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CDM Donates $3,000 to Just Ask Foundation!

FullSizeRenderHad a great day yesterday with Reggie W. Bibbs and the Just Ask Bus! Thanks to fellow Just Ask Board member, William Hughes, we went to see Peter M. Morris at CDM company. They specialize in designing and implementing new work spaces for large companies. Anyway, we get there and receive one of the finest receptions ever. Pete, is a bear hug kind of guy and corrected some back issues I didn’t even know I had!

Sherie Duncan, Peter’s partner, was equally fun, loud and genuine. Coris, the big black guy in the photo, was very warm, gentle and quiet. And I want him on my side at the next NF Patients vs MD Anderson doctors wrestling match at Camp for All next year!!!

Any way, Pete, Sherie and Coris presented Reggie and the Just Ask Just Ask! Foundation with a check for $3,000 to help promote awareness of neurofibromatosis!!!

God bless you Pete, Sherie, and Coris for your compassion, love and support! Also, thank you William and Geo for saying nice things about us!


Please, remember Peter, Sherie and Coris and CDM should your company ever need expert help and advice in reorganization your company workspace.


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