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Clay Walker at the Houston Livestock Show and Rodeo, 3/14/08

2334667510_e3fa1648da_b.jpgWow! Tonight I was invited to the Rodeo once again. It was a more then Terrific night. The music was the best I’ve heard so far. Clay Walker sang all of my favorite songs and encouraged everyone to join in. Pretty cool. It was cool to see him ride a horse to the stage. A real Texan.2334669090_750680bb56_b.jpg

A big thank you to Laurie Selzer, from MNI (Media Networks Inc) for allowing me to join them in the Verizon West VIP suite. The food was terrific. I wish I knew everyones name I would love to say thank you for the wonderful treatment.

Here are a bunch of photos I took tonight. I hope to add everyone’s names to these when Lou gets them from Laurie!

115 thoughts on “Clay Walker at the Houston Livestock Show and Rodeo, 3/14/08

  1. Good morning to all. I will be here off and on. I have a few things to do, but will be in touch.

  2. Reggie your lucky how did you get in the Verizon suite at the rodeo man your lucky I am also glad you had a great time it was also in the paper that there were some antique tractors there but not sure where they were at but there was some there somewhere

  3. It was a great night! Brian, we were invited to the Verizon Suite by my friend, Laurie Selzer, who is an account executive for a company called MNI, Media Networks Inc. She has been a huge supporter of Reggie and neurofibromatosis since the Carolyn Farb days of the early 90’s. She is currently helping us with something HUGE that I can’t reveal right now. How’s that for a tease?

  4. What a tease! You lucky dogs!

  5. Hey, Meredyth, I missed you yesterday! Is today the birthday party? Can I come? I love cake!!!

  6. Lou what is a secret and big that you cant reveal I can always ask a little birdie and I will find out I have a lot of little birdies LOL

  7. No, you have a friend who is a bird-brain, Brian, not a birdie!

  8. Brian, I didn’t get to see the tractors. I wish I did though. That Lou needs to get a life. Meredyth please don’t let Lou come to the party. He will mess it up.

  9. Lou you didn’t tell anyone about the you know what? that is abput to happen that never happen before?

  10. Nope, I didn’t say a word! It’s your decision when to announce it.

  11. By the way, Reggie, sorry that you were unable to participate in the “Calf Scramble” this year. I know how much you look forward to participating. Maybe next year you’ll remember to get your registration in on time.

  12. Yes today is the party! A bunch a 12 year olds playing Lazertag! Sure that sounds like you Lou!
    Missed you yesterday too. Sorry! Life can be so lifelike and busy sometimes. 🙂 Just got back from Horton Hears A Who. Who what a weekend. Now you can all tell me about the cool things you are doing like hanging out with important people at the Rodeo!

  13. So what if I’m into cows. At least I don’t like sheep.

  14. Oh Reggie that was such a “bad” joke!
    Way to go!

  15. It’s was for Lou. That’s the only kind of jokes he enjoys. bad ones. 🙂

  16. The only bad joke I know Reggie is YOU!

  17. Realmere1, you’re smart! Let them burn all that energy playing LaserTag while they’re all sugared up and you don’t have to clean up the mess…you know, throw-up and stuff!

  18. I did manual labor today!!! About an hour out in the yard!!! Does anybody know what this watery substance is coming out of my pores?!! I hope it’s not colorless blood!!!

  19. manual labor? Lou? Well alright. Somebody give him a beer.

  20. Absolutely! I’ve been thru this party business a while now. Never ever have one in your house if you can avoid it! Sugared up kids running amuck at your house is a nightmare!

    Only way to do it is to let them wreck someone elses house or somewhere else! HA

    Manual Labor? What kind of Manual labor? Lou you can have a beer with out pretending to be a construction guy! Really!

  21. oh yeah, sorry Gardener!

  22. Gardner? GARDNER?!!!!!! I’m a freakin landscaper!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


    of course you are! Oh how could I have ever made that mistake! You are the boss of course! But then Lou you need to have a lime in your beer or have something nicer. Really! You have to be a gardner or construction guy to have the beer.

  25. Maybe I’m having straight vodka right now.

  26. Oh geeze you had to go straight to the other side! Middle ground perhaps?

  27. now you’re at CEO boozer guy!

  28. I mean…I prefer to sample the vodka pure, unadulterated by the whims of fashion or convention.

  29. Ah! Clarity! got it. Sounds like a good plan then!

  30. I’ve got to leave for the party now while you are experiencing nirvana…………
    I’ll be with crazy 12 year olds!

    Have a great time! and be happy all of you! Lata!

  31. Well! I never! Hayes Badreau to you then!

  32. you are SO mean!

  33. Behave and be nice!

  34. Ok, back to the important stuff…what a great night last night was!!! Clay Walker was very cool. It’s pretty clear that he loves being from Houston.

  35. Reggie, what was your favorite part of last night?

  36. I loved being in the VIP section. I didn’t have to walk far to get food or go the rest room.

  37. Yes, that was nice. I liked the fact that we were isolated from everyone and seemed to have our own space where nobody could mess with us.

  38. Lou and Reggie ya’ll are 2 lucky people and also I am glad that ya’ll had lots of fun I would like to go to the rodeo but way to many people and I dont like getting pushed around when I am standing in line

  39. Its really not that crowded, Brian.

  40. Hey y’all I just got back. I was hob nobbing

  41. what is hob nobbing Reggie I will probably be up for a while tonight a friend of mine had a motor cycle accident tonight and has been life flighted to the hospital so I am waiting to hear his condition or maybe wont find out till tomorrow

  42. It’s when you stand around and talk with people that have lots of money to spend. You know like Lou. This time I wasn’t with him.

  43. what the hell are you talking about reggie?

  44. I talking about what Carlony Fab use to talk about Hobb nobbin. Why don’t you answer you freaking email.

  45. where is that coward Lou. I can see the bright yellow stripe on his back from my room.

  46. I was here today. Is everybody taking the day off? I will be at a special church service this evening. All music. I hope to get some photos of it on Flickr. Shouldn’t be too late when I get back. Depending on how long it will take us for dinner after we leave. I won’t leave here until 5:00pm

  47. Enjoying the day as I hope all of you are doing. What great weather!

  48. What a perfect weekend as far as the weather is concern.

  49. True Reggie and Lou but I think its supposed to rain Tuesday

  50. I just came in from out side. Feels like it’s getting cooler. Just a little. Looks like it could rain too. It’s still time to enjoy it now.


  52. hey Reggie it looks a little cloudy and a little cooler whats up Shelley

  53. Hi All. It is cooler but I still like it! Anything is better than 100 degrees. I’ll take the 70’s and 80’s! I took Lou’s idea and went out to buy flowers today for my garden. It was so nice. It felt like going to a farmers market. Sure wish I had one of those near me. I’d bring my coffee and go every Sunday if I could

  54. Hey realmere1, I worked outside today again and broke a sweat! It’s just one of the macho things that I do. Beautiful day today. Going to go eat some crawfish now. I wish they wouldn’t wiggle so much, it makes it hard to keep them down.

  55. Love to think of you out in the sunshine! I don’t want to work tomorrow. I have vacation head and it’s too early!
    Are you going with Michelle? She LOVES Crawfish!
    And by the way,,,,,,,,,,,,,, you’re suposed to cook them first! LOU! REALLY

  56. Waiting to harrass you guys Brian got my chores done

  57. sounds good Shelley I am tired for some reason and I think I might go to bed early also been checking on one of my friends was in a motor cycle accident and he was life flighted to the hospital and now is in ICU so I been checkin on him I hope he is ok

  58. Brian I will be sending prayers to your friend. I’m so sorry!

  59. Brian
    Sorry to hear about your friend, I will keep him in my prayes,
    We went to Galveston again yesterday it was really hard walking in her apartment I think we got everything we are suppose to get out, I am not sure who is going to clean the place, there has been some drama with the “one sister in law” who has done “EVERYTHING” like take everything of value!!!!!, long story wont go there. I am just doing my best on trying my best to concentrate on positives.
    We did by a new used car this weekend, hyndai sonata 2002 only had 60,000 miles on got it for 5500 I think we did good, we are going to park the dodge truck, that hemi just drinks way too much gas and since we both drive a good distance to work we had to do something. I just hope we get good gas milage we should it is 4 cylider.

  60. Thanks Realmere1 also thanks Patricia I am praying for my friend as well heck Patricia I bought me a 2002 Chevy silverado step side extended cab and I bought it for 12,000 the blue book on it I think was 11,000 something the guy wanted 12,900 for it but he let us get it for 12,000 and it has 68,000 miles on it you can see it in Reggies photos I sent him a picture of it so go take a look

  61. Reggie has ALOT of pic, get him to post a link to the right pic so we can all see it,

  62. #62 Realmere1, yeah I met Michelle and her niece at the Front Porch on Heights and Washington. Sat outside. Lots of people. They were having a St. Patrick’s Day thing. Band. Strippers. Drugs. You know, typical Sunday afternoon in Houston.

  63. I was looking for the truck photos, Brian, and I can’t find them. Did we put them on Flickr?

  64. nice truck, I like the back cover those are nice, those are good for when it rains.

  65. Sh-h-h. Reggie’s back….pretend like you’re not here.

  66. Reggie , It was nice day today , but a bit windy ,but the wind didn’t bother me, cause I was in Downtown Houston at the Hobby Center enjoying the Musical the RAT PACK, Live at the Sands, with some good friends.

  67. You never know when Big Brother is watching. Careful Lou. We went to Chilies today Lou. The same waiter waited on our table. When we walked in he remembered the last time I was there. He was very nice.

  68. That was nice. How do you feel totally abandoning your blog today while the rest of us fight like hell to KEEP YOUR BLOG AFLOAT?!!! Slacker.

  69. I’m beat. and I have an early app tomorrow. If you only knew.

  70. Reggie, Your trip to France, is this a pleasure trip or a NF trip, making appearances ? Remember our International Camp back in 1995?

  71. John, this will be a vacation to have some fun sight seeing. I remember the International Camp. I didn’t go, but I did get to meet some of them when the came here. That was really fun.

  72. Yea I have one today. Nothing I’m going to worry about.

  73. The good news it that things are different from last year. We have so many things to look forward to as far as NF is concern. There will be lots of drug studies for NF that we all will be hearing about soon. You can here about it here. I will post as the information is available. to me.

  74. How was the RAT PACK, I would love to see that, I saw the Jersey Boys, It was amazing!!!

  75. thanks Patricia I love my truck and you are right the cover on the back is really nice I love my truck

  76. Brian, can I use it sometimes when Reggie and I are trolling for chicks?!!

  77. NO WAY Lou thats what I use when I am trolling for chicks if I let you use it then what will I USE

  78. Drive your Mom’s Buick! It’s a babe magnet!!!

  79. {{{{{{{{{{{EVERYBODY}}}}}}}}}}

  80. hey Patricia and realmere1 I have a update on my friend that is in the hospital he is going to have surgery but dont know what kind but most likely will not be able to use his left shoulder any more

  81. NO WAY Lou I like my truck

  82. thanks Shelley back at ya

  83. Hey Y’all I’m back from having my MRI. I have to wait until the doctor see them before I let you all know what he tell me.

    I’m not worred about it though.

  84. Hey Lou Leave Brian alone. You want to use his truck to pick up your chicks. NOT! I do think Brian and I can use it for that reason.

  85. boy I hate MRI’s I am tired of them I have had them since 1995 and they are getting old Welcome back Reggie

  86. I went to sleep. I felt really relaxed.

  87. They should have MRI’d your head although I doubt they would have found anything in it.

  88. They wouldn’t schedule you for an MRI of your head. They know it would be a waist of time. They know it’s nothing in your head.

  89. Hi realmere1,

    Is it recommended that shots are needed for a European vacation? I guess I could ask my doctor as well.

  90. Where everybody at?

  91. hey Reggie I am here and yes we can use my truck to go pick up chicks

  92. Don’t tell Lou. He will want to horn in on the deal.

  93. Hey Brian and Reggie are yall gonna pick me up in the truck

  94. sure Shelley why not me and Reggie and you will go crusin

  95. Oh yea! Leave Lou at home. He will get us in trouble.

  96. Maybe I don’t want to go with you…

  97. Good then you won’t mind getting left behind.

  98. Patricia the Rat PACk was amazing , the singers really had the characteristics of Sinatra, Martin and Sammy Davis Jr It was like they were still alive.

  99. You are going to make me want to see the show too.

  100. I wonder if there are still shows available on the weekends, Jezy boys showed out preety fast!!!!

  101. Patricia I think you can check online.

  102. The Show runs thru this weekend.

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