you and Lulu. Can you send one? We’d love to feature two of our best NF friends!!!

  11. The neurofibrmatosis offered us love. In spite we have Recklinghausen disease we are very happy lo live together. Take courage and you will see that somebody is waiting for you Lulu Franci

  12. Reggie,

    You seem like an amazing person. You’ve touched many lives…keey going!

  13. Thank you Victoria, I will keep trying.

  14. The one you posted on 03.28.2011 if you have not already consider, they guy with the guitar, name of your group The JUST ASK Band.

  15. My name is chris and I am watching the tv program about you and your life living with NF. I just wanted to say how much I admire you for what you have through. I’m an alcoholic/addict and have suffered with this on and off since I was 13, but nothing that compares with what you have gone through. Anyway just had to write to you and just tell you that I feel so bad about how people can be so cruel especially as children. People don’t realize how what they say can shape the way we feel about ourselves forever. Well god bless and I hope all of us can some day learn from you how precious life is and lucky we are just to be. PS I have been sober for 6 months this time around.

  16. el verdadero hombre es por amor real,
    el pobre es como una manzana dulce,
    oh mi hermano jesus de nazareth,
    tal o tierno como maria santa,
    oh esperanza,
    oh vida ser como pura agua vendita,
    aqui por vida soy un amor,
    el dicipulo bonito unicamente,
    por angel o por amor.

  17. Hey hey Everybody

  18. Hi Reggie. I am watching the tv program with you on TLC in Norway right now. I just have to tell you that I am so touched by your story and your courage and strenght. Keep up the fantastic work you are doing!
    Tonje from Norway

  19. ” 1.2.3 = jornalero por hermano,
    a.b.c + luchar por amor ” ,
    como mi vida super bien,
    una estrella es flor girasol,
    6 + alexei = amanecer como rey.
    [ brother + brother = love }
    ” alexei por un angel una fe “

  20. si una mentira es porqueria,
    esa vieja estupida tan loca,
    no quiero ninguna mexicana,
    no quiero jente negativa,
    ser feliz como soy,
    amigo especial reggi,
    no escuche jente con prroblema,
    escucha escucha la paz interior.

  21. una por ti,
    un amor como soy,
    mi paz por alegria,
    una flor tan bonita,
    si es querer fuerza por vivir,
    por luna tan bella fantasia,
    ah como tu mujer por voz,
    cuando tu reir una bohemia perfecta,
    mi fortuna por palabra,
    mi otra musica un escuchar oh chica,

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