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Hi Reggie and Lou,

NF, Inc. has updated the front page of their website to promote the auction with the autographed photo of Dr. Riccardi wearing your Just Ask t-shirt! 🙂 They have also included a link to your website. By the way, the auction is proceeding VERY nicely. Thanks SOOO much again for ALL your fantastic help and support!



  1. Reggie, I just bid on your doodle. I saw Matt Loftiss and Sugar Ray Leonard’s doodles are high up there. How many did you submit? It looks like you have a lot up there. Lou

  2. I have two that I submitted. And A lot of friends that submitted doodles for me. They really look cool. What a great ways to raise funds for NF Inc. I’m happy that it was something I could do to help.

  3. hey Lou I looked at the doodles the other day and never saw any of Reggie’s doodles

  4. never mind I just saw Reggie’s doodles man some of them are getting pretty high bids I think its doing really well for NF I think the doodles was a really great idea also Reggie I sent you a email buddy

  5. Brian I got your email and I replied to it.

  6. cool Reggie and I just sent you another one LOL

  7. hey Reggie I sent you another email buddy

  8. I got it. And I will ask. Don’t know how it will work out. I will be it this evening.

  9. cool thanks Reggie you said don’t know how it will work out but the truth is all we can do is try buddy

  10. Hey yall whats up

  11. Anybody seen my hawgs?

  12. Ah ha, THIS is where everyone’s been hiding! Hey Shelley and Brian, how y’all been?

    Hey Reggie, any ideas you have – write them down. Or I emailed you my phone numbers a while back. You can call me to talk about them too you know.

  13. Kewll or should I say cool. Maybe if Io to stake night I can hand it to you.

  14. Hey Lou I just notice something. I never really know what was what until someone brought it to my attention. If I know my direction I would say it’s at 1:00 o’clock. That is a scary sight I would say.

  15. hmmmm.. The last time I saw Dr. Ricardi he still had dark color hair…lot grayer now.

  16. hey Matt I am good thanks for asking and Reggie have you found out anything for me yet

  17. No William, But I do know I need a room and I need one now! What you going to do!

  18. hey Reggie have you found out anything for me yet buddy

  19. Reggie… what do you mean IF you come to steak night?!? Steak night ain’t Steak Night without The Fabulous Mr. Bibbs!!

  20. I will tell my friend I want to go. Can I bring my Hogs?

  21. Here I am everybody here to spread joy and sunshine

  22. What are these hawgs you guys keep talking about?

  23. Reggie my Mom said to tell you hi

  24. Thanks Shelley, Say hello to your mom for me.

  25. Lou I will send it to you. You want to hear it?

  26. hey Reggie whats up how are you today Lou

  27. REggie , Hawgs are another name for Motorcycles.

  28. Brian Nothing else more I can do. I left your email address. She has lots of fans, you will have to find a way to contact her by one of the two sites if you don’t hear from her.

  29. I will try and figure it out may have to go to one of the bouts and meet her in person but I will wait and see if I hear from her thanks Reggie or your help buddy its greatly appreciated

  30. Brian, I dare you to go. If you go I bet you will get a hug not from me though lol. Maybe Mistilla, and a photo taken.

  31. I would love to get a hug from her the only problem is I might not want to let go also I clicked on her box when I clicked on people and when I clicked on her box it went to her photo stream and there is nothing not a way to email her or at least I cant find it to email her I tell you this is just very confusing and a lot of trouble

  32. Reggie I thank you again for all your help I just don’t know what to do I will just wait for a few days and see if I hear from her I just hope and pray that I do I would really like to talk to her

  33. Brian you will get to go sooner or later. Don’t worry about it will happen.

  34. I hope so Reggie well I am headed to bed catch you tomorrow buddy thanks again for everything I greatly appreciate it buddy talk to you tomorrow

  35. Reggie;
    I was gonna drive my hawgs over to Lou’s and let them feed in that dang ole yard, but them you-know-whos got the roads all blocked up! Now, what you gonna do?

  36. William, Can you work with me? Hello, I want to talk to the President of Y’all town.

  37. Look who’s talking, and I’m not talking about the movie.

  38. oh boy yall are already at it this morning looks like yall are going to town I just came in from outside don’t look to bad right now but my mom sent me a message and said we might get hail today so I guess its just a matter of time before it gets really nasty

  39. Hey Y’all Want to let y’all know I have to see the doctor today. Need to have my eyes examined. I hope to back before to late.

  40. Hey guys!! Just wanted to pop in and wish you all a great day. I’ve got a busy day today, so this may be my only log-on.

    But, I’ll see a good chunk of you tonight at PJs for Steak Night. All are welcome!!

  41. hey Reggie I hope all goes well at the eye Dr

  42. Can’t wait for Steak Night tonight!!!! I’m not going to eat all day!!!

  43. Bad call Lou. Gotta STRETCH the stomach. I recommend a regimen of meat products taken at 15 minute intervals throughout the day, working your way up to steak.

  44. Hey there Everybody I had 2 cups of Starbucks

  45. cool Shelley did you drink some for me

  46. Hey Shelley, 2 cups!?! I guess we’ll see you on the blog late-night tonight! ; )

  47. #45 Looks like I’m going to have to watch the egg-eating scene in “Cool Hand Luke” again for proper technique!

  48. Hi you meat eating coffee drinkers! How ya’ll doing today?
    I’m feeling better. still stuffy but not all that bad.
    Lou eat a salad today! gotta balance all that red meat with something other than more red meat, booze and coffee!


  49. I forgot to warn you guys, Meredyth is a vegetarian. Now, I have nothing against vegetarians. What they do in the privacy of their own home is their business. However, I don’t want to know WHAT they do, HOW they do it or WHO they do it with!!!!

  50. Wow, hope it will raise lots of $$$. I see there some well know celebs. Last week I mentioned I hit my 30 years with my company. This week HP brought EDS. Not sure what that will mean to me yet. Tonight, I will be celebrating the 30 years. My company paying, so I choose a $$$$ steak place Bob’s Steak and Chop for the dinner and 10-12 of my work associates.

  51. You know Meredyth, I believe the booze-red-meat-coffee diet is a recent outgrowth of the Adkins Diet. Makes as much sense at least!!

    And Lou, I’d like to see you eat 50 eggs. Cool Hand Luke ain’t got nuthin’ on Cool Hand Lou.

  52. congrats John I am happy for you hope you have fun

  53. Wow John, 30 years in one place is amazing! After 30 years, I’d say you are entitled to the most expensive thing on the menu!

  54. Yo! I’m here. I don’t want to hear Lou. Don’t say Oh where you gone. Everything went ok. You can read about it in the next blog. I will be giving a shout out.

  55. To all,

    I have purchased 20 tickets to the Houston Roller Derby for this Sunday, May 18. If you would like to come and be my guest, leave a comment on this blog and I will put you on the list. You’ll be able to pick up your tickets at the WILL CALL at the Verizon Theater Box Office. Doors open at 4pm, matches at 5pm! Get there early for the best seats along the floor of the rink!!!! If you’ve never experienced rock ’em sock ’em wild derby action, then you don’t want to miss this!!! It will be fun. Here is a link for more info about HRD and the bout on Sunday.
    Let me know,


  56. Lou where is the verizon theatre I dont know how to spell that where is that place and also is the bosses the psych ward sirens please let me know I may be interested but I need a little bit more info before

  57. before I know for sure my mom wants to know where its at

  58. and also I need to know a time

  59. Hey there Everybody Im home went to Walmart got me more Starbucks yes Brian I drank 2 cups for you

  60. Matt I love Starbucks

  61. I love red meat too

  62. thanks Shelley I just drank some starbucks myself

  63. Brian,

    Verizon Theater is in downtown Houston at the intersection of Louisiana and Memorial.

    The doors open at 4pm.

    The match starts at 5pm.

    There are 4 matches with an intermission in between.

    Be over by 10:30pm.

    It’s a blast Brian. You NEED to go!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Trust me on this! I think Mistilla will be there. She won’t be skating but I’ll introduce you to her. That is, if you want me too.

    Brian, if you miss this opportunity to go out and have fun, another one might not pop up for another week!!!!!

  64. I will talk to my mom and see what happens but dang the only thing that sucks is I want to meet Mistilla but also want to see her skate I want to see her in action

  65. hey Lou I dont think I am going to get to go sorry but I really wanted to go but mom just dont want to take me and she said she dont want to go I cant drive myself because she wont let me leave Deer Park dont that just stink

  66. Hey everybody,

    The Doodle auction benefitting NF, Inc. is over now and guess who the winning bidder is for Dr. Riccardi’s autographed photograph wearing your JUST ASK! shirt??

    Sorry to the person who I was bidding against but I REALLY wanted this.

    Reggie, now I need to get you to autograph it too.

  67. Hey Bart, You got it. I will sign the magazine and the Photo you won. The bibbing on my autographs starts in two weeks. Starting bid 5,000.00

  68. “Bibbing”, oh I get it now. that’s NOT a typo.
    I would be happy to put them up for auction. Someday sooon they really might be worth that!

  69. Yea you got it Bidding. One of the many typos that slipped through the cracks. Don’t worry about 5,000. I’m not famous right now.

  70. When bidding on a Bibb, why not call it Bibbing.

  71. Or bibbsing. That doesn’t sound any worst then what you suggest. lol

  72. Oh, stop your babbling bibbs

  73. Sorry it’s the coffee.

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