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Meeting Kevin Nealon in Houston

Some friendsand and I went to see Kevin Nealon at the Improv last night. Click on the link, valt then photo. Check out the photos on his website, as well as the photos of my facebook, and flickr page.  I met Kevin a fews years ago in California, when visting my friend Scott. That is how I met Kevin. I’ve been friends with Kevin 3 years after that day. Kevin contact me to say he would be in Houston, and he would like for me to come see him. We did, and he really made me happy, as he did the same for my friends.

This is what Kevin did for me.  He wore my just ask shirt on stage. He gave me free tickets. He talk to me after the show, Was not in a rush to leave. He posed for photos with me. He collect lots of doodles for National Doodle Day.

Joan Rivers, Jane Leeves, Wendie Malick, Jon Lovitz, Valerie Bertinelli, Garry Shandling, Roseanne Barr, and of course Kevin Nealon.   And Kevin gave me this medallion. It was given to him by Brad Paisley. It reads Expect Great Things.  Kevin really made me happy, and Im thinkful for what he is doing for all of us that are affect by NF.

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Gotta Love Deborah and OfficeMax

I went to OfficeMax for office supplies today.  As Lou and I shopped, Deborah asked if we needed help with anything. She helped with finding the ink for my printer.

When it was time to check out, Deborah, was there again with a big smile. I had a chance to mention Just Ask, but didn’t have any cards with me.  Deborah, was nice enough to allow us to take a photo of her.

Thank you Deborah, for your help, and for being so kind! Office Max should be very proud of you!

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Sugar Ray Leonard Sporting A “Just Ask” T-shirt.

I got the surprise of my life today. Well it shouldn’t have surprised me. Sugar Ray has always been a supporter of my work in JUST ASK.  Sugar Ray wrote me.  He said, he needs a new Just Ask t-shirt, so he can continue to wear my shirt and help spread awareness of neurofibromatosis when he travels to other countries.  This is great to have someone as famous as Sugar Ray Leonard to be involved with making a difference in the  JUST ASK! campaign.  Sugar Ray always ends his notes by calling me the Champ. Sugar Ray is the real Champ!

Thank you Sugar Ray.

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Gaby, my new friend in Germany!

Recently, I shipped a Just Ask t-shirt to Gabriele, a new friend, who lives in Germany. I want to share her message,  But first I want to say, I am impressed that someone from as far as away as Germany took time to write such a nice message and also order a JUST ASK T-SHIRT.  Now!  that is a cool feeling.  Someone supporting what I do to bring awareness to nf.  Gabriele writes…..

“Hello Reggie, I´ve written you a note just a few minutes ago- but before I got the chance to finish it, I hit the “submit-button” by accident. To make shure you receive it all, I´ll start all over again. I´ ve seen a video with you and Oprah on you tube. I found it very touching and think you are very courageous. I was born with NF too and since the right side of my face was damaged I had operations since I was 3 years old. Now I am almost 45 and ´ve been leading a normal live. My parents gave me a lot of courage on my way- thats why NF couldn´t stop me from doing anything. I have to admit that there was no chance for me to become a model but I am a few inches to short anyway 😉 I wish there where more people like you- letting the public know that a face isn´t a vital organ. That people like us have a brain and a heart and   are liveable and loveable beings. One of my reasons to write you was that I wanted to order a “Just Ask” T-shirt. In the meantime I´ve found the link on your homepage. The other reason was that I wanted to tell you “Keep going” … well- there is still so much I would like to say, but I better write a book… A book? Why not…. I hope you had a nice x-mas and want to wish you a happy new year Gaby, from Munich Germany

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It is that time of year again. The Texas NF Foundation, is making it possible for nearly 200 persons to have a great weekend at Camp For All. This weekend will be our yearly camp for persons with nf, along with family and friends. The one time most of us get to see each other. I’m looking forward to horse back riding, Zip line, which I hear is lots of fun. Fishing, petting zoo, and Lots of talking with new and old friends. Also looking forward to sharing with you photos to all who can’t make it to camp this year. Let’s talk about camp this week. What do you look forward to this weekend at Camp For All.