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Colin Hay – “Waiting for my real life to begin” Video

colin Colin Hay, formerly of “Men at Work, performed at the Dosey Doe Coffee Shop at The Woodlands, TX last Saturday night, Oct. 17, 2009, and dedicated Reggie’s favorite song to him. Click here or on the big photo to hear the song. The smaller photo below was taken colinsmilingafter he finished the song and smiled at Reggie.

Email from Colin:

Hey Reggie,

Great to meet you too. I can only guess at the challenges you have to confront on a daily basis. You are a very elegant and dignified gent. It sounds like you have some very cool people around you who both love and support you which is important in anyone’s life. I have just arrived home from my tour, so I’m going to sit on my stoop and have myself a little tea.
Say hi to your mama for me.



This is Reggie writing now. Here is a link to the video my friends, Matt and William, put together to the above song. I love it!!!

28 thoughts on “Colin Hay – “Waiting for my real life to begin” Video

  1. I stumbled upon your site doing research about NF, and I have to say you’re lucky to have met someone as talented as Colin Hay! I love his stuff, and “Waiting for my Real Life to Begin” is one of may favorites. (by the way, you might want to correct the title of this entry, replace “new” with “real” — just a friendly pointer!)

  2. Hi Nick,

    Thanks for the post. I did notice the error. Should be taken care of by now. Visit again Nick.

  3. I was the one who screwed up! My brain knew it was “real” but it never bothered telling my fingers!

  4. I’m sure you are doing the best you can.

  5. Last night, Oct. 18, 2009 in Dallas there was a Post Time Concert to raise funds for the Texas NF Foundation:

    This link should take you to the photos.

  6. With my sweetheart, we watched the video! What a nice evening for you Reggie. Kind regards Lulu and Francis

  7. Boyer-Madrieres and Lulu posts are sooo cute.

  8. Hello to all. Just got back from Village Shoe shop. I’ll have new shoes in about a month and a half.

  9. Thats very nice Reginald. What color will the shoes be?

  10. Seems, everyone calls me Reginald now, what gives? I ordered black shoes.

  11. I told them too. Haha Thought it was time for our relationship to get professional.

  12. Even more professional then it is now, is all good with me.

  13. We were at some point professional? Well I guess if you work with Lou sexual Innuendo is part of the profession.

  14. Well, yeah. That is what I hear.

  15. So how is that cutting back on sugar thing working out for you, my dear?

  16. Beverly, have you seen the movie grumpy old men?

  17. I believe so, years ago. Why do you ask?

  18. That is how I feel with less sugar.

  19. Aw, poor thing. Well how much sugar do you consume throughout the course of a day usually? Maybe you could keep the sugar for your drinks but take it out of your food consumption completely. Its easier to find alternative to sweeting food than it is for sweeting drinks.

    Not to mention the obvious don’t eat a lot of candy, cookies, etc.

  20. Good advice. Less sugar in coffee, and cut the candy. But the cookies must stay. Just not too many I guess.

  21. So are you just cutting back on sugar? I know a lot of my family is cutting back on salt.

  22. Yeah, its just some think I’ll try. I know it’s not good for me. And I was told long ago I should not use a lot of salt.

  23. Smart.
    And maybe don’t fry everything that fits in the pan.
    I’m just saying.
    And don’t forget your veggies!
    (Don’t cook them in fat like my grandma does, that totally defeats the purpose)

    I feel like a dietitian right now.

  24. Reggie, if I don’t talk to you, good luck in Canada this weekend.

  25. William, John and I met a very cool person at the Alabama Ice House last night. Her name is Brandy and she is very interested in Reggie and the Just Ask Foundation. I took many photos last night and will post them shortly. A good night was had by all.

  26. With Reggie in Canada, been slow on the blog and chat. I check in and stay a bit, but no one been checking in.

  27. reggie! just thinking about you. hope your trip to canada goes well

  28. Hi Julie, Sorry I missed all of your post. Everything went well in Canada. And I got your order and mailed it off. A big thank you.

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