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freehugs1.jpgI had several topics that came to my mind that I wanted to post. I’ll stick to one for now. What’s on my mind today ? FREE HUGS. I just saw a video on YOUTUBE. My video is on the same site. I saw the video and it literally made me want to cry. I was impressed how many of us just would be happy with a hug.

I know were I can go to get a hug, when I need one two or three. You know who you are. I really thank you for that. How many of you believe a hug can make a difference of your day? Watch the video free hugs. Post how you feel after you dry your eyes. Here’s the link

10 thoughts on “FREE HUGS

  1. Hugs are the best! The world would be a much better place if everyone would just take the time to hug a little. Then again, we could also get sued for sexual harassment…but that’s a whole other topic. There’s a time and a place for hugs, just refrain from the hours of 9-5pm. lol

  2. Hugs are ok, but no reach-arounds!!!

  3. You are right about that.

  4. No low reach around.

  5. Here’s a link to that video Reggie was talking about above. It truly is a wonderful video!!!

  6. Actually there are a bunch of these “Free Hug” videos in different cities and languages apparently inspired by this one video. They’re all good but nothing beats the original.

  7. Yes I have seen a few of them. It was meant to spread all over. I can see a lot of people are enjoying it as much as I have. The first one is my favorate.

  8. Thanks for posting this, Reggie. I hadn’t seen it & I love it. But I have a question for my lovely ex-husband adgiant:
    Just what exactly is a reach-around???!!!

  9. Wow, Reggie, thanks for sharing. I hadn’t checked into YouTube for a long while and I really enjoyed it. Great blog and website. Look forward to the day I can order a T-shirt.

  10. Thank you Damon, The JUST ASK Project has made me so happy. I never felt as helpful as I feel after this project started. You can order T-shirts by going to my site. Click support and the next page click donate. t-shirts are $20. plus shipping. Feel free to email if you need more information.

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