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Houston Roller Derby this Saturday, 4/17/10!

It’s back!

Hot, sweaty roller derby action is back at Kicks and Lou and I are going this Saturday! Sure will miss some of the skaters that retired last year but look forward to meeting the new skaters who are taking their place.

I love Houston Roller Derby! The women who skate are tough on the outside but are the sweetest, most wonderful people on the inside. Every time I go, they make me feel like I’m the most important person in the world!

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Houston Roller Derby “Battle of Champions” this Saturday!!! FINAL BOUT OF THE SEASON!!!

3645979408_c27f7671a4_b3539584406_acd06ffe80_bCHAMPIONSHIP TITLE BOUT: AUGUST 15, 2009 – Psych Ward Sirens vs. Bayou City Bosse$

This Saturday, August 15th, The Houston Roller Derby will have the battle of the champions. Psych Ward Sirens vs Bayou City Bosses. Both are super great teams. Its going to be a great bout. Can’t wait. Also I looking forward to seeing the Burlesque Brawlers. I’m a fan of them all. Hope everyone can come out!

This is Lou talking: This may be your last chance to see incredible roller derby action in Houston this year! And this Saturday, is going to be a match for the ages as Mistilla the Killa, jammer for the Psych Ward Sirens takes on Death by Chocolate, of  the Bayou City Bosses!!!!

August 15th at KICKS Indoor!
Bout 1: Burlesque Brawlers host the Spindletop Roller Girls
Bout 2: Psych Ward Sirens vs Bayou City Bosse$

Doors Open at 6PM; Whistle Blows at 7PM
Get there early to get a good seat!

Charity: Hope Stone, Inc
Halftime: Stamen
After Party: 6th Street Sports Bar and Grill
2701 White Oak, Houston, Texas 77007

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Houston Roller Derby Rocked Last Night!

3455612059_99d01f17ca_b3455545491_a95cd098c6_bMistilla and Carmen Geddit were awesome last night! They were the last two jams of the night with the Psych Ward Sirens down by 10 or so points. What they did in the last two minutes of the match reminded me what Eli Manning did in the last 3456355096_91efa1b1f7two minutes of the Super Bowl a couple of years ago. They brought their team back with poise, concentration, talent and heart!!! What a finish!!!!


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Houston Roller Derby Crawfish Boil, 4/4/09

3413862470_227e9d1384_bToday Lo3413850234_cba4562082_bu and I went out to the Houston Roller Derby Crawfish Boil to help support the HRD. We had a great time supporting our friends. They have been really supportive to Neurofibromatosis, I want to help support them for everything they are doing for us. And because they are so wonderful!

I also met a lot of new friends as well.  Everyone I met tonight had the oppertunity to JUST ASK about NF, which is hard to do when at the derby.  This was a great way to spread awareness of NF. Great friends and a very super time. Enjoy the photos we have posted.  Leave comments on the blog and photos as well.

See you at the Roller Derby!


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Houston Roller Derby Crawfish Boil, Sat, 4/4/09

Crawfish_HRDFlyer.pdfThis is going to be a lot of fun!

Come early, stay late!

All the Derby Girls will be there!


Dunk a Dementia!