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Making Cancer History Bicycle Team Rides Again

Members of Team Cheniere hit the road again to raise money for neurofibromatosis research at M. D. Anderson. The 2006 Race Across America, an annual cycling competition involving about 40 different teams, left San Diego, Calif, on June 13, 2006 and rode over 3,000 miles nonstop, day and night and arrived in Atlantic City, NJ.

Poto of Kirk Gentle and Chris Shaw

This year’s “Making Cancer History Team” consists of only two riders, Chris Shaw and Kirk Gentle (left). A support team included Leslie Christison, RN, head nurse of the Robin Bush child and adolescent Clinic, and M. D. Anderson photographer Shawn Green. In 2005, Team Cheniere raised over $100,000 to fund neurofibromatosis research programs at M. D Anderson. They hope to raise even more this year to benefit the Children’s Cancer Hospital.

One of our patients, Emily Parker, has been adopted as their “pedal partner,” a living inspiration for riders to keep going. Read Emily’s story at

Read Team Cheniere’s “road journal” or make a donation on their website.

This Year the event will be this April. Date to be announced.

6 thoughts on “BIKE RALLY

  1. Normally I don’t write about other peoples blogs, but this one really caught my eye: Great Site man…

  2. Wow! thank you for the nice comment. It’s all about letting people know about neurofibromatosis, and trying to gear people us on supporting efforts for more research. Thanks for reading.

  3. Reggie, those biker dudes are something else. They have incredible determination and committment to helping those with NF. If you have not met them, we should get you together with them.
    By the way, I just watched the story about you on the Fox-26 News link above and it is great!
    Take care!

  4. Bart haven’t met them. I hope I will get to meet them some time soon. I will let you know when that happens.

    make it a tremendous day.


  5. You know, Bart, a lot of people don’t know it but I’m a biker dude. Yep. When I get on a bike, people get out of my way. One of these days, I’m actually gonna learn how to ride one.

  6. Thanks for the warning. dude

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