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Tonight!!!! Discovery Channel documentary featuring Reggie and Maurice to air this Sunday, Oct 10, 9/8c on The Learning Channel (TLC)

“My Brand New Face”

Click HERE to view teaser!

In many ways Maurice Simpson is just a regular guy who loves his wife and works hard at his job.
But there’s something about Maurice that sets him apart from everybody else.

Since childhood he’s had a massive disfiguring facial tumor caused by Neurofibromatosis. Amazingly, an anonymous donor has offered to pay for surgery – but before the operation he’ll come face to face with Reggie Bibbs, an NF sufferer whose own surgeries were a failure.

With the tumor so deeply fused with Maurice’s head is surgery too much of a risk for a brand new face?

Maurice Simpson is a family man with a giant facial tumor that he’s never let get in the way of a good time. But now it’s putting his life at risk and Maurice has decided to undergo a dangerous operation to risk everything – for a brand new face.

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36 thoughts on “Tonight!!!! Discovery Channel documentary featuring Reggie and Maurice to air this Sunday, Oct 10, 9/8c on The Learning Channel (TLC)

  1. I’m looking forward to it. A little nervous, but I’m sure anyone would be.

  2. People don’t get nervous if they don’t take chances.
    I have the TiVo set.

  3. I am looking forward to this! I hope the segments and shows that are being shown for awareness and knowledge is just the beginning. My father died of cacerous NF tumors in the 70’s, my brother is an 11 yr survivor of cancerous tumors from NF, I haven’t had any issues with cancer but have had several issues due to NF and now my 6yr old is seeing several doctors twice a yr to follow some NF issues.
    My thoughts and prayers are with all NF families and hats off to the programs, doctors, people and foundations, and all others that are trying to teach the world about NF! May God bless each of you!

  4. Thank you Tyra,

    I’m sorry to hear about you loosing you father due to nf. I hope the program will bring more awareness to nf,

  5. Tonight, in about 1.5 hours on TLC (channel 63 in Houston). I like that it features Maurice, who is ‘facing’ surgery for a new face for medical reasons AND our very own folk hero Reggie Bibbs who has elected to put on his own ‘new face’, figuratively speaking, for personal reasons. Reggie’s transformation has been a phenomenal success and I hope the same for Maurice, who seems like a really neat guy. The Show, is about to begin!

  6. Greetings, Reggie.
    I just recently saw your program on TLC today, and I am truly inspired. Don’t let anyone bring you down, your a brave and spectacular person!

    Best of wishes (Too you and Maurice!),

    Evan W.W.
    London, Ontario

  7. I am watching the show now and incredibly inspired by you Reggie! You and Maurice putting yourself out there is sure to bring greater awareness of NF to others and help destigmatize it. Take care and never feel like you have to hide-you deserve to enjoy life just like everyone else. 🙂

  8. I’m watching the TLC show right now. As someone who doesn’t have NF and had never even heard of it before, I can’t imagine what those with NF encounter on a daily basis with health issues and the way other people may treat them.

    Reggie, I was extremely touched by your encounter at the airport with a father whose son also has N.F.

    I sincerely hope that the airing of this program will raise both awareness and sensitivity. I promise that from now on, I will Just Ask.

    Much love and kindness to you.

  9. I saw the Episode Today it was good If I was Growing up with you reggiebibbs and I would have stood up for you so you weren’t Bothered in School. I would have Beaten up the Kids who Bullied you

  10. Saw the episode today and had to look at the website. What an inspiration you are, I think you have new friends across the country (world) after yesterday 🙂

    All the best to you Reggie & others…

    Dan from Chicago

  11. Thank you Anfernee, That gives me a good feeling to know that someone would be willing to defend me. Thank you for your outreach. I would very much like to keep in contact with you here, and on facebook. I want you to be up to date with great things, I expect to happen.

  12. Hi Cynthia,

    I happy to know you watched the program last night. That was a amazing thing at the airport. Brian is my friend now. He happen to miss his flight. He was waiting for another one. Shortly after that is when, he saw me. His son has nf. Amazing act.

  13. Thank you Ayelet, I feel great to see the out pouring of support. I’m ready to take on the world now.

  14. Evan, I’m taking in every word of support. Building myself up, as I read all of the kind comments. Your message is well needed. Thank you.

  15. Saw the show last night. Very informative and inspirational. Keep up the great work!

  16. Hi Reggie, I watched your documantary,”My New Face” last night and i just want to let you know that you are an inspiration to everybody that has been affected by Nf and everyone that watched your program.It is great to hear that you have overcome your fear of travelling outside of your hometown and that you are taeching people about Nf. You have soooo much courage and inspire many people. By the way i love Shiner!

  17. Hello Reggie,

    I saw this show last night and was moved beyond words. Your courage, your decency, your beautiful spirit touched me greatly. I see God’s greatness and love in your face. I was brought to tears, not only at your plight (and others suffering from this), but at your humanity. I will pray for you. In the show, you said you wanted a friend. Well, you undoubtedly now have many. From the bottom of my heart, best wishes.

  18. So many wonderful comments. I’ve read all of them, and I thank you all for your visits. I’m here everyday, please come see me here or facebook. As I said before you will soon see great things.

    Oh, and shiner sends his love Spencer.


    I missed your show, when does it air again?

  20. I was unable to see it. Last month I cancel my cable to the basic stuff because of expenses (no job).

  21. I saw the program on Sunday and was absolutely blown away by the spirit and tenacity of Maurice! I was also blown away by Reggie’s humble spirit an so happy that he started this foundation. The show really emphasized what is truly important in life.

  22. bigassmamma, all is well here. miss you. Hope you are happy and well.

  23. I also have seen the show and Reggie I must say you are an inspiration. I had a tough time going through the episode because it was just too emotional for me, it really touched my heart. You are an amazing man and I am glad you are spreading the word about NF. You are a hero. I am glad you are who you are. I hope all is well and I am excited to see what you have in store for us in the future. Best wishes!

    Toronto, Canada

  24. Hi Reggie,

    I didn´t have the chance to watch the show but even a german online-newspaper reports about Maurice.
    If you want to I´ll send you the link.
    My last face-operation was in 2005. It didn´t work out that good but in the meantime I contacted two surgeons-
    and before this year is over I hope to meet another one who is experienced in NF.
    I´ll keep my fingers crossed for Maurice…

    Munich, Germany

  25. hey reggie, do you know if there would be a chance if other shows like yours would be on anytime soon? I really enjoy them.

  26. The out pouring is compassion is amazing. People from all over the world, offering new friendship. Every message I receive, I will answer. All messages I receive directly. Thank you for writing, you will receive my reply. Stay tuned here and facebook. You will see my post there as well.

  27. I understand that they have plans to broadcast it again but when I do not know. We’re hoping to get a dvd of the show.

  28. Reggie – congrats!! I missed the airing but look forward to catching another broadcast of it – or maybe online?

    The preview looked really great – with a cliffhanger no less!! 🙂 Thanks for all that you do, it makes me SO happy to see you sharing your message loud and proud on television.

  29. No Problem reggiebibbs I don’t like Bullies as a Kid me and my Friend were Bullied until it took us over the boiling point to beat the kid up who beat us up so after that day we started to tease bullies. If we see someone getting hurt me an dmy Friend step into help them out we Don’t Respect people who hurt other people. We don’t consider are selfs as Bullies because we are meeting the Fair of the needs for the Others. Hey I got to add you on Facebook and I’m only 14 years old but people think I’m “Mature” at my Age because of the way I talk to people

  30. Glad to be your friend on facebook. I’m there everyday.

  31. What is your Name I’l add you haha 😀

  32. Just mailed 34 packages out today. Lots of people ordering shirts. Thank you all who ordered.

  33. How much is a Shirt because I want one to Show Off At School, and are you able to Ship them off to Arizona Peoria? 😀

  34. Hi Anfernee

    just read your question about the Just Ask-Shirt. I hope you dont mind that I answer you- maybe you found it out in the meantime.
    It is 15$ +5$ for shipping. I´m sure Reggie will ship it to Arizona Peoria- he sent me one overseas to Germany 🙂
    Looks like Reggie got a lot of orders…

  35. Aight Thanks Gaby Sorry for Late Reply Forgot about this I always Forget to Check haha

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