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Brandy Dupre, our newest Just Ask! ambassador.


William, John AuCoin and I went to the Alabama Ice House last night to listen to the Flaming Hellcats. William had his Just Ask! hat on and I had my Just Ask! tshirt on when all of a sudden, I thought I heard someone say, “Ask you about what?” When I turned around I saw this young woman who seemed quite interested in me, or, more importantly my tshirt.

I told her the story about Reggie and how he had this idea to print tshirts so people would feel comfortable coming up to him and asking about his disorder and the fact that we had an actual 501c3 designation for the Just Ask! Foundation.

My new friend’s eyes couldn’t have gotten any larger!

Apparently, my new friend, Brandy Dupre, is involved in helping non-profits either through funding or just helping out. In any event, we sat down for at least an hour talking about what Reggie has done with the Just Ask! Foundation and where he wants to take it. Brandy seemed to be very excited which, in turn, made us all real excited about possible funding down the road. As you all know, our only source of revenue comes through the selling of tshirts and the money raised from that helps defray our operating expenses, i.e., computers, printers, cameras and such.

I would like to personally welcome Brandy Dupre to the Just Ask! family and look forward to working with her to advance our mission of raising awareness of neurofibromatosis and also helping other NF patients live a happy and fulfilling life.

7 thoughts on “Brandy Dupre, our newest Just Ask! ambassador.

  1. Welcome aboard.

  2. I’m excited to have Brandy join us! She has amazing energy which is contagious!

  3. Would Brandy be interested in the upcoming NF Symposium in San Antonio and the NF race for the San Antonio Rock n Roll Race, the weekend of November 14 & 15.

  4. As french we don’t know Brandy Dupre, but we are sure this beautiful girl will always be involved in the NF cafe with her very good work.

    Kind regards
    Lulu & Francis

  5. I’d be interested in running the race (the half). Is there somehow i can raise money for NF? Let me know.


  6. I am volunteering for the event, as a photographer.
    To register for the event look for RNR San Antonio. There may be a link for fund raising.

  7. I noticed theres a lot of lady ambassadors. This its time for us to bust out a calender! oooo yea!

    (I tried to fight it, but I can’t. I’m a perv and I must embrace it! I apologize for anyone who was hype at the idea of a “decent” acting Lei. It just feels unnatural)

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